Brian Rosenwald

Corcoran Department of History                                                                                                                        (610)-331-2283

University of Virginia                                                                                                                          

PO Box 400180 – Nau Hall

Charlottesville, VA 22904-4180


Ph.D., History, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, expected May 2014

Dissertation, “Mount Rushmore: Republicans Complicated Relationship With Conservative Talk Radio”

M.A., History, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, December 2009 Thesis: “Ideology Refracted: How

Congressional Culture and Procedure Shaped Crime Policy Between 1981-1984”Advisor: Brian Balogh

B.A.,  Political Science with Distinction & History, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, May 2006

        Thesis: “Advice and Consent: A Four Era Model Exploring the Evolution of the Appointments Clause”

        CUREJ: College Undergraduate Research Electronic Journal, University of Pennsylvania,         



Visiting Scholar, American Political Science Association, Centennial Center, July-August 2012



University of Pennsylvania Robert A. Fox Leadership Program Alumni Research and Service Fellow July 2012-June 2013

Warren E Miller Fund for Electoral Politics, American Political Science Association, July-August 2012

Graduate Student Fellowship, University of Virginia, 2008-2011


Member, Golden Key International Honour Society, 2011

Member, The Phi Beta Kappa Society, 2006

2006 Philo S. Bennett Prize for Best American Politics Thesis

2006 Rose Undergraduate Research Award Nominee

2004-2005 University of Pennsylvania Harry S. Truman Scholarship Nominee


“Did Policy Votes Contribute to the Electoral Massacre of Democratic Members of Congress in 1994,”

Sound Politicks Fall 2005, 15 (2005): 49-71.


“Unintended Colossus: The Rise of Conservative Talk Radio,” presented at the Policy History Conference, June 2012


Teaching Assistant, University of Virginia: 

        HIUS 3162: Digitizing America: Professor Brian Balogh (Spring 2012, 2 sections & webmaster)

        HIUS 3761: The Civil Rights Movement: Professor Julian Bond (Fall 2001, 3 sections)

        HIUS 3753: History of Modern American Law: Professor Charles McCurdy (Spring 2011, 3 sections)

        HIUS 3231: Rise and Fall of the Slave South: Professor Elizabeth Varon (Fall 2010, 3 sections)

        HIEA 2072: Modern Japan, Professor Robert Stolz (Spring 2010, 3 sections)

                Guest Lecture, “The Causes of Pearl Harbor,” 17 March 2010.

        HIEA 2071: Japan From Susano to Sony: Professor Federico Marcon (Fall 2009, 3 sections)         

Gradership, University of Virginia:

        HIUS 3456: History of U.S. Foreign Relations: Professor Melvyn Leffler (Spring 2012)


Organization of American Historians

American Historical Association

American Political Science Association