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land animals

twice baked potato stuffed with eggs

summer omelet with cherries and plums

thomas keller's simple roast chicken

steak sandwich with blue cheese and apple spread

bacon wrapped dates 9/23/09

grassfed short rib and cabbage stew 9/28/09

bacon and veggie cups 10/6/09

lemon garlic pork tenderloins 10/7/09

twelve hour beef stew 10/20/09

smoked goat--leg, belly, head 10/26/09

french onion steak 10/29

honey mustard pork marinade 11/1/09

one pot short rib stew with potatoes and kale 12/28/09

sea animals

roasted halibut with chinese long beans

scallops in coconut-tomato sauce

scallops with mushrooms

twice baked eggplants stuffed with crab

halibut broiled over fennel

halibut ceviche 9/23/09

chimichurri shrimp 9/23/09

spicy shrimp marinade 10/6/09


eggplant in spicy cilantro sauce

black beans and brown rice

tomato and ricotta salad

tofu and vegetable melange

kitchen pickles

roasted vegetables with miso tofu

watermelon salad 9/23/09

ricotta stuffed potatoes 9/23/09

vegetable quick fry 10/1/09

scallops with quick pan sauce 10/7/09

apple and squash roast 10/11/09

poached pears in apple cider 10/11/09

apple-carrot salad and balsamic reduction 10/20/09

honey nut baked apples 10/20/09

fall slaw--brussel sprouts with apples 10/26/09

roasted fall vegetable saute 10/28/09

roasted winter squash soup-- with coconut milk, thai peppers, and honey roasted pecans 11/1/09

curry butternut squash soup 11/15/09

home fries 11/15/09

roasted spicy maple squash seeds 11/31/09

hot steaming pile of potatoes and shallots12/14/09

sauces, cocktails and dips 

fun with raw milk- butter, ice cream, and ricotta cheese 



frozen vodka watermelon pops

infused lemon basil vodka

bacon covered cheese balls

baba ghanoush



tzatziki sauce

harissa sauce

chimichurri sauce 

watermelon champagne cocktail


scallion cream cheese 9/30/09

pesto yogurt 10/6/09 

honey roasted apple sauce 10/7/09

mustard 10/12/09

whipped cream 10/20/09

mulled wine 10/26/09

the bakery and the patisserie/her

graham crackers for s'mores

chocolate bean brownies (no sugar, no flour) 9/29/09

bagels 9/27/09 and later bagel chips 9/30/09

homemade granola 10/5/09

restaurants and other things 

vinegar hill house.  brooklyn. delicious restaurant

fine and raw chocolate.  brooklyn. heavenly raw cacao

siggy's good food.  brooklyn. favorite spot.  organic, local, friendly. 

the north fork table and inn.  southold, long island. seasonal restaurant.

new amsterdam market.  south street seaport, nyc. monthly green market.

marlow and daughters.  brooklyn. all my meat.

salvatore brklyn.  brooklyn.  homemade ricotta.

forager's market.  brooklyn.  

roof top farm brooklyn.  10/4/09

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