Last Update: 2012/11/01 at 3:25pm

TOGA Week 2012

Welcome to TOGA Week 2012! We’re excited that Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Phi, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and Kappa Delta have teamed up to put together this first annual TOGA Week! Below you will find additional information about each day of TOGA Week. We encourage everyone to sign up for at least 2 hours of service/philanthropy in order to make this week a great success.

Together Our Greeks Achieve!


You will be assigned to one of eight teams for the duration of TOGA Week 2012. Each team is comprised of members from each of the four participating chapters. We hope that after the week is over you will know the majority of your teammates very well! Teams will compete to score points. Points will earn your team prizes and the undying admiration of everyone for-ev-er.

Team Rosters (updated 2012/11/01)

Jade Dome

Irish Green







Sunday, November 4th

Monday, November 5th

Tuesday, November 6th

Wednesday, November 7th

Thursday, November 8th

Friday, November 9th