OpenStreetMap Foundation

Communications Working Group Meeting


27th June 2011,

21:00- GMT (22:00 - CET)



Present: Richard Weait, Harry Wood, Charlotte

Apologies: Absent: Hurricane, Oliver

Responsible for OSMF newsletter input:

Public to newsletter


Adoption of previous minutes

Minutes of 20th June 2011:

Propose: Richard Weait

Seconded:  Charlotte

None opposed

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Matters Arising:

[ ]


Finalise agenda for this call.

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Any other business


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skins & themes update

ACTION ITEM:  Ongoing. Harry will investigate redirects and restructuring of the site to allow wordpress to host key content pages (and translations), but without the blog prefix

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Developing copy for foundation site

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Ongoing review of 

Harry to changed the ‘where does my donations go’ question. Some further changes discussed.  Spending on ‘professional services’. That question is good to go the page.

The CWG minutes are now on the ‘Working Group Minutes’ page.

ACTION ITEM:  need to put in tabular format, and writing little summaries of topics

We discussed whether we need a press page and how distinguish between a page on the foundation site, and the fairly well developed wiki page:

ACTION ITEM: Ongoing. Everyone have a think about which areas of content we could work on next. Also what should a ‘Press’ page on the OSMF site aim to achieve. Questions it should aim to answer, also how should it compare with/differ from


Blog translations

Harry fixed the skin drop down.  Now all three languages are visible.


Blog post about “management meetings” restructuring

New “management meetings” idea. Awaiting board meeting discussions

Richard is coordinating a consultation about this plan.


Next meeting.

Monday 27th June 2010,  2100BST, 2200CET, 1600EDT, 2000UTC 1400MDT

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