Sonic Wing Command: A New Reality

A Novel by AceofRazgriz2011

Prologue: The Demon’s Wrath

Warfare. Mythology. Death. Famine. Destruction. What do these all have in common? One thing. they all play a role in a soldier’s life. This story Bends and twists the Reality we live in, and cause three realms to unite. The Ace Combat Realm, Strangereal. The Anime Realm, Engoel. And Reality, Earth. This Event in the universe’s history was known as the 1980 Incident. NASA Believed it was due to a Quasar, but it was much more different. It was the Wrath of a Holy Deity.

Razgriz, the Demon of Strangereal’s North Sea, has been in Existance for all eternity, and was believed to be responsible for this incident. Seventeen Years Later, Nations from all three Realms Met at the Shojo-Mobius Summit, a World Meeting of the new world’s largest nations, Osea, Yuketobania, Emmeria, The United States, China, Japan, Russia, and the United Kingdom. The Summit was a sucess, introducing the New nations to this world we now live in.

Chapter 1: A New Hope

Larry A Ryle High School

Florence, KY

May 1st, 1996.

Tyler, the hero of our story is in school, the last period of the day, sitting next to Mao Takahashi, a Japanese Exchange Student, and are currently taking a test.

“Mao-san? Do you have a pencil I could use?” Tyler asked.

“Taira-san, you are really are a aho.”

“Mao, I know Enough Japanese to know that was a insult.”

“Really, then what did I call you?”

“A dumbass. that’s what Aho means.”

“Shults!” Mr.Harden blared at the top of his lungs.

“Quit Conversing with Mao and get to work!”

“Yes sir..” Shults Murmured.

“Mother fucker..”

What you don’t know about Shults is that he is the Reclaimer, a Hero of Devine origin, and he is waiting for her mother’s call.

Seconds later, the Ground Rumbled, as if a Asteroid had Hit the Earth.

“Every one with me, We need to take cover!” Harden Said.

Suddenly, the Door Blasted Open, with a Majestic Woman of Unknown Origin approaching.

“A-A-Akuma!!!!” Mao Screamed

Mao then pulled out a piece of paper with Hiragana Written on it.

The Majestic Woman then, as if she was using Telekinesis, Picked Mao Up and Threw her across the room.

“Who are you?” Harden said, Cowering in Fear.

“I Am the Knight of the Round Table. The Demon of the Skies. The Hero of Humanity. I am the Holy Deity of Peace and Balance, Razgriz.”

“I am looking for my Son, He is under the Guise of the Name Shults.” Razgriz Said, Pointing her Soul Caliber at Harden’s Bald head, as if she were about to Execute him.

Kiersten, an Senior pointed to Tyler, as if he were in trouble.

“Awaken, Tyler, as we have much to do.” Razgriz Stated.

Razgriz Noticed he was out Cold, due to the fact that she hit him with the door as she entered.

“Sweetie, are you okay? Tell me if you are okay!!!”

“Well, I might as well carry him.”

“No Way in Hell are you taking him!” Novak, the School Principal Declared, as he ran to the door.

“Screw the Rules, I have a Spiked Helm!” Razgriz Hollered as she Ascended to the Heavens.

Tyler Woke up, noticing he was flying.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!?!!?” Tyler Blared out.

“ It Seems you have Awakened.” Razgriz Stated.

“Who Are you?” Tyler Asked in Shock.

“Don’t you recognise me? that Mysterious woman always watching you?” She stated.

“I’m your Real mother.”

“That’s not True!”

“Don’t Deny the Truth. It will only Delay the Inevitable.”

“What do you mean?” Tyler Stated.

“That Woman Down There, Shannon, was only a Vessel for you to be created. I am your True Creator.” Razgriz Said.

“And As such, you are a Demon Angel Human Hybrid. You are the Reclaimer. You will save us from the Oncoming Illuminati Attack.”


“A Dark, Evil Organization, who worship Satan, my Arch Nemesis. They are “Enlightened”, as  one would say.”

“However, they have many Hidden Weaknesses.”

“But However, you are the only one who can save the human race from this terrible organization. Here is a List of people to gather. Gain their Friendship, and have them fight along side you.”

“Once you have the first group, Go to japan and get the second group. Once you have the first group, i will Arm you with the weapons of War.”

“But, I’m Just a Kid!” Tyler said.

Razgriz put her hand on his shoulder and said to him

“Remember when I said you were Angel-Demon Hybrid? That means you have my dark powers, and your father’s light powers.”

“Son, Would an angel-demon ever lie?”

“Dunno, Never Saw one.”

“I will assure you will have some allies.”

“And Large ones at that.”

“Now Go My Son! Ascend from Darkness! Raise the Gun of Revolution! Defeat the Anti-Christ! Slay Him until he Draws his last breath!”

“If you say so, mother.”

“Listen, you will be a World-Renowned Hero for this!”

“Alright then!”

Tyler Fell out of Razgriz’s Hands, Falling at a high speed.

“That’s Not Florence..”

“Of Course it isn’t. That’s your first stop! Toluon, France!”

“Couldn’t you have at least given me a parachute before I went Head first?”

“Don’t worry! You Won’t Need it!” Razgriz Proclaimed.

Shults then Hit the Ground at High speed.

Everyone around him thought he was dead.

He then Rose up, Still intact, brushing off his pants.

he walked up to one of the people in town after his glorious fall, and asked him:

Excusez-moi, mais où est la plus proche école secondaire?”

(Excuse me, but where is the nearest high School?)

“Oh, c'est un kilomètre dans cette rue, anllez vers l'Est pour un kilomètre et demi, et allez au nord pour un huitième de un kilomètre, l'école devrait être là.”

(Oh, it's 1 kilometer up this street, go east for a half kilometer, and go north for an eighth of a kilometer, the school should be there.)



A Few minutes later, he noticed a abandoned factory on the way to the school, thinking something was odd with it’s existance. he ignored it, moving into the woods behind the school.

he noticed a Sewer lid, and pried it open. he then went down into the sewers as the instructions her mother gave her said.

Toluon High

Toluon, France

13:21 Local Time

There were 5 teenagers entering the manhole Tyler had just pried open. Jeremy, the Leader had noticed this, and asked Yumi, a Japanese Exchange Student, to go down and check the sewers for anyone who may work for the french Government, or may be a threat to their operations.

She went down into the sewers seconds later, carrying a baseball bat. Shults, was around the corner when she heard footsteps, being those of our hero. Yumi ran around the corner, falling into shults’ trap. He Grabbed her and used a Demonic Ability to Possess her.

“Fits like a Glove..” Tyler Said in Yumi’s Voice.

“Now to get in contact with her allies.”

Tyler then walked back to the ladder to the Surface.

“So, did you find anyone?” Ulrich, one of the Teenagers said.

“Nope. seems like Odd left the Manhole open for all the world to see last week.”

“Hey, I remember Closing the Hole last week!” Odd declared.

‘Seems i’ve been caught. might as well as drop the vessel before I drain her lifeforce.

A dark Figure appears beside Yumi, Being the hero of this story.

“Why Hello there!” Shults Blared.

Chapter 2: Friend or Foe?

The Lyoko Defenders Stood in amazement, Seeing that Someone had Breached through their tight-knit defenses.

“Who the fuck you think you are?” Ulrich stated, in rage.

“I am the Son of the Defector of Satan. I am the Hero that will Destroy the New World Order. I am Shults Ace One.”

“I Don’t give a fuck who you are! you’re dead meat!” Ulrich blared as he was about to run at Shults.

Then a petite hand went across Ulrich’s Chest, belonging to one of the leaders of the group, Aelita Hopper.

“Stand Down. I will talk to him.” Aelita Stated to Ulrich as she ordered him to stop.

“First things first, how do you know about lyoko? and us? you’re a foriegner.”

“I’m the Son of Razgriz. The Demon Turned Holy Deity. I’m here for your help. My mother told me about you. she knew you could help us.”

“With what?” Aelita asked in Curiosity.

“There is a evil organization coming. The Illuminati. They will turn you into their slaves. A bunch of Satan-lovin fucks is what defines them.”

Yumi, who just awakened from her earlier encounter did not believe him.

“URUSEI BAKA!” Yumi Blared in her native language.

(Shut up Idiot!)

“Really? Then how did I possess you? Magic?”

Yumi stood in shock as shults stated the former, feeling violated.

“And no, i did not use your body for sexual gratification, Ishiyama. I used it to infiltrate the group unscaved. Your lucky i’m not the son of satan, or i’d do worse than that.”

“Ok, now. Second Question. What are you? a Demon? Angel?”

“Both, Aelita. I am a Demon-Angel Hybrid.”

“I am the Son of the Demon Razgriz and the Angel Garuda.”

“Amazing...” Odd said in amazement.

“If you really are a demon, why don’t we fight on lyoko. one on one. Yumi In mountain Region, Ulrich in the Desert. Odd in the Ice Region. and me in Sector Five.”

“That seems fair.”

“Jeremy, Let’s go. we need to set up.”

“Right, Aelita.

Chapter 3: Yumi in The Mountains

The Building that appeared outside after walking through the sewers was a abandoned factory. the Defenders and shults Ran to a elevator in the factory, that would take them to the Control Room for Lyoko. After stepping out of the Elevator, Shults let out screech of amazement.

“What the fuck is all this? if it is, this fucker must have alot of RAM!”

“290 Gigs to be Exact, Mr.Shults. Lyoko is a Virtual Combat Enviroment. As such, it requires alot of Processing power, RAM, and Hard Drive Space.”

“My Deceased Father made it, he was killed by the American Bureau of Investigation just days after it was completed. my Mother was also killed. I Escaped to lyoko, and until 1 year ago, i have been there. I was there for 40 years. but however, Lyoko does not have a Aging Script, so i never got old. I stayed the same all these years.”

“Is that true, Miss Hopper?”

“Please. Call me Aelita. and, yes. it is true. you’re lucky to still have parents.”

Shults then proceeded to the Holosphere in the center of the room.

“So this is lyoko?”

“Yep. Every Known inch of it, Excluding Sector 5 and the Digital Sea.” Yumi Said.

“It is, in total, 300,000 miles of land. That’s enough to cover half of russia.” Jeremy Stated.

“Amazing... and your father made this?”

“Well, it was all Generated.”

“Jeremy, what is Xana’s Status?” Aelita Asked Jeremy.

“Status is Offline. he’s asleep.”


“Just like normal computers get viruses, Lyoko has one of it’s own. and it’s name is Xana. This Virus has a mind of it’s own, using monsters to try and take over the world. Lyoko is Directly linked to the world wide web, causing Xana to have the ability to do anything.. Hijack Cars, Cellphones, Computers, Websites, anything.”

“So how do we stop him?”

“Simple. we Shut Down Lyoko. But we cant do that, as Aelita is directly linked to Lyoko. If We shut Xana down, Aelita Goes down with him.”

“You ever thought Xana had tampered with Aelita’s materialization process the first time you brought her to earth? Probably placed a chip in her brain to shut her down when he shuts down?”

“Like what? a Gravemind?” Yumi asked.

“Yes, Except that’s the only thing Xana can do. the only thing that makes him a gravemind, is that he controls the monsters directly.”

“I think i can take a liking to this guy.” Yumi Said.

“Remember, the Battle?” Ulrich said.


“Mr. Shults, I Have your model in lyoko set up. I need you to enter the scanner on the lower floor, so we can analyze your body’s aesthetics.” Jeremy said.


Shults and Yumi went to the elevator, and prepared for battle.

“Ready for your ass to be handed to you on a bronze platter?” Yumi said insultingly.

“I was about ready to ask you the same thing, Nippon.”

“So you speak japanese?”

“I don’t know the sentence structure, but I know some words.”

“Hey, Bellquois! Put on some Justice!”

“What Song, Yumi?”


“Everyone in their places?” Jeremy asked.

“Yeah, we’re ready.”

“Alright. Beginning the Virtualization Process now.”

“Scanning Tyler.”

“Testing Data Algorithms.”

“Analyzing Tyler.

“Loading Pre-Virtualization Dynamic Libraries.”


Shults then Dissapeared off the face of the earth.

Mountain Region, Lyoko Virtual Combat System.

9:40 AM Local Time

The Mist and Fog filled area that shults spawned in seemed eerie, as if a ship of some sort was coming. but he was only thinking like M. Night Shamalyan.

“Here are the rules. The Towers will be deactivated until either you or Yumi Dies.” Jeremy Stated

“You may not push anyone off the plateau. if you do, they will be sent to the digital void.”

“What’s that?” Tyler Asked

“Sorta like limbo. Nothingness.” Yumi said.

“How do you know?”

“I’ve been there before.”

“You can use any weapons or tactics you see fit to stay alive.”

“If you die, you will be returned to earth.”

“When someone dies, the towers will be activated, and you can enter them by simply walking into them. once that is done, Aelita will remotely Redirect the portal at the bottom of the tower to the next Region, in this case, the Desert Region. Then you can freefall to the bottom of the tower, and you will be warped to the next Region.”

“Just like in real life, you will die if you are hit in any vital points, such as the Jugular Vein. But, as said formerly, you will return to earth with no physical damage. that is the purpose for lyoko’s existance. To be a virtual combat training mechanism.” Jeremy Said.

“Alright. Friendly Fire on. FIGHT!”

Yumi Rushed at the ace with all her might, carrying her two fans, with Japanese Katakana  written on them:

東京 On one Fan,



on the other.



Shults then pulled a technique which disarmed Yumi, the Ofnir Weapon Snatch, a technique that allows the defender to quickly “Snatch” the weapons from the rushing attacker.



For being from asia, you really aren’t that smart, now ARE YOU?

Shults then Threw the Fans directly at Yumi, Hitting her in the neck.


(Damn it!)

Sadly, Ishiyama, Killing you wasn’t what i had in mind. But it seems i had no choice. See you on the other side.

Yumi then Devirtualized into dust, leaving only her Fans behind.

Abandoned Factory, Toulon, France

15:32 Local Time

A Defeated Yumi Falls out of the Scanner, Weakened.

“Damn.. So he was telling the truth.. he is a Demon..”

Yumi then walked to the elevator to the Control Room.

She then pushed the B2 Button, Leading to where Jeremy was Earlier.

“he seems attractive.. and smart not to mention brave.”

The Elevator Reaches Floor B2, with yumi Departing from it after the doors opened.

“What Goes on?” Yumi said to Jeremy.

“Shults is on his way to the Tower to the Desert Region.” Jeremy Said Reluctantly.

“Hopefully Ulrich will put him in his place.”

“Yeah..” Yumi says in Disbelief.

Desert Region, Lyoko Virtual Combat System

12:05 Local Time

“It Seems you are of German Descent. Is that True?” Ulrich Asks Shults.


Jetzt werden Sie sterben Shults.

(Now you will die, Shults.)

Schlechte Herr Stern. Sie werden aus dem gleichen Schicksal Fraulein Ishiyama sterben.”

(Poor Mr.Stern. You will die of the same fate of Miss Ishiyama.)

“TRIPLCATE!” Ulrich Yelled.

As soon as he said that, two clones of him appeared.

“Tötet die Dämonen!


Shults then threw Yumi’s Fans at the Clones, Killing them on impact.

“Ulrich, Attacks like that are stupid, even childish at best.”

“What do you mean?”


Shults then Jumped into the air, and fell onto ulrich’s head, smashing it. the remains were devirtualized, leaving only his sword.

“This could come in handy.” Shults said after picking up Ulrich’s sword.

