Etiquette Recommendation:

If 2 matches are being played together you may wish to have one match tee first on the front 9 holes and the other match tee off first on the back 9 holes.

In a foursome either “away” player of the 2 matches may play first. On the green, the “away” player of the foursome may play first. This avoids stepping on the lines of the other match. In the course of 18 holes, “getting a read” off of another player will most likely even itself out.

Synopses of Rules:

The following is a brief synopsis of some of the match play rules. These are provided only to give the players a general idea of what is covered in each Rule. The specific wording of the Rule will be applied in the event of any disputes or problems.

Rule 2. Match Play

2-1        Match Play is played hole-by-hole. The player with the lower net score wins the hole.

2-2        If both players have the same net score, the hole is halved.

2-3        This rule will NOT apply since our format requires playing all 18 holes to receive points. You win the match if you are ahead by more holes than are left to play. (Example: Player A is 4 up after the 14th hole. Player B loses the 15th. Player A wins the match “5 and 3”.)

2-4        You may concede your opponent’s next stroke, the hole you’re playing or even the match. A concession cannot be withdrawn or declined.

2-5        If you think your opponent has violated a rule, you must bring it to her attention before either of you tees off on the next hole. Otherwise, you goo on as though nothing happened. If you cannot resolve the issues, continue play have the matter resolved at the end of the match. If there’s a problem on the last hole, you have to bring it up before you leave the green.

2-8        Rule violations generally result in the loss of hole, except where otherwise provided. Check the Rules.

Rule 6. The Player

6-1        It is your responsibility to know the conditions of this competition.

6-2a        Make sure you know each other’s current course handicaps. If you give the wrong handicap, and it’s higher than it actually is, you will be disqualified. If you give a lower handicap, then that’s what you will have to play to.

Rule 9. Information as to strokes taken

9-1        Include any penalty strokes with your score for a hole.

9-2        Let your opponent know if you have to take a penalty. You may ask how many strokes your opponent has taken at any time during play of a hole. If she gives the wrong information before your next stroke, she loses the hole. The same can apply if you report the wrong score at the completion of a hole and don’t correct it before either of you tee off on the next hole.

Rule 10. Order of Play

10-1a        Honors on the first tee go to the player with the lower draw (lower handicap). From then on, it goes to the player that won the previous hole. If you halve a hole, the honors do not change.

10-1b        Whoever is away plays first.

10-1c        If you play out of turn, your opponent can have you replay your shot.

Rule 34. Disputes and Decisions

34-1a        Report any unresolved claims as soon as you finish. No claims after the fact will be considered unless it is clear that wrong information was intentionally given.

34-3        Any dispute or doubtful point on the Rules must be referred to the Committee, whose decision is final.