Long Lake Area Association Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, 7/20/2009 at the Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room from 9 AM -10:45 AM

Approved by Board on Sat 8/29/09

Attendees:   Dave Anderson, Jeff Bjorkman, Stu Hamilton, John Hansell, Jim Hansen, John McKinney, Sharon Natzel, Larry Roberts, Lou Schultz

The meeting was called to order by President Larry Roberts.  He welcomed the new Board members, Jeff Bjorkman and John Hansell.

The Election of Officers for 2009-2010 was held after discussion of duties and guidelines:

The LLAA Board of Directors for 2009-2010 are:

President:  Larry Roberts

President-Elect 2010-2011:  John McKinney

Vice-President / Secretary:  Sharon Natzel

Treasurer:  Lou Schultz

Assistant Treasurer:  Lois Madsen

The Secretaries report (provided by email) from Mon 6-15-09 Board Meeting was approved for posting on the website (MSP).

Lou Schultz provided the Treasurer’s report which was approved (MSP) with $1700 additional above walleye fund.  We discussed the 2009-2010 Budget and that COLA, the Annual Meeting Luncheon and Newsletter Printer have been paid.  Other expenses to come are possible AIS meeting registrations and the post cards for dues reminders which bring a good response.  

Membership already paid up for 2010 is 120.  So 192 still need to pay 2009-2010 dues.  Emails will be sent to the individuals who haven’t paid the 2009-2010 dues (49). For those without email addresses, postcards will be used (143).  Goal is 300 paid members.  Through COLA, we have access to property records and there is a website with parcel information.  Barb Roberts has been working on this for 2 years to ensure we have an updated potential membership record.   Neighborhood lists will be provided to enlist the Boards’ help to continue the update process.  We do not plan to put a notice in the Nov newsletter about dues as it causes too much confusion because our LLAA “year” is from July 1st to June 30th and not a calendar year.  Jim Hansen paid $30 which covered 6 members who paid dues of $20 instead of $25 as agreed earlier.

Old Business:

Annual Meeting Review - Larry

Dock Signage Update – Lou Schultz

For the signs for the end of the docks, manufacturing minimum quantity is 50 for the 4 x 14 inch metal, powder coated sign at $16 each for LLAA members and $41 for non- members which includes dues for LLAA membership.  We understand that the only literal location for the address is at the driveway entrance for the GPS coordinate program and not the dock.  Lou Schultz is coordinator of the project and will email the file with the sample design so each Board member can pass it on to the neighborhoods.  Once an order for 50 is ready, it will be submitted.  Additional batches of 50 signs each can be ordered when enough people want them.  

New Business:

Invasive Species Proposal – Dave Anderson

Dave explained that as a lake association we could be proactive in seeking a grant funded by the townships and/or the lake association with matching grant from the state through the DNR similar to the Emma Township grant for 2010 for invasive species prevention with an intern for 20 days, for example.  With matching funds, it may cost LLAA @ $500.  Dave provided additional information and links he received from Darrin Hoverson, Aquatic Biologist – Invasive Species Specialist, MN DNR – Division of Ecological Resources in Park Rapids.  Dave also provided information from Dan Kittilson, COLA, Vice President.  Dan encouraged us to seek the grant for 2010 and also encouraged LLAA to participate in a Healthy Lakes & Rivers Partnership that may be available next year through the Minnesota Northwest Foundation.

Dave also explained that we could explore the possibility of a hot water wash with the DNR at the public access that is being redone at the north end of Long Lake.  The hot ware wash is thought to be very effective in washing a boat to aid in preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS).

AIS can be devastating to property values.  We discussed there are 2 townships involved – Hubbard and Henrietta.  AIS is also dangerous for children / grandchildren who can cut their feet when walking in the sand if zebra mussels invade, for example.  

 Larry indicated COLA is trying to get a car wash owner to put in an AIS prevention unit which collects and treats the water.  He is going to try to attend the COLA meetings.

We discussed DNR AIS signage at the 2 accesses.  Larry reminded us that Dick Jorgensen was going to put up a sign by his property which is next to a 3rd well-used access.  Larry also wants to get another sign placed on County 20 near his property or on 104.

We formed a focus group for Invasive Species Prevention with Dave Anderson heading up the group.  John Hansell and Jeff Bjorkman will be part of the focus group along with Sharon Natzel.  There are other LLAA individuals that will be interested too.  The focus group will pursue seeking the grant money, research, education, etc.

Larry had the information for the Heathy Lakes & Rivers Management Plan (HLRP) but currently Jerry Horsager has it.  Dave or John will seek the information from Jerry.  

Other discussion topics on AIS included:


Subsurface Sewage Treatment Ordinance – John McKinney

Received information on new sewer control ordinance.  Appears that a continuing maintenance agreement is something to consider.  John will pay the $2 and pick up a copy of the draft that is available for counties to review.  

John M is going to visit with the county regarding 2 court orders that haven’t been enforced affecting a portion of neighborhood 3.  Chuck Garr provided John with the facts of the situation and provided pictures.  We discussed since there is a court order, it is appropriate for LLAA to follow-up.

Restore the Shore Order Packets are available from COLA.  It is possible to order trees and shrubs for a reasonable price in the fall and are delivered in time to plant in spring.  Bill Cowman is handling the tree orders.  Anyone wanting to order should fill out a form, attach a check and get it to Bill.  He will then complete a new form with the total order and send in the individual checks with it.  Larry asked Bill to handle this and he agreed.  

Upcoming Board Meetings will be at the Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room at 9AM on Saturday, August 29 and September / October dates will be discussed then.

Zorbaz is 1st Saturday of the month except for holidays - - see website.

Dave Anderson suggested that on the LongLakeLiving.org website consider a Bulletin Board concept for “what’s new” …   We were encouraged to get fresh material for the web master.

Meeting was adjourned at @10:45AM.

Submitted by Sharon Natzel, Secretary