Abandoned Factory, Toulon, France

17:20 Local Time

Ulrich Appeared out of the mist that appeared from the scanner, with only one thing to say:


Ice Region, LVCS

00:00 Local Time.

“Seems you’re out of luck, ‘Demon’.” Odd said.

Shults then threw the sword at Odd, impaling him in the stomach.

“Seems you’re Dead, odd.” Shults Said.

A Ball appears out of nowhere and sends Shults to Sector Five, Where he will battle Aelita.

Sector Five, LVCS

Time Unknown

“It Seems it’s time for battle.” Aelita said.

“Seems so.” Shults Said.

(Scene Deleted)

After the Picture dissapeared, Shults notices Aelita is no longer here.

“What the fuck just happened?”

“I am Wondering the same thing.” Jeremy says Questionably.

“Did Someone break the Fourth Wall Again?” Yumi Asks.

Shults looks to the fourth wall, seeing it broken.

“Yep. I Blame Odd.” Tyler Proclaims.

“Anywho, we are detecting that Xana’s awake. We need you to kill yourself.”


“If Xana is awake, and we are on lyoko, we cannot leave unless we are killed.”


Shults Proceeds to Commit Sepuku, the Ancient Japanese Style of Stomach Cutting with Ulrich’s sword.

“Wow. Sepuku. Now that’s just proving his intelligence.” Yumi Said.

Chapter 4: Self Boosting

4 Months Later

Abandoned Factory, Toulon, France.

19:01 Local Time

The Factory is Filled with Snores as the Defenders are resting from a mission. Shults Approaches with a Backpack Full of FAMAS Assault Rifles, FN Herstal Five-Sevens, and Combat Knives.

“Uh...hey, where have you been, Demon of all trades?” Yumi asked shults.

“Just Got Back, stole some weapons for our Escape.”


“What did he say?”


“Listen. We Don’t Have Much Time. Remember a few months ago when i asked for your help?”


“Now is the time for us to get the fuck out of here.”

“Are you Insane? The Six of Us Against the French Army? No Way in hell will we survive!” Ulrich Said Blatantly.

“At Least if Lyoko Goes Down, Aelita will still be alright. Getting Rid of that God Forsaken Chip helped with that. Bellquois! Set Lyoko’s Main Server to Detonate. We’re Turning Toulon into Glass.”

“We may lose Lyoko, but our lives will stay intact as a result! We Cannot hide like aelita did! it is time to Rise and Take a Stand!”

“He Speaks the Truth.” Aelita Says Reluctantly.

“But.. Lyoko...” Jeremy Says.

“Lyoko is just collateral damage. we can rebuild it.” Aelita says to Jeremy.

“Aelita is Right. Lyoko can be rebuilt. Jeremy. Before you set it to detonate, take out the hard drives.”

Chapter 5: Just a Dream...






“Sir? Ambassador Shults? Wake up!” Nagase Says while trying to wake Tyler Up.

“What? we Under Attack?”

“No. come with me”

Nagase Drags the ambassador out of his room, and shows him onto the Skidbladnir’s Flight Deck.

“Welcome to Mahora Academy, Ambassador.”

The School, In a Shimmering Gold Light Illuminating from the sun, had revealed it’s true beauty.

“beautiful...” Shults says in amazement.

“We Have Reason to Believe Negi Springfield is here. He agreed to help you get Nodoka. he has a love potion set for you upon touchdown.” Nagase Stated.

“And i will use that for what?”

“That will have Nodoka Swooning over you. However, you will need to be careful. Kagurazaka, Negi’s Roommate is Protective of her classmates and will stop at nothing to keep you away from Nodoka.” Nagase Warns.

“Alright. Thanks for the Briefing, Kei. Where’s my MJOLNIR Suit?”

“Over there, as usual.”

Shults Proceeded to put on his armor, and then met up with JC Rojales, a Old Friend of the Ambassador.

“Triple Pogi! You’re Ready with that AC-130?”

“Yeah, the thing is ready. you and Kasane going up?”

“No, Hatsune’s being my Evac.”

“Really? Vocaloid 1 is your VIPEVAC Reliant?”

“Miku Shows True Promise. Littner is On standby in the Mountains around the academy for Sniper Support.”

“And Ayanami?”

“She and Langley will fly cover for Miku.”

“Alright. Let’s Go.”

The Filipino Teen then Ran to the Gunship, at high speed.

“Aelita, this is Rojales, Requesting Clearance for EMC Launch.”
“This is Aelita, EMC Granted. Proceed to the catapult.”

“Acknowleged. Proceeding to the Catapult.”

“Catapult Launch in 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! Launch!”

An Electric Magnet then Catapulted Ambassador Shults, Miku and JC to the skies.

“Catapult Launch Successful! May God Speed you!”

Mahora Academy Airspace, Japan

18:45 Local Time

“Miku, Ready?”

“Hai. ”

The Slender Turquoise Twin Tailed Vocaloid known by shults as Master Corporal Hatsune Miku then proceeded to put on her Parachute.

“This is Zero-Niner, you are Green! GO! GO! GO!”

The Two Soldiers began to run out of the Gunship to begin a HALO Jump.

“Miku, Pull your Parachute at 8000. I’m going for a Bumblebee.”

“Hai! Chui ga Hitsuyo!

(yes Sir! Be Careful!)

[The Bumblebee maneuver is a Impact manuver, Designed to be used for Single Bodies Impacting on a location.]

Shults then went full speed, fists clenched, arms to his side, angled at -20 Degrees.

Students Leaving for the Dorms thought it was a meteor, but it was the Demon’s Mjolnir Suit Burning up from the speed.

Shults then crashed.. only centimeters from Springfield’s Feet.

“And you must be Kei’s Friend. Shults, is it?” Negi Asked.

“Yes. and you must be the Runt Sensei, Negi Springfield.”

Shults Proceeded to take off his helmet.

“So you choose to hide yourself behind armor. that is a saddening thing.”

“not Really, it makes us look cool.”

“Anywho, here is the Potion. I Fine tuned it to Nodoka’s DNA Signature.”

“Thanks. Wish me Luck, Negi.”

“Just promise me this.”


“Take Care of Nodoka. Love Her. Hold Her. Squeeze her. Never Let Go of her.”

“Mister Springfield. I am the Son of a Demon turned Deity. I Will assure you Nodoka will be fine.”

“May Razgriz Speed you and Nodoka, Ambassador Shults!”

Negi Then Saluted to the Ambassador.

“Thank you, Mister Springfield.”

Shults Proceeded to Drink the Potion.

Library Island, Mahora Academy.

18:59 Local Time

Shults Walked up the steps to the Library. Miyazaki was inside, finishing Catalouging of Some Books.

“I need to get this done before 9:00 or Master Konoe will have my....”

Nodoka dropped the books on the floor as Shults Stood before her.

In his MJOLNIR Armor, Standing Tall and Majestic, in Black and Red.

“Who... are you?”

Shults Then Removed his helmet, Revealing himself to her.

“I am the Knight that will protect you. The man who wants you as his own. The Demon that will Guide you through the Darkness.  I am Ambassador Shults, Leader of the Holy Communist Republics of Lyokoia.”

“I would like you to come with me. you are the definition of Beauty. A Girl of Unrivaled intelligence.”

“Miss Nodoka Miyazaki, I wish for you to be the first lady of Lyokoia. I will Give you anything your heart Desires. Fame. Fortune. Glory. Happiness. This School has Hidden your Potential. I wish to Release it.”

“Now, Please. will you be my Girlfriend?”

Nodoka Stood in Shock as the Graceful words Barraged through her mind.

“Is all this.... True? Am I Really Beautiful? Do you Really Love me?”

“I Never met you, but I am happy that you like me.

“I’m Sorry... but..”

(Nodoka Thinking)

“Why is my Heart beating So Fast? Is it because I... Love him?”

(End Thinking)

“It Saddens me to see you said no. if you wish not to be with me, than so it shall be. Farewell Forever, Miss Miyazaki.”




“I.. want to go with you, Shuritsu-Sempai!”

“Alright then. Come with me. We will Gather your things and prepare for VIPVAC.”


“Very Important Persons Evacuation.”

“Corporal Hatsune is on her way to meet us at Konoe Air field.”

“We must make haste if we are to avoid Kagurazaka.”

Nodoka’s Dorm Room, Female Dormatories, Mahora Academy.

19:07 Local Time

“You almost Done?” Shults asked Nodoka as she was in her room.

“Just a minute!”



“The Hell Are you?”

“Yue Ayase. Mahora Academy Secondary School, Class 3-A. I’m Nodoka’s Friend and Roommate. Now, You Better Listen. One False Move on Nodoka, I will kill you.”

“Ayase, your Threats don’t Scare me. I Punched a Belkan Army Commander in the Chest So Hard, His Heart was in my Hand when it Came Out.”

“I Can do the Same to You.”

Yue Shivered in Fear from shults’ former comment.


“Ok. Now I need you to get Undressed and put this on.”

Shults Handed her a  Purple and Green GUNGNIR Suit.


10 Minutes Later

“Boy this thing is heavy!”

“Oh, forgot to give you the SHOJO Booster.”

“What’s that?” Yue Asked.

“A Drug that enhances a Shojo Sapien’s Strength by Ten Fold causing little to no bodily difference. Intelligence stays intact.”

“Alright. Let’s Get the Fuck out of here.”

Shults then Administers the Shot to Nodoka, Which Instantly Takes Affect.

Suddenly, the Door to the Room is Bashed open. A Red Haired Woman approaches, Twin Tails, Bells on the nubs on each side of the tails, Mahora Academy Gakuen, Carrying a FN Herstal FAL Assault Rifle. That Woman, Was MASDF Head Commander, Asuna Kagurazaka.

“The Fuck you think you are, Trying to Bust Bookstore out of here?”

“Bookstore?” Shults Asks Nodoka.

“It’s a nickname.” Nodoka Responds.

“Alright Kagurazaka. Miyazaki is with me now. Leave us be.” Shults Says Reluctantly to Asuna.

“No way in hell.”

“Well, you’ve left me no choice.”


The Vocaloid Appeared out of nowhere, as if she was using an Active Camouflage Device.

Then Suddenly, She Rushed At Kagurazaka, Without Notice, and Bashed Her in the head with the Stock of her AK-47.

Asuna, Was knocked out cold and fell to the floor, Dropping her FAL Assault Rifle.

Miku Passed the Assault Rifle to Nodoka, who had never fired off a gun before.

“You know how to shoot?” Miku asks nodoka Reluctantly.


“Here, first things first, take these.”

Miku Passed her two Magazines that were in Asuna’s Gakuen*.

*School Clothes are referred to as Gakuen by the Lyokoian Military, Reguardless of Branch, *Even Though in Japanese Gakuen literally means “School”.

“It’s Semi-Auto. You need to pull the trigger repetitively to fire it.” Shults told Nodoka.

“When you hear it click, you press this to release the magazine.”

“Then Hold it to Load another magazine in.”

“Then Pull this in to load a Bullet into the gun, you only have to do this when you load a new magazine.”

“And Aim Down the Sights to get a Accurate shot”

Nodoka then Proceeded to Load a Magazine and slide back the loader.

“Let’s blow this Popsicle stand.” She Said, as she Raised her Weapon.

“This is Airborne Warning and Control System Aircraft Thunderhead, Be Advised! Multiple MV-22 Ospreys on Multiple Headings!”

“Thanks for the Warning, Thunderfuck!”

“Aelita!” Shults Hollered over his headset.

“What?!” Aelita Replied.

“Launch all Aircraft, VTOL and STOL! Me and Nodoka are in a Charlie Foxtrot here!”

“Yes Sir!”

CVN-01 Skidbladnir, Mahora Academy Airspace.

1945 Hours

“ALERT! ALL PLANES SCRAMBLE! Shults is under attack! All Planes Launch At Once, Starting with Razgriz Squadron!”

Nagase and her Wingmen Ran to their planes at the End of the Runway.

The Planes they ran to were Black with Blood Red wingtips.

Moments later, the Planes were lined up on the Runway.

“CVN-01 Skidbladnir, this is Captain Kei Nagase of the Lyokoian Navy/Air Defense Force 4th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Razgriz. Requesting Electromagnetic Catapult Launch.

“Edge, this is Skidbladnir. Launch Authorized. Proceed to the Catapult.”

“Acknowledged. Proceeding to the EM Catapult.”

“Skidbladnir, Catapult Release in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, LAUNCH!”

The ADF-01 Falkens were Blasted into the air, at high speed.

“Razgriz, Catapult Launch was Successful. May Razgriz Speed you!”


“Grimm, Snow, Go Pincer.”

“Acknowledged, Captain.”

“Yes, Nagase.”

The two pilots then Broke formation and encircled the Squadron of Ospreys.

Outside Women’s Dorms, Mahora Academy

1950 Hours

“Seems Nagase Came to the Rescue this time! Let’s Go!” Shults Blared in Excitement.

“Shults, this is Gurren Lagann. Be Advised, Two Japanese Ground Self Defense Force Fireteams are inbound on your position! I Advise Immediate Evasion.”

“Thank you, Rittona.”

“Yoko has Visual on some Nippons. We need to go.”

“Aelita, We’re Screwing the Pooch, Have Mitsuki and Lily Launch and pick us up.”

“Negative, we’re Being Fucked over by JASDF Planes, they’re Swarming like flies!”

“If you can Authorize Nimbus Launch, we can launch them as soon as the sky clears.”

“Fine, You are Authorized to use any force necessary to Shoot them down!”

“Right. Skidbladnir, NIMBUS LAUNCH!”

Multiple Missiles launched from the Large Fortress, Going after All of the JASDF Planes attacking it.

“Kami 4 is Down!” Said one JASDF Pilot.

“These Lyokoians are swatting us down like flies!”Says another.

“This is Tenshi One, I can Barely Hold it Together!”

Suddenly, from the Coast, Approaches a Submarine.

“This is the Yuketobanian Ballistic Missile Submarine, Scinfaxi. Our Fleet will Cover the CVN-01 Skidbladnir.”

“Skidbladnir, Raise your altitude, we will launch a Ballistic Missile.”

“10-4, Scinfaxi. Skidbladnir, Rasing Altitude!

The Skidbladnir Slowly Raised it’s nose, gaining altitude.


and in fact it did. the missile Exploded, Shooting down 20 of the JASDF’s F-2 Fighter Jets.

The Radio was filled with Screams and Cries of Torment as the planes fell to the ground. Only the Skidbladnir stayed intact.

5 Miles Outside Konoe Airfield, Mahora Academy

2005 Hours

Destroyed F-15s, F-2s, and F-14s fill the Skies, Crashing into Mahora Academy, and it’s surroundings.

“What in the hell is going on up there..” Tyler wonders, as the planes fall like bird droppings.

Then suddenly a Large Explosion Appears in the sky.

“We might want to Expedite our Evacuation. These Planes might end up killing us.” Nodoka Says.

“I can agree with that.” Yue Adds.

A F-2 Crashes in front of them. the pilot crawls out of the cockpit, holding a M1911 Pistol.

“Die, Demon!” The Pilot says.

“No, You die, Nippon.”

He kicks the Pistol out of the JASDF Soldier’s hand, and pulls out his FN FiveseveN and fires off 3 rounds, each of them penetrating the pilot’s Helmet, and lodging themselves in his cranial Cavity, ending his life.

“Ignorance can lead to your death.. So Can Betrayal.”

