EDU 255

Verbal Transcript of Lab C

To the Whole Class:

In front of me. Good morning, my name is Mr. Snyder, I will be your substitute teacher today. Mr. Yang is feeling a little under the weather. My signal for attention will be my whistle, so when you hear my whistle please stop what you are doing and look at me for further instruction. When we are out there doing our activities please just be aware of each other, be aware of your surroundings, so no one gets injured. We are going to be playing with volleyballs, so if you happen to shank a volleyball and it ends up by someones feet just please yell “ball”. Alright, so they do not trip over it. What are we going to yell if we shank a ball and lands by someones feet? Alright! So, how many of you have siblings? How many of you have every got frustrated at your siblings and wanted to take your anger out? Alright, well we have a great international activity today that kind of incorporates the idea and the international activity is called Fistball. Has anyone ever heard of Fistball? No, okay. I have a short mini PowerPoint.

To the Whole Class:

To the left that is what a real fistball looks like, but we do not carry those. And with Fistball it originated in Italy around 240 A.D. and official rules came in rules started being made around 1555. Around the early 1900’s, 1910 an American went over to Italy on a trip and he saw the game. He was fascinated by it and he brought it over and shared it with, uh, introduced it to Americans, so it is how it got introduced here. It still is not very popular in the states, but it is popular in Europe. Okay, now I want to show a video on Fistball it is Italy vs. the United States in the 2011 Fistball Championships. So, you guys can get an understanding of how it is played. As you can see (pause). It is very similar to volleyball. It is very similar to volleyball and tennis. To get a point, the serving team has to get the ball to bounce twice on the defending side or the ball has to leave the court entirely, okay. So, as you can see the net is a little lower than volleyball, but as when you serve it alternates. It is not like volleyball where when you win the serve they keep serving. The serve alternates and if you can see when they serve, he, it is alot closer than volleyball, it’s not way back here. And I apologize for the video as the internet is extremely slow. But through, also serving like volleyball, setting like volleyball, spiking like volleyball like that. See that is a spike. We consider a spike (can not hear) and you are allowed to let it bounce one time each time, okay. So, I am going to stop this means it is not cooperating and go back to the PowerPoint. And here are some of my class rules, please demonstrate good sportsmanship, play fair, demonstrate a commitment to the lesson or activity, lookout for the safety of others, and finally have fun we are here to have fun. And first off I would like to say the cues to serving. You pretty much want to step in opposition. If your a righty, I am a righty, so I will be doing what it looks like on a righty. You are going to step with your left foot, you are going to toss the ball, and you are going to bring your elbow close to your ear and you want to make a closed fist, and when you come through you are following through to your hip, and bringing your right leg forward, alright. So, for a lefty you bring your right leg forward, toss the ball up, elbow to ear, and follow through hand to hip, okay. So, could I get a volunteer?


Eric, can you go over there please?

To the Whole Class:

Alright, for our first activity we are just going to work on serving and he is your partner is just going to stand about 10ft away from you and you are just going to serve the ball into the ground to begin with, okay. So, it is going to look like this. You want to step, toss, serve alright.


Alright, you want to give another angle, thank you.

To the Whole Class:

You are going to step, toss, elbow to ear, and serve, alright. So, if everyone could grab a partner and grab a volleyball. Go from the black line to the white line. No serving over the net!


Could not hear, but I gave him feedback. Good job, but remember to step in opposition.

Shane & Justin:

Could not hear, but giving feedback.


Could not hear, but providing feedback.


Could not heat, but giving feedback and I remember he asked what part of the fist to strike the ball with.

To the Whole Class:

Video camera missed a part between my two videos, but I told the class to start serving over the net.




Giving feedback and answering a question about if he can do a running approach to the serving line.

To the Whole Class:

Okay, everyone please bring it in. In front of me please, show a little hustle. Okay can we please hold the volleyballs, thank you. So, what can someone tell me about Fistball, where did it originate what country? Very good. And who can say some of the cues without looking at the PowerPoint? Alright, good job. Can someone come forward and demonstrate, can someone please demonstrate? Alright, very good! Alright, for the end we are going to do a chant. When I say red you guys say dragons, okay. Red (Dragons), Red (Dragons), Red (Dragons), good job!