GLSA Annual Meeting June 4,2011

9am at Bendix school,Annandale

Notes - 69 members were in attendance

President Joe Lepley welcomed those in attendance and introduced our guests

Joe Haggarty- our new Wright Co. sheriff spoke . The office staffs

with 140 deputies.

Highway safety is a key concern and emphasis. 30 deputies are cross trained for

lake/water patrol.

Joe Magrath- the Sheriffs supervisor for the water patrol .Most patrol

is done on weekends and

evenings due to higher lake traffic volumes.They are assisted by volunteer water

patrols. The office also fields patrol requests and checking on reports of


Fishing tournaments must have a permit from the office.

Roger Stradle, a DNR hydrologist spoke on shoreline

management/restoration and high water


The DNR ecological and waters divisions are merging. Major

emphasis/concerns are:

1) Invasive water concerns such as "milfoil" 2) FEMA - new flood plain

maps-include lake elevations.-If concerns about floods-"attend the

meeting in StPaul with the DNR" 3. Changes in

legacy funding 4) TMDL-total max daily load- for water sheds- research

and actions

5) a geological atlas per county 6) restore your shore- check the DNR

website 7)Ordinary high water mark-elevation the lake reaches-average

2-3 year cycle.Trees(Oak),old ice ridges and rock water marks are high

water indicators.8) Shoreline- rip-rap- can be 200 feet without

permit-use of 6-30" boulders-is not a restoration. Use correct design

and deep rooted vegetation to avoid erosion. Use county soil & water

and planning and zoning and DNR permit.

Question asked about the vegetation concerns between Lakes Sylvia and

Francis. He also mentioned the water table levels effect on highwater.

GLSA business meeting - 10am

Treasurers report-acceoted -as attached, Will put on website with

minutes. Gary Odegard was thanked for past services as our treasurer.

We have increased our membership to over 400.

1.High water -previous problem 2002-2003. Culvert settled wrong-was

corrected and cattails removed. Only a 1 foot change in elevation

between Lakes Sylvia and Francis. Vegetation growth out of Francis to

Crow River will be cut/removed.Wake zones- a county ordinance is

needed. None exist in Wright CO. so not a current option for this

year. GLSA recommends a 150ft no wake zone. Need for voluntary no wake

zones by boaters. Suggestion made to cancel this years July 4 boat

parade due to high water and wake concerns.It will be cancelled by

concensus of those in attendance. Light up the lake event will be on

evening of July 2.

A concern about firework was voiced .GLSA does not regulate fireworks.

If a serious problem is

observed-the sheriffs office should be contacted.

2. Invasive species- a. Milfoil- John Swanson spoke. Water now is high

and cloudy. Will continue to search and we have a permit to treat

problem areas.Total of about 1 acre treated on West Lake.6-10

scattered areas of milfoil.Our control efforts appear to be effective.

b. curly leaf pondweed- Carl Swanson spoke. 6 sites = 1.3 acres

treated in May.The permit cost of $490 iwas higher than the herbicide

cost of $400. There will be no fees in 2012. Recommend that residents

remove the weed in front of their properties by rake and pulling by

root in small areas.c. zebra mussels- currently reviewing concerns.

Plastic dock tubes are being used to monitor larvae- tubes are lifted

and checked for attachment. Weakest kink in lake is boats coming in to

access. Christmas Lake will possibly put up a gate to stop entry prior

to inspection of boats.

Mention made that every 1000 acres of water result in 16.5 jobs in Minnesota

.GLSA is amember of the county lake association( COLA).

Questions- investigate the use of warm water boat wash and certificate

for daily entry at access.

Pursue the cost for this.

Loons- Mike McNellis- currently 5 nesting pairs.(was 7) .Injured

loons- leave alone on lake-poor survival if removed. Osprey post(s)

are in use near the lake. Bald eagles also spotted.

Election of Officers: 15 board members. One open position. Carole

Gertgen, Harry Wahlquist,Lisa Lisa Peery,Mike McNellis,Jerry

Doffing,Peggy Jo Fortner and Tom Plihal

has agreed to continue on the board. NancyPattee Hector will be a new

board member.

Motion made by Dick Anderson,second by Pat Biethon to accept the slate

of candidates.

The motion was approved.

Joe recognized Jan Evenson for many years of service on the board and

as our social chair, Carol will replace her .

Meeting adjourned at 10:45am

Tom Plihal ,GLSA secretary