After that, they proceed to run towards the airfield, and find a group of ATVs, which they use for their escape.

“These will come in handy.”

“Nodoka, Hop on!”

“Yue, You take point!”

“Right!” Both of them exclaimed.

They Proceeded two miles north to the airfield, when suddenly they approached a check point.

“Damn. It’s Chao Lingshen.” Nodoka said in Dismay.


“Chao Lingshen. She’s the leader of Grobda Battalion. One of the MAGSDF Fireteams here.”

“Alright then, i have a suprise for Little Miss China.”

“Razgriz 1, this is Demon Lord. Requesting Tango Lima Strafing run.”

“Acknowledged, Target it with the Laser Designator.”

Shults then passed the laser designator to Nodoka.

“Razgriz, this is Bookstore. Do you have Lima?”

“Lima Confirmed, Miyazaki. Edge, Beginning Tactical Laser Strafe.”

The Planes of Black Sheath then Started Firing Blue Lasers at the Ground targets.

“This is Corporal Chao Lingshen of Grobda Battalion! We are under attack! I Repeat, we are under ACK!”

Static fills the JSDF Combat Frequency, Confirming Lingshen’s death.

“This is Gurren Lagann. Bookstore, you are Alfa Charlie.” Yoko Said over the LNADF Radio.

“Acknowledged, this is Bookstore, we are Oscar Mike.”

“For a Newbie, You sure know your Military Jargon.” Shults Said.

“Being a librarian at the world’s largest library helps, also with the fact i can speak fluent English and Russian.”


Да. Я говорю на русском языках. Хотя японские мой родной язык.”

(Da. YA govoryu na russkom yazykakh. Khotya yaponskie moĭ rodnoĭ yazyk.)

[Yes. I can speak Russian fluently. Even though Japanese is my native language.]


“Anywho, We need to get to the airfield.”

“No Need!” Mitsuki said, as she approached the Group in her MI-24 Hind.

The Busty Light Blue Haired woman in the cockpit landed, opening the rear cargo door.

“Heard you were under attack, and I launched.”

“Really? Didn’t you hear me screaming over the Radio?”

“Anywho, Yue, Man the Back Gatling Gun! Nodoka, Man the M60 on the side!”

“I’ll Pilot the Heli, Mitsuki, you’re co-pilot.”

“What about me?” Private Simon Asked.

“Oh, Mikey, you Man the Right side M60.”

“This is Master Corporal Rika Furude of Higurashi Battalion, we are taking fire from JGSDF Howitzers, Requesting Immediate Support!”

“This is Quox Battalion! We’re Completely Cornered! Requesting CAS!”

“This is Ghost battalion! Our Tachikoma Advance Teams are Dead! Requesting Support!”

Shults Then went into a state of despair for a moment.

“ALL FORCES, Focus on our Ground Forces! Protect them at all costs!” Shults Said.

“We may have to Destroy Mahora Academy if our Forces are to get out of here alive.We have no other choices.”

Shults Slowly raised his Radio to his mouth.

“This... is Demon Lord, Requesting Takahashi-5 Launch from the SOLG.”
“*static* this is Lyokoian High order Foreign Operations Command. Acknowleged. Waiting for Authorization Code.”

“Acknowleged. Password is Niner-One-Eight-Two-Niner-Four.”

“*static* Verified! V3 Launch in 30 Minutes! Ambassador, we are ordering a immediate Retreat!”


“All Forces, Retreat! That is a Direct order!”

“Negative! We’re just Getting Started on these fuckers!”A Pilot said wittily.


“This is Rika Furude, All Forces Retreat! V3 Tactical Nuke Inbound for Mahora Academy!”

“*static* This is General of the Army Ulrich Stern to all Lyokoian and Allied Forces! Fall back! Nuclear Weapon inbound! this is a Direct order! Failure to comply will result in your deaths! Fall back NOW!”

“That’s our Que to Get the fuck out!” Shults says.

The Hind Lifted off, just as a squadron of AH-64 Apaches appeared, Encircling them.

“You have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.” Kagurazaka said.

“You will die with Nodoka. Her betrayal of the Japanese Government is all we care about.”

“No Way in Hell!” Shults Retorted.

“All Attack Helicopters! Engage!” Asuna Yelled.

The AH-64s Stayed in mid air, not doing anything.

“What are doing? Jacking off to yaoi? KILL THEM!”

“We are loyal to Negi-sensei.” Ayaka, One of the Pilots Said.

“And if Negi-Sensei is Loyal to Lyokoia, then we are too.” Konoka said.


“Oh Shut your yap, Asuna. No one ever liked you. Not even me.” Nodoka Retalliated.

The Mi-24 then Turned around to face asuna at it’s 6 o’clock. The AH-64s then turned into attack position against Kagurazaka.”

“All Planes! OPEN FIRE!” Nodoka Yelled.

At that moment, the AH-64s Fired their M230 Chain Guns Directly at Kagurazaka, Shooting her Down. Seconds later, she Crashed, Leaving only Debris and her charred body.

“Target Down, Asuna is Dead!”

“This is Quox! The enemy is Surrendering!! Is that Retreat order still active?”

“Ulrich, nix the V3.”

“Acknowleged, Initiating V3 Detonation.”

Suddenly, the Academy Intercom system Came on, with a woman’s voice being broadcast.

“Attention, this is Secretary Shizuna of Mahora Academy to all Lyokoian Forces. As a Result of Asuna Kagurazaka’s Death, We have No Choice but to surrender. Mahora Academy, it’s staff and Students hereby Surrender.”

“Well, At least we didn’t have to nuke the place.”

“Agreed.” Yue said.

“Konoe, this is Razgriz Alpha 1-1, Requesting Landing Permissions.” Shults Said over the radio.

“Acknowleged. This is Konoe Ground. Request Granted. Land on Helipad 3.” The ATC Said.

The Light Blue Mil 24 Hind Flew to the Helipad at High speed, Leaving Dust behind it as it headed to Konoe.

Chapter 6: Godesses and Nekomi City

LNADF Male Dorms, Mahora Academy, Lyokoian Mahora Loyalists Territory.

2300 Hours, November 19th, 2015.

A Brown Haired Female in a LNADF Flight Jacket Approaches the Room of Lieutenant Keiichi Morisato.

“Kei-oniichan, you in there?” The Woman asks.

“Yeah, Just a minute, Megumi. I’m Getting into my flight suit.” Morisato Responds.

“Okay, Let me know when you’re ready. I’ll be waiting out here.”

“Well, Today I’m Coming back for you Belldandy. Just you wait.” Keiichi says, as he holds a picture of her Goddess Girlfriend.

“Done!” Keiichi says, immediately rushing out the door.
“We Need to Report to the Briefing Room. Shults wants to go over the Capture of Nekomi City.”

LNADF Briefing Room, Konoe Airfield, Mahora Academy

2319 Hours, November 19th, 2015.

As Keiichi Sat down, the Projector Turned on, Displaying the Grunder Industries Battle Control System.

Briefing 2 from Ace Combat 5 played in the background.

“Hello. I Hope you are Well Rested from the Takeover Operation.” Cortana, an AI Construct Stated.

“Now to Business. For our Nekomi Tech Residents, You will be glad to know that we are now going on a Operation to take back Nekomi City.”

“And for Lieutenant Morisato, We have Found Belldandy, she is under maximum Security at a JGSDF POW Camp 20 Clicks out from Nekomi City. It is Believed that A Woman by the Name of Sayoko Mishima is the Head officer there.”

The Screen showed a 3D Geographic View of Nekomi City, and it’s surroundings, Including the POW Camp Belldandy was being Detained at.

“Sayoko Mishima, Master Corporal of the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force, is a Deadly woman, and according to data leaked by Miss Miyazaki while she worked for the LHODCE,  was a former heir to the Mishima Heavy Industries Corporation, the manufacturer of the Weapons used by the JGSDF, as well as her Alma Mater being Nekomi Institute of Technology.”

“Keiichi, do you know anything else?” Cortana asked the Lieutenant.

“Yes, In fact i do. Sayoko is Seductive, and as such, you must not lose focus on your objective. If you see her, Do not Kill her. I will do that. Sayoko has somewhat of a grudge against Norn One, and if she is found dead, I will be the one to avenge her.”

“Alright then, Mr. Morisato.”

“Ok, Now let’s talk about the city’s defenses.”

“It Seems to Consist Largely of Flak Gun Batteries. As Such, you should attempt to fly at low altitude. As for SAM Sites, there are not that many, but you should take them down when you get a chance. Also, there will be a Heavy Fighter Jet Presence, so take note of that.”

“We Will be Launching Landing Ships to Land on the Beach. Protect them at all costs. Once the Takeover Op is Over, you will proceed to Escort Morisato’s C-130 to the POW camp where Belldandy Morisato is being Detained at. Kill all JASDF Resistance. NO ENEMIES MUST SURVIVE! ALL UNITS! DISMISSED!”


(POV: Nodoka Miyazaki)

Hangar 5, Konoe Airfield, Mahora Academy.

00:15 November 20th, 2015

Soldiers Salute Nodoka From the Left and Right, as if she was a High Ranking Officer.

On the Right Shoulder of her Suit was a Patch:

In Vigilat. In Fide. In Lorem. on the Top,

(Forever Vigilant. Forever Loyal. Forever Beautiful.)

and Lyokoian Navy/Air Defense Force 2nd MRF “Negima” on the Bottom.

With the Mahora Academy Coat of Arms in the Logo Circle.

Airman Hans Grimm, the Number 2 of Razgriz Squadron, also being a mechanic, had talked to Nodoka about her new Aircraft.

“Miss Miyazaki, We were able to get a Special Issue Sukhoi PAK FA For you, it was ordered by Ambassador Shults. I think you might like the Design he sent them.

As Grimm and two other maintenance-men Opened the Hangar Doors, Revealing a Purple-Blue Sukhoi PAK FA, under Two Yellow Lights Originating from the Ceiling.

The Plane Had the Squadron Patch on the Rudders, as well as a Blown Up Mahora Academy Coat of Arms on the Left Wing, Rotated 25 Degrees to the Right, and Her Name Written in Cursive below the Cockpit Window. As Nodoka Ran to the plane to open the cockpit, she sees a note wedged in the cover for the Radar. It is written in Russian:

Наслаждайтесь своей сладкой ездить, не пропустите Шульц.

-Россия президент Виктор Рэзнов

(Enjoy your Sweet ride, Miss Shults.)

(-Russian President Viktor Reznov)

“I Pulled some strings with eddie. He let me have ONE. No more than that. I’m more of a fan of the Flanker Series, so I let you have the PAK FA.”

“I had to pay Sukhoi for the Custom Paint. Costed Around 40,000,000 Rubles. At least i’m nice enough to NOT leave you with the cheque.” Shults Said.

“Thanks. It’s Nice.” Nodoka Responded.

“You’re Welcome. Anywho, you need to know this, Even though we’re in different flights, you follow my orders as if I were your flight lead. Do I make myself clear, Bookstore?”

“Yes, Sir.” Nodoka said.

“Good. Tune your radio to 127.9 Mhz. that’s Lyokoian Military Combat Frequency. Do not let anyone else know this. If our communications are Comprimised, it will be hard as hell to fight the Nippons.” Shults Stated

“Then wait for my Go, and Start your engine when I pass by, and leave the hangar. maintain 15% thrust, and Follow the Yellow Taxi Lines to the runway. Then wait for us to Get Takeoff Clearence.”


Konoe Airfield, Mahora Academy

01:30 Local Time

“Akuma, this is Konoe Tower, Proceed to the Runway.” An ATC Said.

“Acknowledged. Proceeding.” Shults Responded.

“Nodoka, Follow me.”

Nodoka Started the PAK FA’s Engines, and proceeded out of the hangar.

“Bookstore, I did not Grant you Taxi Clearance. Return to your Hangar.”

“Konoe Tower, This is Akuma. She’s with me.”


“Konoe Tower, this is Akuma. Requesting permission to shove my foot up your ass!”

Shults Fired his Cannons at the Tower, Shooting it.

“Akuma! 86 the Friendly Fire! This isn’t Battle Royale on Ace Combat 6!”

“Edge, are you airborne?”

“Yes.” Nagase Replied Emotionlessly.

“Shoot up the Tower For me, will you?”

“Yes, Commander.”

“Captain Nagase, Ignore Akuma and Stay on Current Heading.”

“Edge, Gun from One.”

Bullets started coming from the Black F-14, as it started Shattering the Windows.

“Now will you shut up, or will I have to have Nagase drop a MK-82 on your Nippon Asses?”

The ATC did not Respond.

“Kei, I think you killed Her.”

“Good. the Skank Needed to die. Rule-Abiding Freak.”

“I’ll Say.”

Above Aomori Prefecture, Contested Japanese Airspace.

0150 Hours

“This is Emmerian AWACS Ghost Eye, I am Entering Formation with J-MELO.”

“This is Travaill VonTenez, Callsign Strigon 1. Vocaloid, is that you?”


The Former Flight Lead of the Ace Combat 6 Online Squadron Flew Up close to Shults,

In a Crimson Red and Black Sukhoi 33 SeaFlanker with a Reaper’s Emblem.

Two Other Planes Sharing the Same Description Entered Formation with him.

“Hamm? xLaw?”

“When You said you were the leader of a Foreign Nation on the Verge of War with the world, I Laughed my ass off. Seems I Owe you one.”

“Now It’s Time for Strigon to Bring Death to the JGSDF.” Strigon 2 (xLaw) Said.

“Whatever. Just Try not to kill any Civilians. Nekomi Tech is a Highly Populated Area.”

“Right, Vocaloid.”

“That’s not my Callsign.”

“Then WHAT is your CALLSIGN?”

“Look at your HUD, Dipshit.”

Travaill then Looked at Shults’ Plane through the HUD, Seeing the Callsign ‘AKUMA’.

“Akuma, what the fuck does that mean?”

“It’s Japanese for Demon.”

"Is that so?"

"What do you think, ignoramus?”

“Anywho, we were Launched from the Aigaion to assist you and your little librarian.”

Then Suddenly, Three Space Craft Approached, Resembling a Defender, Patriot and Dagger from Freelancer.

“Ambassador Shults?” A man said.


“We Thought you could use some help.” Juni Said.

Then Seconds Later, A Fleet of Liberty Dreadnoughts Apporoached the Battalion.

“The Fuck?” Daten Gamma Said.

“This is the Liberty Battleship Unity. We Heard about the war on Earth. We then Proceeded to the Sol System.”

“How do you know these people?” Nodoka Asked.

“Don’t you just love plot Holes?”Tyler Said, While Breaking the Fourth Wall.

“This is the RNC Verthandi. We Heard Jacobi’s Speech. We Will Fight With You.”

“Ok, Now, we’ve Broken Copyrights on: Mahou Sensei Negima, Aa Megami-sama, Code Lyoko, Halo, Ace Combat, and Freelancer. Why hasn’t WMG Sent us a Unreasonable Copyright Lawsuit?” Tyler Said.

“Oh, And Don’t forget Sukhoi. the PAK FA and the Su-35?” Nodoka Responded.

“Yeah, and soon we’ll have McDonnell Douglas and Boeing on our asses. This is Turning out to be a horrible day.” Tyler said Hesitatingly.

“Um, Sir, You’ve Pirated Freelancer over 3 times, and Ace Combat Twice, and Halo Custom Edition a Multitude of Times.” Stocking Said.

