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A place for Southern California residents to exchange information about resources and events of interest to those with a connection to autism/PDD/Asperger's etc. occurring in the Southern California Area. Please post about any event, meeting, service, program, or resource that you think will be of interest. This is not the place for arguments or theoretical discussions - just a centralized information source.


Autism Intervention_SanDiego


San Diego County information and support board for parents of children with autism and the professionals who work with them. Post support group meetings, jobs, training opportunities, conferences. Ask questions, answer questions, share resources and exchange information pertaining to San Diego County. Any and all topics open for discussion. This is an open board.




This is a group for parents of children with autism living in Southern California. We discuss everything from the GFCF diet to special ed to cutting-edge behavioral, biomedical treatments. This is a very dynamic group of parents and caretakers dedicated to recovery and helping every child be the best they can be.



Special Interests/Unique Needs




There is not a whole lot of research on the net about Autism Spectrum Disorders and adolescence. I am the Mother of two sons. My oldest son has Asperger Syndrome, and is 15. My youngest son is 13 and is classified as Autistic. I am hoping to connect with parents who have Pre Teen, or teenaged children, though all are welcome here. Please feel free to share your stories, advice, woes, rants, tears, and especially laughter here with us.




The Down Syndrome & Autistic Spectrum (ds-autism) listserv is a discussion list for families, parents, and professionals interested in this dual diagnosis. Topics include medical, educational, and family concerns in a free, and open forum The list is a program of Creating Solutions (www.creating-solutions.info) and managed by volunteers: Joan Guthrie Medlen, Donna Duffey, and Mary Beth Pilewski Paul. The list is the inaugural service of The Down Syndrome & Autism Internet Information Center.




"Autism in Girls" has a restricted membership! This list is for all parents and professionals who wish to exchange information regarding treatment of autism in girls, how autism affects females in the family, and any other issues dealing with autism and females and/or the comparison of males and females with autism. Other than the restricted membership, the list will not be censored in any way to promote the free flow of information between its members. 




A support list for parents of children with Asperger's Syndrome or High Functioning Autism.


Support for Families




This Group is for United States military families that are dealing with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, PDD-NOS, or Hyperlexia. This group is for support and to receive helpful information from one another living all over the world. Hopefully Military Families Autism Support group will assist in the day to day life raising a child on the autistic spectrum and with questions dealing with Tricare (PFPWD ), Schools, IEP's and moving to different locations.




This group is dedicated to individuals who face the daily challenges of raising a child on the autistic spectrum minus the benefit of a life partner. It is a place to share any thought, experience or effective solution that can aid one another on this journey. This is to help our children but also to help ourselves. We all know that our children come first and they will always be our first dedication, but a single parent needs to take out a moment and reflect.




This list is designed to be a place where siblings of autistic adults and children can come to to talk about experiences, thoughts, and feelings about our brothers and sisters. This is a safe haven for discussing issues that only other siblings can relate to. No one else really understands some of the things we go through, but here we can try to understand each other. Please note that this list is restricted to siblings only, please no parents or professionals.




Welcome to the Autism Dads eGroup. This group is for fathers of children with autism only please.


For People with Autism/Asperger's




This group will focus on issues relating to daily living needs for autistic adults, in an environment that is positive towards autism. Many of us have significant and real trouble with things like housing, eating, obtaining services, communication, cleanliness, work, access to medical care, finances, transportation, and other "basic" parts of life that are taken for granted by most of the neurotypical world. The group will be a safe place for autistic people to discuss troubles in these areas.




Fellowship of the Aspergian Miracle Secret Shield is a safe place for people with Asperger Syndrome or HFA to discuss how they have been bullied at home, in school, in the workplace, or anywhere else, and what they have done to overcome the problem. The Aspies/HFA people here are friendly, supportive, and respectful of others. We offer our friendship to you and welcome your membership.




This is an ADULT list (over 18 please) of Autistic Spectrum (Asperger Syndrome, Autism, PDD, PDD-NOS, etc.) people connecting with each other. A list for AS adults and friends, those affected by the autism spectrum and those who love them, for the free exchange of ideas, and information sharing. Feel free to express yourself. This group is about caring and support, and being there for each other.


Treatment and Therapies




This is an ADULT list (over 18 please) of Autistic Spectrum (Asperger Syndrome, Autism, PDD, PDD-NOS, etc.) people connecting with each other. A list for AS adults and friends, those affected by the autism spectrum and those who love them, for the free exchange of ideas, and information sharing. Feel free to express yourself. This group is about caring and support, and being there for each other.




This list is unmoderated and unrestricted. The principle aim of this list is to provide a discussion forum for parents of children on the autism spectrum who are avoiding gluten and casein and other substances in their children's diets. We hope that the discussions will include practical information and tips on following a GFCF(etc) diet; scientific research and opinion; the latest developments in understanding GFCF(etc) diet-related health problems; your personal stories and experiences with relation to GFCF(etc) problems; information on what food is GFCF(etc)and what is not; tips on how to eat out of the house; recipes and tips on how to cook and prepare GFCF(etc) food; what vitamins, minerals, herbs and other supplements may be appropriate for a child with autism, how to cope with difficult diet demands, plus support for parents.




The Autism and ABA list is an open, unmoderated forum for discussing anything related to autism. Much of our discussion centers around Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), including areas of ABA such as teaching Verbal Behavior (VB) and Natural Environment Training (NET). However, any and every topic related to autism is welcome! We're a quiet list, but we have a healthy mix of parents, professionals, and others involved with autism in some way.




This group is for parents and professionals who acknowledge the benefits of good ABA in educating their learners with autism, but want to explore how RDI can fit into their programs to fill in the missing pieces. It is a place to discuss any needs of your learners, and discuss resolution of the needs within either the ABA or the RDI framework. This group especially welcomes those parents who have successfully implemented verbal behavior, pivotal response or eclectic ABA programs.




The Autism Biomedical Discussion group has been created for the discussion of research and biomedical interventions as they apply to the investigation and treatment of autistic spectrum disorders. The ultimate purpose for this group is to empower parents and physicians to make informed decisions on biomedical treatments for the children in their care. Topics of discussion include immunology, endocrinology, gastrointestinal issues, allergies, metabolic and mitochondrial issues, genetics, exposure, etc.




I started this group to make it easier for families looking to hire therapist and therapist looking for families to connect. This is a place for Therapist and Families to exchange information about ABA, Lovaas and other intensive Autism therapies. This is also for people interested in becoming a therapist. Please join us and let other people know about this group. This is a moderated group.




Social Stories are an autism treatment tool designed by Carol Gray. This group is a place for parents and caregivers to share original social stories. Have you written a social story for your child? Please share it with the group. Do you need a social story for a particular issue? Ask the group for ideas. You may use the stories posted here for your personal use. Please do not post them on other websites, publish them, or sell them.


Spanish Support


La casita del Autismo


En esta lista de correo podrásenviar todo lo que gustes, es un espacio dedicado a familiares y amigos del autismo que gustan de compartir algo mas que solo Autismo. Osea que puedes enviarnos archivos, tarjetas de felicitación, cosas de tipo social, web de diferentes temas y comentarios de Chat.