Bases Loaded: How Hitters with 400 Home Run Did.


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Last updated: October 14, 2011

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Through 2011 47 players have hit at least 400 career MLB regular season Home Runs (HR).  Four are omitted because there is no bases loaded data for them: Ruth, Foxx, Ott, Gehrig.  Three have partial bases loaded data starting in 1950 through: Ted Williams (1960), Musial (1963), Snider (1964).

A friend mentioned that Mickey Mantle had a lot of walks with the bases loaded.  I checked and The Mick had 30 Base on Balls (BB) in 160 Plate Appearances (PA).  That did seem like a lot so I decided to see how he compared with bases loaded to other batters with at least 400 career HR on BB and other things.

Carl Yastrzemski has the most BB (39) in the group studied and probably the most of anyone in Major League Baseball (MLB) history.  Here are the leaders in the percentage of BB to PA (BB/PA):

Mickey Mantle 18.75%

Ted Williams 17% (data only for seasons 1950-1960; (1939-1942 and 1946-1949 missing)

Mark McGwire 15.56%

Carl Yastrzemski 15.06%

Comparing all 43 batters: bases loaded v. career:

BA 9.56% higher with bases loaded

OBP -8.02% lower with bases loaded

SLG 8.72% higher with bases loaded

OPS 1.96% higher with bases loaded

BB/PA -49.37% lower with bases loaded

SO/AB 9.94% higher with bases loaded, which is a negative for the batter

AB/HR -7.13% lower with bases loaded

With bases loaded:

- more hits

- fewer BB

- higher SLG (slugging)

- more SO (strike outs)

- fewer HR (home runs)

Mickey storey:

In 1953 at the tender age of 21 Mickey Mantle walked five times with the bases loaded.  Especially strange was that on Wednesday, June 3, 1953 at Comiskey Park before 14,032 Mickey Mantle walked with the bases loaded in consecutive PA against 36 year old right hander Joe Dobson.

Dobson had replaced White Sox starter Bob Keegan with the bases loaded and no out in the top of the second with the Yanks leading 4-0 and Yankee cleanup hitter Mickey Mantle at bat.  The Mick was batting fourth because Charlie Silvera was catching instead of the Yankees usual clean up hitter Yogi Berra.  Mantle had already singled in a run in the first inning.  Dobson walked Mantle forcing in a run.

Mantle's next PA was in the 4th.  Dobson retired Yankee starter Whitey Ford but then loaded the bases again on a single followed by two walks.  Dobson walked Mantle forcing in a run.  6-0 Yanks.  Gene Woodling then doubled in two runs and Dobson was removed.  When the inning ended with Ford making the third out the Yanks led 10-0.  Joe Dobson never faced Mickey Mantle again.  Dobson made one final appearance against the Yankees: July 19, 1953 in Chicago Dobson relieved in the 9th and faced three Yankees retiring one to end the inning.  Yanks scored four and won 6-2.

The record is missing one game but we know that Dobson faced Mantle only 8 times in three games, one in each of Mantle’s first three seasons.  See the details.  June 10, 1951 The Mick went 2 for 2: single, double.  June 4, 1952: three outs and then a single.  The third game is the one just described.  All three games in early June.  Mantle never struck out against Joe Dobson.

Andruw Jones is probably the worst of these 400 HR hitters with the bases loaded.  Jones is last in SLG (.399) and OPS (.691) with the third lowest BA (.262) and third lowest OBP (.292).  Jones also has the worst AB/HR (36.6), AB/HR BL-Car (19), PA/RBI (1.54), AB/RBI (1.29).

Eddie Murray is first in several counts: games, PA, hits, RBI, TB, GDP, SF.  Murray is also first in BA (.399) and AB/HR BL-Car (9.97).


high: Mantle        18.75% (best)

low: Banks        3.11% (worst)


high: Thome  32.86% (worst)

low: Musial 7.63% (best)


high: Kingman 8.8125 (best)

low: Andruw Jones 36.6 (worst)


high: Yastrzemski 1.87% (best); Mantle 1.26%

low: Thome -11.93% (worst)


high: Mantle 8.05% (worst)

low: Canseco -5.62% (best)


high: Andruw Jones 19.0619047619048 (worst)

low: Murray -9.9657477025898 (best)


high: Pujols 0.9578313253012 (best)

low: Andruw Jones 1.54225352112676 (worst)


high: Pujols 0.76506024096386 (best)

low: Andruw Jones 1.2887323943662 (worst)

PA: BL/Car:

high: Ramirez 2.92%

low: Stargell 1.37% excluding Williams, Musial and Snider whose data is incomplete.


high: Murray .399

low: Snider .257


high: Mantle .438

low: Kingman .281


high: Pujols .772

low: Andruw Jones .399


high: Pujols 1.143

low: Andruw Jones .691

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