“Yeah, so? And I haven’t been caught! Well, i did once with NFS:HP.”

“But Now i Have Friggin’ Peerblock!”
“Not as Safe as VPN.” Panty said.

“SHUT IT!” Shults said in rage.

“But Still..”


The Loudmouthed Angel then Shut her mouth.

“Pardon my Sister. Arrogant as hell.” Stocking Said.

“At Least you’re nice. She’s a TANK with a MOUTH.”

“Anywho, Now, Sakaki, What’s your ETA to the AO?”

“50 Minutes Sir.” The Busty Black Haired Soldier Said.

“This is Lieutenant Colonel Yukari Tanizaki of the Lyokoian Navy Air Defence Force 298th Bomber Squadron Azumanga. We are Inbound to Nekomi. Shults, Make Sure those Ack-Ack Batteries are Down before we get there.”

“This is Lieutenant Akamatsu of LNADF 85th Fighter Squadron Manga-ka. We are Providing Anti-Air Support to Yukari and Her Flight of B-52s.”

“Biscouji, Ai, On me, We’ll go After the Interceptors. Azuma, you worry about the Fighters.”

A MiG-21Bis and Su-25 Enter formation with the Battalion.

“This is Tokyo-ken. We are Here as CAS and Intercept Reinforcements from the Skidbladnir.”

“Luftwaffe, you take out the Enemy Tanks and Howitzers for Hayasaka and Furude’s Tank Battalions.”

Nekomi City, Japan

0230 Hours

“This is Airborne Warning and Control System Aircraft J-MELO. Be Advised. Multiple Fighters on Radar, Mostly F-15DJs.”


The Su-30L and PAK FA Raised their noses to Engage the Aces.

Chapter 6: Aces High over Nekomi Tech

“Hostiles, Orihime, Break!”

The Orange F-X Broke from formation with Kurosaki’s F-2.

“Nodoka, seems they are breaking. You go After the Girl. I’m Taking down Guardian.” Shults said.

“Yes, Sir.” Nodoka Responded.

“Bookstore, Engaging JASDF Ace, Orihime Inoue.”

The Purple PAK-FA turned hard left, to tail Inoue.

Twisting Left and Right, Going at High Speeds, Nodoka soon Got a Clear shot on Orihime.

“Miyazaki, Gun Gun from One.”

Her PAK FA’s Cannon Spewed Bullets, hitting every part of Inoue’s F-X.

“This is Inoue, Flight Systems are Fried, I’m Bailing out!”

Orihime Attempted to pull the Ejection Lever, but with no hope, as it was jammed.

“This is Inoue, I CANNOT EJECT, Say Again, I CANNOT EJEC*static*....”

“ORIHIME!” Ichigo Screamed, as Inoue’s Plane Exploded, Leaving Nothing Behind.

“YOU WILL DIE, MIYAZAKI!” Ichigo Said as he broke Left to engage her.

Ichigo Stuck to Nodoka like glue moments after he broke left.

then Suddenly, Shults Appears from the Clouds Below.


Nodoka Complied with Tyler’s Order and Immediately Performed a Cobra Maneuver.


“You’re mine, Soul Reaper.” Shults Said.

“Shults, Chase, Chase.”

Two QAAMs Were fired from Shults’ Jet and Quickly approached Kurosaki.

“Yumichika, Rangiku! Lend me a Hand Here!”

The Two Pilots Arose from the Clouds, Flying X-02 Wyverns.

“Yumichika, Engaging Bookstore.”
“Rangiku Matsumoto, Engaging Akuma.”

Ichigo’s Plane then was hit by the QAAMs, and was turned to Burning Scrap Metal.

“All Available Ace Pilots, this is Akuma, Requesting Support! We’re Being Tailed by Two Aces!”

“Rei’s Angels, Engage Rangiku.” Ayanami One Said

“Yumi Ishiyama, Callsign Tokyo-Ken, Engaging Yumichika.”

Rei and her Squadron of F-22N SeaRaptors Then Immediately Flew out of the Clouds Below.

“Shinji Ikari, DRIVE. DRIVE.”

A Barrage of Projectiles eminated from Shinji’s Weapons Bay, Appearing to be ADMMs, a Smaller Variant of the Nimbus Missile System.

“This is Matsumoto, I have Missiles Coming from All Directions! I Can’t See where their coming fr....”

Rangiku’s Plane was destroyed Completely as it was blown apart by the Nuclear Warheads.

“Rangiku, this is Yumichika! Come in, Corporal Matsumoto!”

Yumi’s MiG-21bis Approached Yumichika’s Six, Ready to Fire.

“Ishiyama, Rockets.”

The Rockets attached to the bottom of her Jet Fired on Yumichika’s Wyvern, Destroying it Completely.

“I’d Say what you all did was over kill, but thank you.”

“Anytime. Let’s Get Back to the Furball.” Tokyo-ken Responded.

The Planes then Went Below the Clouds, to Enter the Battlefield.

Chapter 7: Deep @&%#.

Lyokoian Planes were Falling Left and Right, Leaving Only our Heroes alive.

“This is Akamatsu! I’m Engaged in a Dogfight! Get this Aho Off me!”

“Yazawa-sensei!” Yukari Screamed as Ai’s Plane Was Destroyed.

“J-MELO. This is Ouran 3. Parakiss is Down. I Say Again, Ai Yazawa is Down. No Chute.”

“Verified, Hatorine. All Planes, Focus your Support on Manga-ka Squadron, They’re in Deep Shit.” Yue Said.

“I’ll Say! All Planes, Protect our Brave Pilots Still in the Air!” Shults Said

“This is Strigon 1. We are Inbound.”

“Travaill! ‘Bout time you came to the party!”

“Let’s Just say we Needed to Take care of Tanizaki’s Fighter Jet Issue.”

“Fine! All Planes, Cover Akamatsu and Biscouji! Nodoka, Rei, On me! We’re Going in for CAS!”

“Right.” Ayanami Said.

“Like Hell you will!” A Enemy Pilot Said.


The  Black and Blood Red Su-47 Berkut Belonging to the Russian-Malayisan Woman Flew towards Shults At High Speed.

“Hira-kun! JINK RIGHT!” Nodoka Screamed.

Shults then broke right to evade the incoming Missile.

“Warning, Multiple Pilots Detected. They seem Friendly.”

“This is Arachnid. Me and Xenoaisam are inbound to your Heading, Akuma.”

“Spider 25?!”

A MiG-33 and F-18E Under the Callsigns ARACNID and XNOAISM Approach Akuma.

“Ambassador. Rokiaki, Rohani, Nurani and Naluri were captured by the JGSDF. Seems they’ve been Brainwashed. I Will Allow you shoot down All of them, Except Naluri. Try not to harm her.”

“Amau. Every Pilot I’ve Faced has Died. If i Engage Naluri, She will be one of the people on that list. I Will Engage the Others, however.”

“Ok. Please, Don’t Hurt Naluri.”

“I will Try my best.”

“Shults, Engaging Rokiaki, Callsign Spetzgru 3.”

“Arachnid, Engaging Spetzgru 3.”

“Xeno, Engaging Spetzgru 3.”

“Ayanami One, Engaging Spetzgru 3.”

“Bookstore, Engaging Spetzgru 3.”

(Rokiaki’s Cockpit)

“Chort!! It Missed..”

Rokiaki’s Onboard Warning System Started Blaring.

“Puskakh Raket, Puskakh Raket.”

(Missile Launch. Missile Launch.)

“Raket, dvenadtsatʹ chasov nizkoĭ.”

(Missile, Twelve o’clock low.)



“Raket, Devnadtsat’ chasov Vysokii.”

(Missile, Twelve o’clock High.)

Then Suddenly, the missile hit, Severly Damaging Rokiaki’s Jet.

“Preduprezhdenie. Preduprezhdenie. Pravi pozharnaya mashina. Levyĭ pozharnaya mashina. Izvlechʹ. Izvlechʹ. Otkaza gidravlicheskoĭ sistemy. EOS otkaza. MLWS otkaza.

(Warning. Warning. Right Engine Fire. Left Engine Fire. Eject. Eject. Hydraulics Failure. EOS Failure. MLWS Failure.)

Rokiaki’s Jet then Pulled up, Causing it’s Wings to Rip Off.
“Eleron otkaza. Oruzhie sistemnogo sboya. Toplivo 1500. Ugol polya atakakh sverkh limita.”

(Aileron Failure. Weapons Systems Failure. Fuel 1500. Angle of Attack Over Limit.)

“Curse you Akula...”

“NAD babok! NAD babok! Potyanite vverkh. Potyanite vverkh. Potyanite*Static*..”

(OVER G! OVER G! Pull Up. Pull up. Pull...)

“May you Rest In Peace, Rokiaki-San.” Xeno Said, as he looked at the wreckage caused by Akuma’s Missile.

“This is Azumanga! We’re Almost to Nekomi! Why are those Ack-Ack Batteries still up? Blow them up, or we’ll be Swiss Cheese!”

“Nodoka, Rei! Get on those Flak Batteries!”

“There’s too many! We Need to Retreat!” Rei Said.

“This is J-MELO. We’ve Recieved Word about the Flak Batteries. They Seem to be Working through a Single Computer. It’s Location is Five Miles from the City. But there is a Large Nike Missile Presence. Shults... You’re the only man who can do it. We need those Flak batteries Down.”

“Sure, Why the Hell Not!”
“Akuma, Beginning Low Altitude CAS on Enemy Infrastructure.”

Akuma then Flew at Low Altitude to begin a bombing Run.


“Shut it, Betty!” Akuma yelled to the Su-35’s Warning System.

“Almost... Almost...”

The Lock Reticule on the HUD Frenzied Around the Screen, and Soon Locked on the Building.

“Akuma, Rifle! Rifle!”

Akuma Fired two missiles, Both Destroying the Flak Battery Controller.

“This is J-MELO! FLAK BATTERY IS DOWN! Tanizaki, Kurosawa,  you are Clear to Begin Bombing Nekomi City!”

“This is the Nekomi Tech Rebels Leader, Otaki, Do Not Open Fire on us! We are Allies of The High Order! We are Inbound to Shiramizu Fortress, where Belldandy is being Held! Please, Help us!”

“This is J-MELO to Otaki. I Read you 5 by 5. All Planes, Secure a Path for the Nekomi Tech Rebels! Protect those Brave Defectors!”

“Chiyo, Ayumu, Tomo, Begin the Attack! Blitzkrieg those SOBs!” Koyomi said over Radio.

“This is the Nekomimi! Captain Mihama Here, Beginning Bombing Run on Nekomi!”

“This is Spirit of Kansai! We Are Beginning our Bombing Run!

“This is Spirit of Aomori! Begin The Attack on Nekomi City!”

“Megumi, Have you Launched from the Skidbladnir yet?” Akuma Said.

“Yeah. We’re Inbound to Shiramizu.”

Above Shiramizu Fortress, Outside Nekomi City Airspace

2LT. Megumi Morisato

0509 Hours

“Did you hear? Akuma Shot down Ichigo Kurosaki! The Bleach Squadron Ace!”
“Damn! We Might as well Surrender now! With Bleach Flight out of the picture, Nekomi City is Literally Lyokoian Terittory now.”

“hahah.. The Japs Don’t know we have their Combat Frequencies. No Wonder We’re Kicking Ass!” Megumi Said, Listening to Japanese Combat Radio.

“Yeah. Also Rangiku Matsumoto and Yumichika were Blasted out of the Sky! So Was Inoue Orihime!”

“Well, that means Shonen Flight is Down too.”

“If Only the Prime Minister would make Nukes, the Lyokoians would be History by now.”

“Megumi, Get your team Ready. We’re Approaching Shiramizu.”

“Alright Major Rojales.”

The Woman and her Team then Grabbed their Weapons, and Stood up.

“Megumi, you are Green for Launch! Begin HALO Drop! GO GO GO!

Megumi then Jumped out of the C-130, and Fell through the clouds.

Seconds Later, Megumi Pulled Her Parachute, Descending to the Ground.

“This is Morisato, We’ve Deployed Parachutes. We’re going in. Keiichi, You and Lt. Koalla Su will Proceed to Get Belldandy. We’ll Rig Charges and Rescue the Other POWs.”

“Ok, Sis.”

Cell 2039-N, Shiramizu Fortress.

Present Time

Belldandy is awaiting Rescue as she hears Gunshots from outside.

“Don’t Even Think about it. By the time Keiichi Sees you, You’ll be Dead.” Sayoko Said.

“The Fuck you Talking about, Nippon?”

Bell then Spit in Sayoko’s Face, as if she was trying to provoke a fight.

Sayoko then Slapped her, enraged as a bull.


“Ventus Magis hostem abstulit, Surgite et Lorem!”

 Then Sayoko Was Thrown against the wall, Knocking her Unconsicous.

Above Shiramizu Fortress

0615 Hours

“This is J-MELO, Be advised, Two Enemy Aces, Seraphim and Timmayx are on Intercept with Azumanga! Akuma, Bookstore, Finish them off!”
“This is Timmayx of the CVW-171. In Accordance with the Patriot Act of 1979, And the American Detainment Act of 2012, you are under US Military Custody. Tyler Shults, you are a Felon, Charged with Destruction of Japanese, French and American Property, Being Absent from School for Over 5 Years, 70 Counts of Terrorism, 298 Counts of Software, Audio and Video Piracy, Undermining the Japanese, French and American Militaries, and 895 Counts of First, Second And Third Degree Homicide. You are Ordered to Surrender at Once and Come With us.”

“This is Captain Kei Nagase Of the Lyokoian Navy/Air Defense Force. Tyler Shults is No Longer an American Citizen, as he has Defected to Lyokoia. Leave the Airspace at Once, or you will be Destroyed.”

Kei Approached the Ambassador in a R-101 Delphinus Fighter Jet.

“Miss Nagase, you do Not Understand. Even if Shults is No Longer an American Citizen, he is still a felon.”

“Sadly, Mr.Timmayx, If you Fight me, You will have Every Lyokoian Soldier Recognise you as Hostile and Have you and your Slut Girlfriend Seraphim Blown to Shreds.*

(The Slut Part is not True. Sera, If you are reading this, let me know and i’ll put in something a little less offensive.)


“This is Edge to all planes. the CVW-171 is now Hostile. Kill Seraphim and Timmayx. No Exceptions.”

“This is Kasumi. Me and Ayane Were Tailing these fuckers all the way from Kansai.

“Ayane, Blast that Seraphim Bitch Straight to Razgriz’s Domain!

“Right. Sessha 1, Firing High-Yield Air-to-Air Missile.

“Sera! Jink Left! now!”

But it was Too Late, as Seraphim’s F-4 Phantom Was Destroyed, Leaving Only Shrapnel Behind.


“See, Timmayx. Good Will always Triumph.”

“And Now, You will Die. Victor! NOW!”

“Voychek. Drive.”

The CFA-44 Lt. Voychek was Flying had Scrambled Missiles at Timmayx, Leaving him with no Escape.



“King, Juni, Trent, Status?”
“We’re All Damaged a little, The Shields seem not to work on Earth.” Trent Said.

“This is Morisato! We Have Belldandy! We’re Proceeding to the Gates of the Fortress for Pickup of the POWs!”

“We Found 4 Pilots, We Have them in our Custody. One By the Name of Inoue. The other three are Knocked out cold.”

“Good. I’ll Interrogate them onboard the Skidbladnir later.” Akuma Said.

“Knock the Girl Out.”

“Yes Sir.”

Some Ruffhousing is heard as the Soldiers try to Take Down Orihime. Seconds after it started, Orihime Fainted, Falling to the Ground.

Chapter 8: Lethal Interrogations

Lyokoian Naval Ship Skidbladnir, Interrogations Room.

1928 Hours.

“Wakey-Wakey, Inoue.” Akuma Says


Shults then Slaps Orihime, waking her up.

“Wha-Where am i?”

“You Are Onboard the P-1119 Skidbladnir. A Lyokoian Flying Heavy Command Cruiser.”

“You are being Interrogated. We Have your friends here as well, Miss Orihime.”

“Three Lights Turn On, Revealing Ichigo, Rangiku, and Yumichika, Being Held in Circular Restraints, Their Hands and Feet Inside the Restraints.”

“Are..Are.. They Dead?!”

“But if you do not tell us everything we want to know, You and your friends will be fighting Hollows in hell.”


“Panty, Raise the Voltage to 29 Volts. then Target at Inoue.”
“Yes Sir.”

She Then turned a Knob Labeled Voltage, and pressed the 3 on the Control Board

Orihime’s Body Jolted Forward in Pain as the Electricity Coursed through her Body, as well as her eyes rolling back into her head as she screamed in excruciating pain.

“Will you Tell Us Now?”

“No Way in Hell.”

“You’re a Hard nut to Crack. Panty! 42.1 Volts!”

“Yes Ambassador!”

She then Raised the Voltage, and pressed the button again, Sending Electricity to Orihime’s Restraint Mechanism.

She then Moaned in Agony as she Jolted Forward again, with her eyes rolling back into her head.

Ichigo Awakened, Seeing Orihime in Pain.

“ORIHIME!” Ichigo Yelled.



“What did you say, you Insolent Freak of Nature?!”


“Mister Kurosaki, You are in no Position to Boss me Around.”

Shults Then Walked to Ichigo’s Position.

“What the!? You’re a kid?!”

“Mister Kurosaki, my Mental Age is 25. Not too Old, Not too Young. I Am a Very Intelligent Man.”

“You are Using your power to Harm Innocent People! How is that Intelligent!?”

“Hah.. Mister Kurosaki, I have a saying about war and peace. For Peace to Come, People must be sacrificed by war. Innocent or Guilty. Corrupt or not. Evil or Good. Sadly for you, Ichigo Kurosaki, YOU WILL BE ONE OF THEM!!!”

Shults then Jabbed his Combat Knife into Ichigo’s Stomach, Causing him to Cough out Blood.

“Lyokoia will not win.. Japan will defeat Lyokoia’s Tyrannical ways.”

“Mister Kurosaki, Don’t you see the truth before your eyes? Your nation has lied to you. Betrayed your Beliefs. So Has Every other nation. Lyokoia, Osea, Yuketobania, Emmeria, Estovakia and Russia are the only Remaining Nations that are Loyal to God, Jesus and the Holy Defector.”

“Sadly, it’s too late for you. The Illuminati Overtime has made you and Orihime their slaves. the Same with Rangiku and Yumichika. At Least I Can Save them. You However will die.”

Ichigo did not Say a word as he was astonished at what shults said.


“Ichigo, your entering a Normalcy Bias. You think that I am lieing? I am Not. Orihime May be doing the same. But at least we can break her.

“No... youre... lieing..... Why.... am.. I so weak..”

“You’re dieing. You’ve lost too much blood. any last words?”

“yes.... take care of”
Ichigo then dropped his head, as he died.

“Alright. Panty, after Seeing that, Orihime isn’t going tell us squat. Brainwash them. All of them.”

“Have Inoue Join me, Rei and Nodoka for Dinner when you’re Done.”

“Yes your Holyness.”

“You’re no Hero! You’re a Demon! A DEMON!” Orihime Said.

“Soon you’ll think different.” Shults said.

Konoe Airfield Mess Hall, Mahora Academy, Mahora Lyokoian Loyalists Terittory.

2000 Hours

“Ah, Another Day, another City Captured.” Tyler said as he ate his Ramen Noodles.

“What do you mean by that?” Kagami Said.

“It’s a Reference to Another Day another Dollar, Kagami.” Miyuki Exclaims.

“I Know that, but isn’t that offensive to the People who lost their lives?” Kagami Asks.

“Actually, yeah. I Revoke my Former Comment.” Tyler Said.

“Well, if it isn’t Orihime.”

“Hello Sir!” Orihime Declared.

“What the F***?” Nodoka and Rei said in unison.

“Isn’t she our F@*#ing Enemy?” Rei asked.

“Not anymore.” Tyler Responded.
“She’s been brainwashed.”

“MKGAMMA. It’s Unbreakable.”


“I Killed Ichigo. Why would she help US when I killed HER BOYFRIEND?”


“Sir, Rangiku is wondering where we’re going next.”

“Nodoka, Pass me your nook.”

Nodoka Gave Tyler her Black Tablet E-Reader, and Opened up the Grunder Mobile BCS App.

“Seems The Latest Bit of Ground We’ve Gained is Miyazaki Prefecture Down South. Seems Shinobu’s Forces are Going at a Slow Pace..”

Shults Then Stood out of his Seat.


“Motoko Aoyama, Haruhi Fujioka, Kaworu Nagisa, Emily Stang, Odd Delarobia, Ulrich Stern, Jeremy Bellquois, Shinji Ikari, Naru Narusegawa, Motoko Kusanagi, Batou Shimura, Togusa Minura, Anarchy Panty, Anarchy Stocking, High Priest Garterbelt, Mitsune Konno, Keitaro Urashima, Haruka Urashima, Haruka Amami, Yoko Littner, Asuka Soryu, Rei Ayanami, Nodoka Miyazaki, Yue Ayase, Inoue Orihime, Rangiku Matsumoto, Yumichika Hasegawa. You are all ordered to Scramble to the Skidbladnir at 2340 hours  to Help Assist the Southern Forces. I will Be going with you all. You May Resume eating your dinner. that is all.” Shults Said.

“How the hell can he do all that?” Kagami said.

“Simple, Kagamin. The Ambassador is the CO of the Entire Lyokoian Military. You Do as he says or you’re killed. that’s the end of it.” Konata said.

“Isn’t that a little much?”

“It’s to Deter any Defectors to the JSDF or to the Illuminati.”

“Anyone Found going AWOL is Killed On Sight, End of Story.” Nodoka Said, Adding to the Conversation.

“Really? Lyokoia is that Strict about their officers? Can’t you like turn in your wings?”

“Yeah, but your monitored for 3 years. Same as Konata said, it’s to prevent anyone from Seeking Asylum within the Illuminati. It’s Part of the Maehara Accords. Any Member of the LN must have Death as the penalty for going AWOL. As well as the Monitoring bit.”

0750 Hours, November 29th, 2015.

20 Miles Southeast of Kansai

“Ambassador Shults, Nodoka Has Completed Refueling. It’s Your Turn.” Yuki Sohma, The Pilot of the KC-10 Extender Aircraft.

“Alright, Field Rat, I’m Going up.” Shults Retorted Offensively.

He Then Accelerated to the Refueling Drouge.

“This is Lieutenant Colonel Yue Ayase, Callsign J-MELO. Today’s Operation is to Capture Osaka Metropolitan. This will mostly be an Air Superiority Mission, as Osaka’s Defenses are Down due to a Earlier Attack. Once we have Osaka, The Entire Kansai Region will be Ours. Today the Kansai People will have a taste of Lyokoian Freedoms!”

“This is Lieutenant General Josef Tupolev of the Russian Air Force. We Have Just Launched from the Admiral Kuzentov. We Are Here Under Orders of Russian President Edvard “Viktor Reznov” Montgomery.”

“So Eddie Sent ya?”

“Well, Get at our Six. The Japs aren’t going to Believe this shit.”

“This is PLAAF Lieutenant Colonel Yuanhang Zhu. Ambassador Shults, We’ve Been Expecting our Revenge Plan against the Japanese for Some time. We Never knew you’d be the one attacking japan.”

“We had No Choice, Zhu. They were after us cause of Nodoka and our little stunt at Mahora Academy.”

“Plus, we were going to do it when Misato Approved the Op, but Sadly The Japs over reacted.”

“Overreacted my Tight ass! You Blew the Living Shit out of over 50 JASDF Planes!” Nodoka said.

“No, Aelita and Cortana did that. All I Did was shoot a fucker in the head.”

“And You Gave Aelita the Permission to do that, so you Indirectly Killed those Pilots!”

“At Least I’m Not Responsible for the Scinfaxi! The Yuketobanians just came for some action!”

“That I can agree on!”

“SHUT IT, ALL OF YOU! Plus, Shults, your Fuel Probe is Overflowing.”


Akuma then Pulled the Brakes on the Su-27, Pulling the Drouge with it.

“What the hell?”

“I was about to say the same thing.” Yuki Said.

The Drouge Lock Released, and the Drouge Fell.

“I Cannot Believe what i just saw.”

“ALERT! Squadron of F-35s Inbound. It’s Aori Takahashi and the Rest of Shinigami Squadron.”

“As the Americans say, We Have a bone to pick with you, Rei Ayanami.”

“All Planes, Disengage. we’ll handle this Runt.” Rei Says, in a Strong Voice.

“Gainax Wing, Engage JASDF 42nd TFS! KILL THEM ALL!”

“Angelheart, Engage!”

“Furi Kuri, Engage!”

“Rei’s Angels, Engage!”

The Three Squadrons Entered a Large Delta Formation,  Preparing for a Engagement.

Chapter 9: Evangelion no Shiki

“All Planes! Break!” Rei Exclaims, Breaking from the Formation.

“Daten Gamma, Fox 3.” Stocking Said, as she fired a AIM-120 AMRAAM Missile at Shinigami 3.

The Missile Hit, Severely Damaging Shinigami 3’s Plane.

“Aori-Sensei, I’m Bugging out! My Radar’s Dead, and my Targeting system is going Haywire.”

“Fine, Daisuki, Break from the Airspace. Return to Tokyo-Haneda.”

“Soryu, Alamo Away.”

Asuka’s AA-10 Alamo Missile Dropped from her plane’s Chassis and suddenly Launched from her MiG-29.

It then Hit Shinigami 3, Who was Destroyed.

“This is Shinigami One to AWACS Chugoku! Lost Contact With Captain Minoru Nagisa! No JOY! I SAY AGAIN! NO JOY!!”

“Mamimi, Naota, Go Pincer and Engage the Two Remaining No Factors.” Haruhara Stated.

“Haruko, are you Nuts?” Nandaba Responded.

“The Less of his Cronies he Has, the More we can Help Ayanami.”

“Right. Naota Nandaba, Callsign Mabase Sigma, Going Pincer.”

“Mamimi Samejima, Callsign Sameji, Going Pincer.”

“Shinji! Go Up and Take out their AWACS!” Rei Ordered.

“Ok, Sis. Ikari Three, Going after Bandit, Angels Very High, Type Boeing, JASDF E-767.AEW&C.

“Acknowleged, this is LillithEye. I Am Now Switching to Radar and Radio Jamming Mode.”

“This is Chugoku! Threat Detected, Angels High, Bearing 235, Type Grunder Industries, F-22 NATF Fighter!”

“Warning! Enemy AWACS has Begun Radar Jamming! Initializing ECCM!”

“Ikari, Maddog.”

Moments Later, the Japanese E-767 was Shot down by Shinji’s AMRAAM, Leaving Wings, an Radar Umbrella, and several other items.

“Ikari, Enemy AWACS Down.”

“All Planes Break! We’re Outgunned in this Situation! Go Low Altitude and Return to Tokyo Haneda!”

“All Planes, Stand down.”

“But Rei, We Have em’ on the run! We Can Kill them Off here and now!”

“I Believe we Should have Dessert after our Feast over Osaka.”


Chapter 10: Kansai Checkmate

“This is Haruka Amami, Flight Lead of the LNADF 765th Joint Assault Squadron, Idolmaster. We are Enroute to Rendevous Point Zulu. All Planes, Once over Zulu, Break formation and Split into three teams, Ami, you will Lead Alpha Team, You will assist Paradise Kiss Battalion With CAS. Chihaya, you Provide Backing Support for Aelita on the Skidbladnir. I will Help Shuritsu-Sensei and Nodoka-Sensei with CAS.”

“This is Ayumu Kasuga, Commander of Osaka Battalion, We are Proceeding to Recapture Osaka Castle! For the Glory of Japan!”

“All Planes! Begin the Siege on Osaka! Nagase, Take out the Remaining pockets of Air Defenses in the Area!”

“Yes Sir!” Nagase Exclaimed.

“Razgriz Squadron, You Heard the Man! Begin SEAD at Once!”

“This is the LNC Ayanami, Head of the Ayanami-Class Fleet! We are Moving into Osaka Bay! Proceed Forward and Sink all of the JMSDF Ships!”

“This is the Illusion! We Have Detected.. 20 LYOKOIAN NAVY AYANAMI CLASS CRUISER-CARRIERS!” The Captain of the JDS Illusion Blared.

“This is The Yuketobanian Gunboat Pitomnik, We are Opening Fire on the JDS Illusion!

“This is The Osean Aircraft Carrier Kestrel. We are Scrambling Fighters to Begin Attacks on the Japanese Fleet!”

“Luftwaffe, Kh-210 “Kusanagi” High Speed Heavy Explosive Air-to-Ship Missile Away!”

“This is the Spirit of Lyoko City, We are Hit Starboard, And have Severe Casualties! Requesting attacker Intercept!”

“This is the Makoto Itou! We’re Going down, We’ve been hit by a Torpedo!”

“This is the JDS Aomori, We Have Sunk the LNC Makoto Itou!”

Gunfire from both sides Hit the Japanese and the Lyokoians, but the Lyokoians were Still Standing. Ship by Ship, the Japanese Fleet Sank to the Bottom of Osaka Bay.

“This is the Illusion! We’ve been Hit with a Kh-210! We’re Sinking!”

“This is the Hokkaido, We’re Taking Command! All Ships! Focus your Fire on the Ayanami! If She Goes Down, the Fleet will Fall Apart!”

“This is The Scinfaxi! Firing Torpedo!”

The Torpedo Hits the Hokkaido, Sinking it.

“This is the Aomori, We’re Going down!

“Who’s the Aho who’s Firing these Torpedoes!?”


Osaka-jo, Osaka, Japan.

Ayumu Kasuga, Lyokoian Forces 39th Infantry Battalion.

1045 Hours.

“Morisato, Get on that Turret!” Ayumu Yells,

Gunshots are Heard as Osaka Castle and Osaka Metropolitan are Covered in Smoke from Explosions, Fires, and Bombs.

“Asahina, Throw a Flashbang in that Room, I Hear Soldiers coming up!”

Mikuru Then Threw a Touhou Flashbang into the room, Blinding the JGSDF Soldiers inside.

Ayumu and her Men then Rushed in the Room, Killing the Soldiers with their Ak-74u SMGs.

“Sector Clear! Moving to the Ote-mon Gate!”

The Ote-mon Gate, which is the Entrance to the Castle was Full of JGSDF APCs, Tanks, And HMMWVs..

“This is 39IB, Requesting Artillery at the Ote-mon Gate!”

“Acknowleged, this is Shuritsu Battalion, Lyokoian Military 90cm Artillery Rounds Away. Target is Ote-mon Gate, Osaka-jo. Stand Clear, Ayumu.” Lt. Kirie Kojima said.

“Get Down, Everyone, and not in the Dancin’ Sense, we’re about to be hit with artillery!”

Moments Later, the Ote-mon Gate Was Destroyed with the Artillery from Shuritsu Battalion.

“Merai Section, Come in! This is Kansai Forward Command!”

“This is the JDS Aomori, we’re Taking Severe Casualties, and we’re on the verge of Sinking, Blocks D and F are already down, and the Bilge Control Room is Flooded!”

“This is the Miyazaki, Torpedo Away!”

The Miyazaki fired a Torpedo, Tearing the Aomori In Two.

“This is the Kestrel! The Aomori was Just Torn in two! The Hell did that firepower come from?”

“Enemy Lyokoian Tu-160 Blackjack Bombers Inbound for Osaka Metropolitan! They’re going to Destroy the City!” Said a Japanese Radar Operator.

Above Osaka Metropolitan Airspace

1130 Hours

“Seems Ayumu and Mikuru Wrapped up taking over Osaka Castle.” Akuma Said.

“Agreed.” Nodoka Replied.

“ALERT! Flight of JASDF F-16s on Intercept Course, Daemon Flight, Engage!”

“Right!” Nodoka and Akuma said in Unison.

“This is Kodansha 7, Be Advised, 8 and 4,  Lyokoian Su-27 and Su-50 PAK FA Inbound for your Heading.”

“Bookstore, Maddog.”

The AMRAAM Hit the F-16, Which In Turn Destroyed the F-16 Only Inches Away due to the Explosive Blast.

“Nice Shot.” Akuma Said.

“Thanks.” Bookstore Responded.

“This is Hammerhead, We’re Inbound for Bombing Run On Osaka Metropolitan.”

“What’s your ETA?” Akuma Asked.

“2 minutes Give er’ Take. The Japs Are going to be Hot On our asses when they pick us up on Radar.”

“Sadly, they already have.” Nodoka Says

She then Replays an Message Intercepted over Japanese Radio.

“Enemy Lyokoian Tu-160 Blackjack Bombers Inbound for Osaka Metropolitan! They’re going to Destroy the City!”

“Well, Fuck.”

“Luckily they Haven’t Scrambled Fighters Yet.”
“I’ll Have Nagase and her men Cover your Ass.”


“You Rang, Sir?”

“You’re now on Escort Duty, Protect Hammerhead.”
“Yes, Your holyness.”

“Edge, Changing Heading to 209, Beginning Escort Operations.”

Then, Suddenly a Squadron of F-22s Approach from the South.

“This is Master Corporal Miku “Akula” Hatsune, Flight Lead of the Lyokoian Navy/Air Defense Force 218th Tactical Fighter Bomber Squadron, VocUTAU Squadron.”

“How’s the North been for ya, Miku?”

“Cold, Harsh, and a Living Hell. Glad to be in Kansai.”

“We will Help Secure Air Superiority over Osaka.”

“No Need. We’ve Pretty Much Got Osaka In the Palm of Our Hands!”

“Well, Might as well just Stay and Watch the Fireworks.”

“This is Lyokoian Naval Carrier Ayanami, The Entire Japanese Fleet is Down! Proceed into Osaka Bay! Today We Take Back the Kansai Region!”

The Lyokoian Carrier/Destroyers Rush into the Bay at High Speed, And Prepare for Invasion.

3 Hours Of Boredom Later...

“All Planes, Osaka Is Now Under Lyokoian Control! Excellent Work!”

“It’s About Frukkin Time.” Nodoka Said in Anger.

“Takahashi, Foxusu san.”
The Enemy Pilot Fired a Missile at Yue’s B-1E, Which was Torn In two. Luckily, Yue Ejected Just Seconds Before Impact.

“Remember me, Hira-Kun?!”
“Mao... You Worthless Skank! Nodoka, Let’s Take Mao-Aho to the Slotterhouse!”
“Agreed. Bookstore, Engaging JASDF Ace, Mao Takahashi.”

“Akuma, Engaging Iron Dragon.

The Su-27 and the PAK FA Then Raised their Noses to Reach Mao.

“Bookstore, Have Tone.”

“Bookstore, Chase.”

The QAAM Chased Mao Across the Sky Until it Hit Her in the Engine of her F-15KAI.

Keikoku! Keikoku! Enjin koshō! Enjin koshō! Yuatsu kiki no koshō! ECM no shippai! Rimittoōbāatakku no kakudo!”

(Warning! Warning! Engine Failure! Engine Failure! Hydraulics Failure! ECM Failure! Angle of Attack over Limit!)
“Nodoka-chan! Kanojo no wansumoa o hitto! Kanojo o ofu shūryō!” Akuma Said.

(Nodoka-Chan! Hit Her Once More! Finish Her off!)

Shūryō shimasu! Kudasai! Shimo sutanbai! Watashi wa sarendā suruto!”

(Quit! Please! Stand Down! I Surrender!)

“Mao, We Have No more Reason to Keep you Alive. MAY THE TAKAHASHI CLAN ROT IN THE GATES OF HELL!”

“Bookstore, MPBM away.”

The Burst Missile Hit, Leaving Nothing Behind. Mao was Nowhere to Be Seen.”

“Skidbladnir, Are We Clear to Land?”
”Yes, You are Clear to Land.”

“Ok. Nodoka, you Go First.

The PAK FA Lines up for Approach to the Skidbladnir’s Runway, Moments Later, Touching Down.

Over Mt. Bessan, Gifu Prefecture, Contested Japanese Airspace.

CVN-01 Central Control Room

1200 Hours

“Cortana, What’s our Status?” Aelita Asked the AI Construct.

“Well, Our Forces are Doing Well for our Rendezvous on Toyama” Cortana Said.

“The Northern Forces Are Early, And are Expected to be In Toyama in a Few Hours.”

Room 29, Brigadier General Nodoka Miyazaki’s Room.

1230 Hours

Nodoka is found reading a book, entitled Arkhiv Epokhi: Tematicheskoe Edinstvo Russkoi Filosofii, A Russian Philosophical Book.

Then there is a knock at the Door, being that of the Ambassador.

“Come in!” Nodoka Responds.

“Like your Room?”

The Room is Gray but Has Large, Tall Windows, and a Blue bed, a Dresser, Mirror and Bookshelf.

“It’s Okay, not my choice of colors, but it’s great.”

Akuma Sat down on her bed, Right next to Nodoka.

“Doesn’t it Look Beautiful out there.. the snow covering the Mountains?”

“Yeah. Sadly there’s alot of Turbulence, so we can’t go flying.”

“Anywho, Nodoka, There’s nothing to do, so what do you want to do?”
“Get in Bed and Sleep together?” She Says.

“A Little Perverted, but yes.” Akuma Responds.

The Two of them Lie down, and rest in her bed.

13 Hours Later.

Toyama, Lyokoian Loyaltist Airspace.



















\\YUE AYASE (>20in)


\\THERMAL CHECK..79 Degrees External, 98 Degrees Internal.





After the Long Boot Sequence, Akuma Awakens to see Negi, Nodoka and Yue Surrounding him.

“The Hell Happened?”

“You were asleep for 13 Hours. That’s what Happened. You’re supposed to Give a speech to the Troops in a few Minutes!” Nodoka Exclaims.

15 Minutes Later

Toyama City Building

“Soldiers of Lyokoia, We Have Come this Far for what reason?”





“SIEG HEIL RAZGRIZ!!” Akuma Said in a Raging Voice.

The Soldiers then Proceeded to say what the Ambassador Said.

“Amazing.. He’s like the Lyokoian Adolf Hitler!” Nodoka Said.

“Except He’s a Good Guy.” Yue Said.

“Ladies, You all should get going. We’re About to Finish this Conflict.”


“Nodoka, I Had Grimm put a Kh-210 on your PAK-FA. Use it to Wipe out the Capital Building.”

“It’s Armed with the Usual Warhead.”

“Launch off the Runway, and Stick Close to me. If they Find out we’re using THAT on the Capital Building, They’ll be on you like flies on Dog Shit.”

“Sir! The JASDF! They’re On their way! They are trying to Rush us out!”

“Do not Let them. Activate the Toyama ADEZ. Prepare for a Fight to the Death.

“I’ll Go Up with you.”

“No, Nodoka. You need to go NOW. Stay Low Altitude, Turn off your Radio and do not Respond to anyone until the Invasion Force Enters Tokyo Airspace. Your Plane will not be Very Maneuverable with that missile onboard, so use flares when being engaged, and evade to the best of your ability. I’ll Have Rei Ensure No One Follows you. Now Go.”




Japan Route 7, Toyama

“Miyazaki, this is Toyama Forward Command. You are Cleared to Takeoff.”

“Affirmative. Miyazaki, Launching off Route 7.”

The PAK FA’s Engines Roared as it Careened Down the Highway.

Moments Later, Nodoka Raised the Landing Gears, Leaving Toyama, to Destroy the Nation that held her Hostage for so long.

“Ambassador, You and Mahora Squadron Are up Next! Launch at Once to Engage the Enemy!”


“Ayaka Yukihiro, Scrambling. All Planes, On Me, We’re going to teach our so called Benefactors they don’t just come on in!”

Yukihiro and her Squadron of Stolen T-2 Blue Impulse Jets Retrofitted for Warfare, Scrambled off the runway as Akuma Stayed there, Not moving at all.

“Sekai, Kotonoha, On me. We’re going to Help Bookstore.”

“Yes Sir.”

The Two X-02 Wyverns Approached Akuma as they Lined up on the Runway.

“Ambassador, you are Not Authorised to Leave Toyama Airspace.”

“Tell Misato to Suck it. I’m Going After Nodoka, Deal with it. Katsura! Saionji! Full Afterburner! GO! GO! GO!”

The Su-37 and the X-02s Blasted their Engines to maximum Power, Rushing Down the runway.

10 Miles Out From Tokyo

A Japanese Flight of F-16s are doing Patrols as they Soon Notice Nodoka on their Radars.

“It’s the Mahora Ace! If We Shoot her down, we’ll Get Medals! Probably get our Pay Grades Increased!”

“Mikami 2, engaging Enemy Ace, Bookstore.”

“Mikami 1, Engaging Bookstore.”


“Yes Sir!” The Two pilots yelled.

The X-02s then Tailed the F-16 Fighter Jets, Gunning them Down.

“This is Mikami One, We’re being Fired Upon by some type of Lyokoian Experimental Fighter! Some One Lend Us a Hand!”

“Gakuen Dayo 1, Chase.”

Sekai Fired the QAAM towards Mikami 2, Hitting his engine.

“This is Mikami 2, Who the fuck just Strafed me!?”

“This is AWACS OuranEye, Be Advised, Japanese Defector Ace Sekai Saionji is In the Airspace. Do not Engage.”

“Saionji, Chase.”

Mikami 2’s F-16 is Destroyed, Leaving Nothing behind but Scrap metal.

“This is OuranEye, Mikami 2 Has Gone off Radar!”

“Hatori, Slice.”

An Forest Green and Black ADF-01 Falken Fires it’s Laser at the E-767 AWACS, And Shoots it Down.


“Well, Well, Well, If it isn’t Biscouji Hatorine.” Akuma Says.

“I’m Here to Save your asses. Toyama is Already Secure, Ayaka and her wingmen had that taken care of. Aelita Is Inbound in the Skidbladnir to Finish off Tokyo.”

“Ohkas Incoming!”

The WW2 Kamikaze Fighters were Ignoring our Heroes, Heading Straight for the Skidbladnir.

“Who Knew the Japs Still used those things!?”


“No Need. Skidbladnir, Drive.”

The Skidbladnir then Fired Nimbus Missiles, Destroying the Ohka Fighters before they Had a Chance to Attack.

Tokyo Airspace

2 Hours Later

The Buildings Shimmer as the Sun Rises over Tokyo, Begining a Brand New Day, as Japan will soon be free of it’s Corrupt Government.

“All Planes. Today we Take Back Tokyo! All Pilots! Assume Assault Formation, Pincer around  the city, we Mustn’t let the any Remains of Japan’s Corrupt Government Stay Existant! KILL THEM ALL! EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!” Bookstore Said.

“Nodoka, We Don’t Need to Do that. We Can Just Blow the Living Shit out of the Capital Building with the Kh-210.” Akuma Said.


“I’ll Cover you. I bet the Prime Minister is Still in his office. Stupid idiot.”

“This is Paradise Kiss Battalion, we’re going to Retake the NHK Building.”

“This is Quox, We’ll Begin Evacuating the Civilians.”

The PAK FA Begins to Fly Toward the Capital Building, to Finish what They Had Started.”

“Nodoka Miyazaki, Firing Kh-210 “Kusanagi” Air To Ground Burst Missile!”

The Missile Hit, Destroying the Tokyo Capital Building.

“Someone Get a UAV Scan, Anyone Alive in there?”

“Negative. ALL FORCES, Tokyo is now Unofficially Under Lyokoian Jurisdiction! Rush out the Remaining JGSDF Forces so we can make it Official.”


The PAK FA, which had just now Regained it’s Full Ability, had Chased Takahashi, Following His Every Move.

“Nodoka, Allow Me.” Ayanami said.

“With Pleasure, Rei-San.”

“Ayanami, Engaging Reaper”


The missiles all targeted Takahashi, Leaving him with no hope of survival.

He Smiled and said,

“Damn you, Rei Ayanami.”

The Japanese Pilot was then splashed, leaving nothing behind. Aori Takahashi was Dead.

(A Brand New Day - Ace Combat 6 OST Plays)

*Fades to CNN*

“We Have breaking News from Japan. Lyokoia has Sucessfully Captured the Capital, Tokyo. Prime Minister Akio Toyama has been Presumed Dead By Lyokoian Forces. As we Speak, Lyokoia is Currently Ousting the Remaining Japanese Military Forces, And is Planning a New Government for the Nation. Lyokoia has Already Decided to have Megpoid Meiko Sakine Administer the Japanese Mainland. The Reason due to Japan’s Weakening, is due to Low Morale from the Japanese Citizens, Including Terrorist Organizations such as the Nekomi Tech Rebels. Over All, There have been over 1,298,835 Japanese Casualties, and only 400 Lyokoian Casualties. As you Can See, Lyokoian Soldiers are Lowering the Japanese Flags, and are Raising their Own. Showing, as the Lyokoian High Order Representative Misato Katsuragi, a Former Japanese Native, had stated, A Brand new Day has Come for Japan. NATO is stating that they will not intervene with Lyokoia’s Actions, as they are Afraid that Lyokoia will Wipe NATO out Completely as they believe it will be a repitition of the Lyokoia-NATO Conflict of 2009. We Will Keep you Informed as the story Develops.”

*Fades to WCPO*

“Just Moments ago, Lyokoia Staged a Final Strike on Japan’s Capital, Tokyo, and  was sucessfully Captured just now. The Person Responsible for the Japanese Government’s Dissolution is this Young Lady here, Nodoka Miyazaki. She Played an Intergal Role in Japan’s Collapse. Ambassador Shults, Is now giving a Speech at the Ruins of Tokyo, where Tokyo’s Television Station, TBS is Broadcasting this Worldwide.

Ambassador Shults, Nodoka, Prime Minister Nikanor, President Harling, are Seen on a Stage in front of the now Destroyed Japanese Capital Building.

“Citizens of Japan, Citizens of The world. I am Lyokoian Ambassador Tyler Shults. And this is my Fiancee, Nodoka. Alongside us are lyokoia’s allies, Prime Minister Seryozha Viktorovich Nikanor of The Union of Yuketobanian Republics, and President Vincent Harling of the Osean Federation. Lyokoia has been known Only as Just a Nation. But you are Wrong. Lyokoia, Russia, Osea, Yuketobania, Emmeria, and Estovakia are all Together as a World Police Force, If we Find nations to be Violating Human Rights, they will be Liberated from their government. that is why we Overthrew Japan’s North Korean-Like Government. We Are Here to Assist in Razgriz’s One And Only Objective: To Bring Peace. We Do not wish to Harm Civilians. For those who have lost loved ones, I am Sorry for your Loss. I Can Assure you, Razgriz is Watching over them.”

Nodoka Steps up to the Microphone, and Clears her Throat.

“For those who wish to Intervene with the LN’s Objective, Your Government will meet a Swift and Merciless Death. Our Forces United Are Capable of World Domination, but as long as you show reason for peace, we will not harm you.”

Nikanor Steps up to the Microphone.

“My Citizens of Yuktobania! We Have Shown True Power! Through Teamwork and Cooperation, We Took Over Japan! Congratulate your Soldiers Proudly as they are war heroes! and for those who believe that We are not A Force to be Reckoned with, be Warned. you will be Very Suprised when you see your Government in Ashes. President Harling?”

“For Years, as a Senator in the Osean Senate, I have been Anti-War. But when it comes to threats such as the Illuminati, We have no choice but to fight. May Razgriz Bless Japan, during the war Recovery Efforts, and for all Eternity.”

*Fades to Black*

Overtime, Televised Shows Speak of Terrorist Cells within America, Attacking People of Political and Economical Importance, such as Texas Representative Lamar Smith being Killed, the CEOs of the RIAA and MPAA being Slottered, and Several Car Bomb Explosions in Washington D.C., and Sightings of Lyokoian SR-71 Aircraft Over American Airspace.

*CBS News*

“This is Breaking news out of California, as a Japanese Woman is Believed to be Responsible for the Deaths of Chris Dodd and Cary Sherman, The CEOs of the RIAA and MPAA. This Woman is Believed to be Motoko Kusanagi, a Lyokoian Black Ops Elite, and is Also known to be Responsible for over 15 Car Bombings, and as well as 20 Murders, Mostly being American Politicians. She has yet to be Caught, the FBI has Just now Listed her as the world’s most Dangerous Terrorist. We will Keep you Updated as the story Develops.”

*Tune to FOX News*

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Kusanagi is at it again, and this time, she has killed the Governor of California. The US Army Appears to not be Responding to Kusanagi’s Attacks, and many people are wondering, is this Cyber Woman going to be Stopped?”

*NPR Tune*

“Someone has to do something about this Kusanagi Chick. She has Attacked over 300 Americans, with almost all of them dead. She’s killed Chris Dodd, the CEO of the MPAA, and the US Army isn’t doing anything about it. Where is your military when you need it?”

*ABC News*

“The Demon Major General is At it Again, and Now, General of the Army Ulrich Stern is Denying that Kusanagi has done ANYTHING. The Current Death Toll from Kusanagi’s Attacks is Over 500, and since 2015, Kusanagi has been known as a Household name, due to the fact that she is a “Terrorist From hell”. The FBI has Tried Everything to Find Kusanagi, but as of yet, the Lyokoian Military is Not Talking.”


“This Woman is a menace to Society and must be Killed. She has Claimed 1,000 or So Innocent Lives, and must die for it.”


“We have a New Terrorist Everyone, and this time, she resembles no one other than Lyokoia’s First Lady, Nodoka Miyazaki. The FBI Says there has been over 500 Attacks by this woman in over 30 Days. the Government Has no idea what is going on, as Lyokoia has gone Dark, and Americans are being Executed by the Thousands on Lyokoian Soil.”

Unknown Location

Unknown Time

A Dark room with a Table Lighted by overhead lights Shows High Ranking Officers and Politicians of Lyokoia.

Akuma, Misato, Nodoka, Ulrich, Aelita, Rei, Gendo, Motoko, and Belldandy are at the table, Discussing Something.

“These attacks are nothing! We Need to Invade now, sir, or they’ll Rally their fucking troops and kick our asses!” Kusanagi says in a loud Voice.

“Major Kusanagi, We need to Weaken America on the inside. If we weaken the americans trust in their government, they will Revolt, and cause the military to switch to a police state. If we Invade while that is Going on, they will be Overwhelmed. They will not know who to attack. Us Lyokoians or the Rebels?” Gendo Says.

“He’s Right. If we can Overwhelm The US Army, they’ll fall apart.” Belldandy said.

“But still, we need to take down HAARP. The’ll Use HAARP against us if we Invade just like that.” Rei Says.”

“If we can take down HAARP, the Illuminati will have less control over the weather. Then they are open for attack, well until we capture NORAD.” Aelita says.

“Alright, who has a plan?” Akuma says.

“I Do, Akuma-sempai.” Nodoka says.

“Go Ahead, Nodoka.”

“We Take out HAARP with a Nuke from the SOLG, Osea still has one of Belka’s V1s, right?”

“Yeah, but I’m not sure if It will work with the SOLG. the V1 is very old, the 1980s in Strangereal.” Akuma says.

“I Can have Jeremy work on it.” Aelita says, to Ambassador shults.

“Fine. Nodoka, we take out HAARP, Then what?” Ulrich Asks.

“We Nuke Los Angeles. The USAF will Defend it with their lives, so we’ll use the Invasion Force to Intercept any Illuminati ABMs.”

“Ok, shall we use the Takahashi-5, or the Miyazaki-1?”

“Depends. Do you want to Ensure no Masons survive the impact?”

“Yes, Nodoka, the whole objective of this Secret Council is to eradicate the Illuminati and Ensure that no such organization Arises again.”

“You are all Dismissed. Sieg Heil to the holy Demon Defector!”

19 Months Later

The Golden Sidewinder Bar, Ofnir Air Base, Far Western Lyoko City, Razgriz District, Lyokoia.

“Today, The LNADF is Found Responsible for the Overthrow of the Countries of Iran, Iraq, Germany, and France. The European Union Cannot Understand Lyokoia’s Assault Tactics, as they seem Erratic, and Unhuman. The EU has asked Lyokoia for a Seize-fire, but High Order Representative Katsuragi still pushes Lyokoia forward throughout Europe and Asia. The Middle East Coalition has already been Disbanded, due to Kazakhstan being Captured by Osean and Yuketobanian Forces. The Current Death toll of this War is , Over 1.9 Million EU and MEC Forces, and America is Believed to Prepare for a War with Lyokoia within the next few weeks. We Will Keep you Updated as the Situation Develops.”

Grabacr and Razgriz Squadrons are Sitting at a Table, In their Flight Jackets, alongside Airman First Class Anzu Mazaki, a Japanese Recruit, who has Close ties to Nagase.”

“I Cannot Believe those People are making us out to be the Bad Guys!” Davenport said.

“I Cannot Believe you are Alive.” Grimm replied.

“Hey, Shults is Running out of Ideas for Characters to add. Give Him A Break.”

“He Could add the AVGN.” Anzu said.

“No Offense to Mr.Rolfe, but.. Ain’t gonna Happen.” Akuma said.”

“So When we heading to kick British Ass? I’m Excited to rub it in those RAF assholes’ faces.” Chopper said.

“Not yet. We’re going to Capture America. The Illuminati will Retreat to England, and will have that as their Final Stronghold. We’re Planning on Nuking Los Angeles and Washington. The ALBM-980 “Daft Punk” will be our Weapon of Destruction.”
“The Daft Punk Air Launched Ballistic Missile? Doesn’t that seem a bit wrong, using Mr.Bangalter’s and Mr.Homem’s Band Name for a Weapon of Mass Destruction?”

“I was High, Don’t blame me, blame the bad Mary Jane i was Smoking with Suzumiya and Asahina that night. Mikuru was Above the Stratosphere, and Haruhi, she was Baked. She was acting like Sun Tzu. Mikuru was in a Sexually Active State, wanting to **** me.”

“Quit with the DAMN CENSORS!” Kei Screams, in Rage.

“I Would, but Google’s Censors wouldn’t allow it.”


“GOOGLE HAS NO CENSORS YOU BAbbling Idiot.......” Nagase says as she starts falling asleep.

“That’ll Shut her up.” Hamilton Says, Drawing the Needle from Nagase’s Forearm.

Akuma Draws his Pistol, aiming at Hamilton.


“He’s with me.” Ayaka Says, Coming out from behind him


“Mr.Hamilton is friends with my Father, who controls Yukihiro Industries, A Subsidiary of Grunder.”

“I was Bound by my word to the Gray men, but since they’ve Dissolved, I have No Choice but to Help Lyokoia. I have been researching what you have been doing. and that Illuminati stuff, I Believe you.”

“Wha?” They all Say in Question.

“Ambassador Shults, I am at your Beck and Call. You tell me to Kill a American, i will without Regret. You Tell me to Commit Suicide, i will do so with pride.”


“Go Make me a Sandwich, Extra Pickles, Cheese, No Mustard, Lettuce, or Mayonaise.”

“Yes, your Holyness.”

Hamilton goes out of the bar, and leaves to get supplies.

“I’m going home. I need to rest before me and Nodoka are Shipped off to America for the Big Invasion.”

3 Days Later

Lyoko City, Lyokoia.

Soldiers stand at attention as a High beat Techno song plays, only seconds later, they proceed to March in tune to the beat, Carrying FN Herstal P90 SMGs. They were Emotionless. All they cared about was one thing: Peace.

Amongst the Soldiers was an Emotionless Lieutenant Kei Nagase, who was Promoted from Captain, Saluting Representative Katsuragi. Amongst her were her wingmen, also emotionless. the Next Group of Soldiers, had Lucky Star Platoon. Konata, Staring Emotionlessly, without even a snicker, had marched alongside her Osean and Russian Comrades. Tsukasa and Kagami were also Emotionless. It was as if they were possessed.

After Lucky Star Platoon was Kodansha/Manga-ka Platoon.

Lietenant General Akamatsu marched, Emotionless, following the movements of his neighboring Wingmen.

Seconds Later, Lyokoian T-90 Tank Columns Drive up the Highway Path to the Harbor where they will be loaded onto the Carriers for the Invasion.

Then A Battalion of Stoner 63 Machine Gunners March Down the Road, with Paradise Kiss and Negima Divisions in the Battalion. Hayasaka and Yukihiro March without falter. Even Kaede Nagase, a Laid Back Soldier is in a Very Disciplined form. Negi Springfield Leads the Battalion, Saluting Representative Katsuragi, With no Emotion whatsoever.

Finally, the Shuritsu Battalion Approaches. Ambassador Shults alongside Nodoka, both Emotionless, showing nor pride nor shame. Rei and Asuka do the Same in their plug suits, as for the first time ever, they return to EVA Duty, but this time, against the Illuminati, not Angels. Lieutenant Kirie Kojima is seen in SPARTAN Armor, along side over 5 Million others, who have not yet dawned their helmets. Shuritsu Battalion Marches away, ending the Rally.

5 Days Later

30 Miles off the Coast of Los Angeles.

“Nagase, You’re full. Wave Off.” Sohma Says, in a non-chalant voice.

“Affirmative, Edge, Waving off.”

“Russian, Yuketobanian, Osean and Estovakian Forces are Converging on the Ayanami.”

“This is the Yuktobanian Admiral Kuzentov Class Carrier, the YNS Nikanor. We are Entering Formation with the LNC Sekai Saionji.”

“This is the Osean Enterprise Class Carrier, the ONS Harling. We are Converging on the LNC Haruhi Suzumiya.”

“This is the LNC Keiichi Morisato. We are beginning our AEGIS Operations at Once. Focus your Fire on Any And All Civilian Infrastructures.”

“Skidbladnir, this is the Ayanami, we’re waiting for Orders.”

“This is General Hopper...” Aelita Says into the Radio.

Aelita turns her head, looking at Akuma.

“Sir, do we have your permission to do this?”

“Yes, Aelita.”


“Nodoka, We need to Scramble. As Soon as the USAF has NORAD’s Early Warning System back online, they’ll be running at us like they have shit down their legs.”

“Alert! Canadian CF-18s inbound! A whole Battalion!” Says a Pilot.

“Speak of the devil!” Nodoka says, replying to the former.

LNC Skidbladnir Tarmac

A Black and Red F-00 Daemon and Su-50 PAK FA Approach the Catapult.

“Skidbladnir, this is Akuma with Bookstore, Permission to Launch?”

“Akuma, Launch Granted, Scramble at Once. Flight of CF-18s and F-5Es are Inbound for Intercept, as Well as Several American Naval Fleets!

“This is the Morisato, we are Changing AEGIS Target to Enemy Ships at Heading 000.”

Seconds Later, a Massive Explosion Appears from the Warner Brothers Studio.

“This is Kusanagi, the WB is History.”

Moments Later Missiles Fall From The Sky, Destroying Over 5 Trillion Dollars in Coporate and Commercial Buildings.

“This is Urd, at LNADF SOLG Central Control. We’re Attacking the Buildings you asked us to attack, Ambassador.”

“What Now?”

“Crash the SOLG into the Hollywood Sign. That’ll be a Smash hit at the Box Office.”

Suddenly, a Flight of Unarmed F-16s Approach to the North.

“American Fighters, Engage at Once!”

“Stand down! This is Stang 1 Of the Boone Rebels! We are allies of the Lyokoian State! Disengage! We have Hijacked F-16 Fighters from Patterson AFB in Ohio. We need to Land!”


“How the..”

“Don’t ask.”

“Anywho, we were able to Blend in with the Incoming USAF Forces, and I Can Say it’s big. 4,000 Planes, Fighters, Attackers, Bombers.”


“yeah, Monkey Island Didn’t work out, thanks to the Illuminati.”

“Where’s Elana, Emily?”

“Dead. She was Killed by a Illuminati Covert Ops unit. Same with Mom and Dad. All of them are Dead.”

“Damn. Well, I Can Assure you, they will be Avenged.”

“Lemon Squadron, Go Pincer and Take out the Bombers, Nagase and Grimm, take care of the Fighters. Aelita, Scramble the Nimbus, and Clear the Skies. Kill them all. Every. Last. One.”

“Shanghai Alice Wing, Engage the Remaining fighters after Nimbus Impact.”

“Plus, send a Evac for SprayBaKa.”

“Yes, Ambassador Shults.”

“ISAF Fighters Inbound on Heading 060!”

“8492, Scramble!”

“Feniks Squadron, Scramble!”

Squadron after Squadron Scrambled off the Skidbladnir, as well as off of the Carrier Fleet Behind it. Lyokoia’s Air Force Out Manned America’s 1.5 Million to 5,173.

The Sky Filled with Metal Machines as the War was about to Begin.

Then Moments later, the Osiris Falls from Space, to Engage the Fighters.


“We Didn’t want to Miss the fireworks!” King Says, in a Comedic Voice.

“Hey, Where’s Ayaka?” Bookstore Asks in Curiosity.

“Now this is an Air Force to be Reckoned with!” Ayaka Says, as she enters formation with the Large Fleet of Fighters and Bombers.

“TODAY WE TELL THE ILLUMINATI WE DONT WANT THEIR DAMNED MUSIC!” High Order Representative Katsuragi says over the Radio.


“There you are. We Can’t do this without Negima Squadron.”

Seconds Later, a Fleet of Dassault Rafale M Fighters Approach from the South, Carrying the Mahora Academy Emblem.

“This is Lieutenant General Negi Springfield of the LNADF 92nd Fighter Division! We’ve been waiting for you, Ambassador! I Brought a Few of my friends!”

Over 100 Rafale M Fighters are Seen Closing in. The Pilots are Students and Staff of Mahora Academy.

“This is the LNADF 92nd Fighter Division, Akamatsu. We are Providing Air Superiority Support.” Negi Says.

“This is the PLAAF. General Yuanhang Zhu sent us to Assist you.

“This is the Indian 2nd Air Force. Ambassador Shults, we are at your service.”

“This is the Malaysian Air Force. Ambassador Shults, We are waiting for Orders.”

“This is the Lyokoian Nuclear Submarine Donau. We are Preparing for Burst missile Launch. Burst Altitude Set to 5000 feet.”

“Nodoka, you ready?”

“From The Moment I entered the LNADF, I was Always ready.”

The Two Fighters Turned to Engage the Incoming CF-18s.

Chapter 11:Bloody Canadians

“Lyokoians! And they Seem full of Rage!” one Canadian Says.

“This is AWACS Mapleeye! Enemy Cruise Missiles Inbound! Br....”

The Canadian E-2 Sentry is Destroyed by One Aelita’s Nimbus Missiles.

“Nimbus Impact, Severe Casualties, Only 15 Canadian Fighters on Radar. Shults, Can you Handle them?”Aelita Asks.

“Yeah. the Canadians are Easy Pickings.”

“This is Taskforce to All Planes, Status Report!”

“This is Sven, I was Really roughed up by those Cruise Missiles. I need to Return to the Shinji.”

“Ok, Sven. All planes, this is Iceman of the CVW-171st. Engage Nodoka Miyazaki. Shoot her down.”

“Guardian, Providing ECM Jamming.”

“Halberdier, Engaging Bookstore.”

“Taskforce, Engaging Bookstore.”

“All Fighters, Switch to Full Defense, they’re all going after Nodoka!”

“No. I’ll Handle them myself.” Nodoka says.

“That’s suicide! Stand down!”

“Miyazaki, MPBM Away.”

“This is Guardian-1! Alert! Nuclear Weapons Detected, Verified as Grunder Industries MPBAM-910 “Kusari” Burst MISSILE! TARGETED AT SVEN PHANTOM!”

“WHAT THE FU*static*”

The Russian American was Killed by Nodoka’s Burst missile, Effectively Ending His Life, and Tearing his F-35 to shreds.

“Miyazaki, Bandit Splashed, No Chute, Say again, No Chute.”

“Sven!” Iceman yells.

“Miyazaki, MPBM Away.”

The Missile Hits Halberdier, Leaving his Plane in a Defenseless State.

“This is Halberdier! Hydraulics are Down! Radar and Weapons Systems are Down! I Can’t Eject!”

“All Planes, Scram! It’s Every man for themselves when a Shojo is Armed with nukes!”

Iceman’s Chengdu 20 Broke Away, as well as Taskforce’s F-16.

“Miyazaki, MPBM Away

“Don’t you See Iceman? We Killed Seraphim. We Killed Timmayx. We Killed Sentinel. We Killed Bombcat. We Killed Vandal. We Killed SvenPhantom. We Killed Halberdier. Soon, the Illuminati and the CVW-171 will Cease to Exist. Game Over, Iceman.”

“You’re No Ace. As Said by Christopher “Solo Wing” Chan, There are Three Kinds of Aces.

Those who Seek Strength. Those who live for pride. and those who can read the tide of battle. You are no ace. You are a Demon who must be slain.”

“Nodoka Miyazaki, FOX 2! FOX 2!”

The MPBM Hits Taskforce, Killing him in the Blast.

Iceman, However, Loses the Rear of his Plane, Giving him a Chance to Say his Final Words.

“*static*Nodoka Miyazaki... Akuma, Kei Nagase, Aelita Hopper, All of these Women and the Demon are Responible for this... I Never thought i would be beat by a Girl from a Harem Manga made by a former hentai manga-ka... Curse you Ken Akama*static*”
Iceman Crashes, Ending his Life, and his Legacy as America’s Best Ace.

“Miyazaki, Scratch 2 Bandits, Iceman and Taskforce are Gone. The CVW-171 is no more.”

“This is J-MELO. Good Work Nodoka. Fall back to the Skidbladnir. Nagase is here with the nuke.”

“Affirmative. Bookstore Returning to base.”

Nodoka Turns her plane in the direction of the Skidbladnir, to begin a landing approach.

“Aelita, this is Negima. Permission to Land?”

“Granted. Stay Clear of our jet wash.” The French-Lyokoian Said over the Radio.


The PAK FA lowered it’s Arresting hook and Landing gear and Landed on the Skidbladnir.

Moments after landing, Nodoka climbed out of the pilot’s seat a new woman. a Soldier of Peace.

“Hey, Miyazaki, Take a look, and put these on.” Yumi Said, Handing her Protective headphones and sunglasses.

She put them on, and stepped onto the edge of the Flight Deck of the Skidbladnir, Alongside Negi and Akamatsu, Watching for the Explosion.

Seconds later, a White light flashed in the middle of Los Angeles. Nagase had launched the Nuke. Then, the Light Expanded, turning Orange. Buildings and Cars were Blasted to Pieces and Flipped over by the Nuclear Explosion, People were Evaporated and their skeletons turned to Dust. Lyokoians, who were Immune to the Effects of the Explosion, stood, dawning Protective Clothing. The Dome of Nuclear Fire Soon Engulfed the Entire City of Los Angeles, Leaving Nothing but the Soldiers of it’s Demise standing.

“This is Razgriz One, ALBM Impact. Los Angeles is in Ruin.”

“Acknowleged, Nagase. Return to the Skidbladnir.


Chapter 12: Saving Cincinnati

June 29th, 2016

Cincinati Airspace.

The Skidbladnir is seen Over the Scripps Building, as WCPO is Broadcasting a Emergency Alert System Transmission, and Several Fighters, American and Lyokoian.

Kei is seen flying inbetween buildings, Engaging Illuminati Fighters.

“Edge, Engaging Cleopatra 2.”

“Edge, Firing AA-90 “Illusion” missile.”

The Missile Hits the Illuminati F-22, Causing it to Barrel Roll Into the Scripps Tower.

The Tower Crumbles from the Explosion from the Jet.

“Seems WCPO is going to need a new studio.” Nagase Says jokefully.

Nodoka is also seen, Going after an F-35 Inside the Brent Sprence Bridge.

Since firing a missile could result in killing Her and the enemy Pilot, she decides to wait to until leaving the bridge’s lower road, and fires a Alamo Missile.

“Miyazaki, Fox 1.”

The Missile hits the F-35, Crashing into I-75 Southbound, Destroying Evacuating Vehicles.

Negi and His sister, Emily, are Engaging a American Flight Lead.

“This is Warwolf One! I am being engaged by Enemy Ace Call Sign Negima 01! Guts, Cover me!” Bishop Says, while evading Negi in his F-22.

“Warwolf 2, Engaging Negi Springfield.” Captain Gutierrez Says, Approaching Negi at High Speed.

“Mahora 1, Missile.”

Ayaka, suddenly Appeared, as if she was using a cloaking device.

“This is Warwolf 2, Panel’s Dead! I Can’t Hold her!”

The F-22 slowly loses altitude, crashing into a Lamppost, Clipping Guiterrez’s Right Wing, Sending his Plane into a deadly spin, which caused him to lose his left wing, and cause his plane to start flipping over, before exploding, Killing Guts in the blast.

“Mahora 1, Splash One.”

“Mahora 1, AA-40 “Gungnir” Missile Away.”  

Ayaka Fired the Missile at Bishop, Causing his Engines to fail, and have him lose thrust.

“Any Last words, William Bishop?” Negi Said.

“You Haven’t won.. America will survive!”

“No. Now you will die.” Negi Says, as Bishop Loses altitude, and crashes into an American Tank, Destroying the Cockpit, but leaving the fuselage to crash into the Fifth-Third Building, Causing the Building to start to Collapse.

Ships Rise from the Ohio River, it is the Ayanami, Soryu and Miyazaki, the Head Ships of the Ayanami-Class Fleet.

Then, a Squadron of Su-35s approach the city, Belonging to the SMS, a Private Squadron.

“This is Skull One. Engage all Enemies over Cincinati Airspace.”

“Blaze Zero, Fox Three.”

The Missile Fired by Blaze Zero Went at full speed, approaching Orihime, who was engaging a Ace over the Ohio River. Orihime’s plane was blown to pieces, without a Chute.

“This is Bookstore, Inoue is down! No Chute, I say again, No Chute!”

“This is J-MELO, Inoue Orihime, Please Respond!”

The Radio was Silent. Orihime was Dead.

“Forgive me, Mr.Kurosaki. I Failed to save her.” Akuma Said.

“But I will Gladly Avenge her!” Akuma Yelled.

The Pilot Turned his Su-35 around, to Engage Blaze Zero.

“Akuma, Burst!”

The MPBM Launched by him Acceleated to Blaze Zero, Hitting him, Leaving nothing behind.


“Now you see the pain of losing a loved one, Skull One. Now you will feel Death’s Reign over your sins. Akuma, Fire Fox One.”

The Long Range Missile Hit Skull, Shooting her down.

“This is SMS 3, to all planes, Break! Break! Skull and Blaze are Down Break and Scram from the Airspace!”

The Remaining SMS Pilots Broke Away, Running for their lives, not Expecting to be followed.

“Your Leader has caused an ally to Die. Along with her Death, You all will die as well.” Nagase says to the Fleeing SMS Pilots.

“Skidbladnir, Drive.” Cortana says, firing the Nimbus Missiles.

The Missiles Made a Wall of Fire Appear In Front of the SMS Pilots, leaving them no time to React. The Planes were Shot down, leaving nothing behind.

“This Is High Order Forward Command. Cincinati Airspace Is Secured. Arkbird X shows no Bandits on Short or Long Range Radar. Begin Attacking Ground Forces.”

“This is Quox, We have Recaptured Razgriz Annex, Akuma, You’ll be glad to know your Mom’s alive.”

“Good. That’s all I Care About right now, if my mom is alive.”

“The Air Base is Also Captured. We have some POWs you asked for.”

“Send them to the High Order for Punishment. They’ll Learn not to fuck with us.”

Razgriz Air Base, Florence, Kentucky.

Lyokoian-American Loyalist Territory

August 21st, 2017; 0300 Hours

Missiles appear from the West, as well as Howitzer Shells, They are coming from Ryle, Where Novak is Spearheading the Rebellion against Lyokoia.

The Missiles Hit the Base, Destroying Buildings, and Aircraft.

We Find Nodoka and Akuma In the Geofront underneath the base. Shockwaves from the Explosions above cause Earthquakes Underground.

“Rei! Shinobu! Nodoka! Come On! We need to Scramble!” Akuma Yells from the Dormitory Hallway.

The Three Women, Already in their Flight Suits walk to Akuma’s Position.

Shinobu Maehara, one of the Youngest Women in the LNADF, Hailing from Hinata City, Japan, is a Disciplined Soldier, and is the best pilot in Hinata Squadron, or was after the High Order Requested Rei, Nodoka, Akuma and her become a Single Squadron, Known as Razgriz-Mahora Squadron. The Motto of the Squadron was:

Ad ultimum ipsum. ultimum telum. Fusce ultimum. ultimum bomb nos pugna!”

(To the Last Bullet. to the Last Missile. to the last Rocket. to the Last bomb, We Fight!)

5 Miles From Ryle ADEZ

0300 Hours

Razgriz-Mahora Squadron is Seen in Multiple Aircraft, Nodoka in her PAK FA, Akuma in his ADF-01F Razgriz Scheme, Rei in Her F-22N, and Shinobu in a ASF-X Shinden, Inbound to Wipe out the School with a MPBM.

“Fly Low, and Follow My Lead!” Akuma Says.

Akuma turns to the right, and flew to low altitude, with the rest of the Squadron Following him.

“This is AWACS Oka Nieba, Akuma, you are 3 Miles from Ryle. ETA to Weapons Lock is 10 Seconds.”

Moments Later, A Lock Was Acquired on the School.

“Akuma, Burst!”

The MPBM was fired from Akuma’s wing, Closing in on the School.

Seconds Later, the MPBM Impacted, Causing a Large White Light to Appear, the School was Destroyed, but as the Light Faded, A Flight of F-22A Raptors Fly Straight at Akuma, Belonging to Raiders Squadron, a Private Defensive Squadron Lead by the foulest of Teachers, Nicole Testory.

As the F-22 Flew Past Akuma, he looked into Testory’s Eyes, seeing only Evil and Rage.

“Game Over, Akuma!” She said over the Radio.

The ADF-01 Then Pulled the airbrake, and pulled it’s nose up, while still flying in the same direction as before, Defying the Laws of Physics, and facing the plane in the opposite direction, upside down, then with Full Afterburner, Changed Direction.

“You do not know who you’re dealing with. I have killed thousands without a care in the world. Don’t think I won’t kill you the same way. Nodoka, Rei! Pincer!”

The PAK FA and the F-22N began to Encircle Testory’s Wingmen.

“This is Niemi, Breaking Formation, I’m being Followed!”

“This is Harden, Jink Left, Denigan!”

“Oliverio, This is Collins, Missile! Jink! Jink!”

“Bookstore, Fire Fox One!”

The Missile Hit a F-22, Causing it to Crash into US 42, leaving nothing behind.

“Babik Is down, No Joy! No Joy!”

“Ayanami, Chase.”

Rei’s Missile Hit another F-22, Belonging to Niemi, Causing his Engine to Fail.

“Damn... Seems My Life Ends here.. Curse you, Ayanami *Static*”

Shinobu was Going after Harden and Collins.

“Maehara, Firing Air-to-Air MIEW** Missile!”

**MIEW Multiple Independent Explosive Weapons

The XMA4 Hit Harden and Collins, Tearing their planes to Shreds, as explosions fill the night sky.

“All Planes, Report in!” Testory Said.

“This is Oliverio, Engine is Dead, I’m Done *static*”

“This is Denigan, Hydraulics are Dead, I Can’t *static*”

“Nicole, I Told you. No One Survives Razgriz-Mahora Squadron.”

“Shults, Fox TWO!”

The Missile Hits, as well as Testory being Blasted out of her cockpit, only to die seconds later by being sliced in two by the ADF-01F’s Razor Sharp Wings.

“All Planes, Status.”

“2, Slight damage to Hydraulics, but i can make it.” Nodoka says.

“3, I have a Fuel Leak, but i can make it to Razgriz.” Rei Says.

“4, My Radar is Dead, as well as my ILS and NDB Tuners are Malfunctioning. I’ll need to Eject, I can’t Fly VFR.”

“Ok, Shinobu.”

Chapter 13: Funnel

(This is A Ripoff of Assault Horizon’s Hurricane, so what, you gonna sue me?)

Harrisonburg, West Virginia

60 Miles from Washington DC

2000 Hours

EAS Tones and Weather Alerts are Heard over the Radio as Akuma and Nodoka Approach Washington DC, to Find a Familiar Character on an Intercept Course.

“GUESS WHO’S BACK!!!!” Asuna Says in a Raspy, Demonic Voice.

“I thought i Killed you at Mahora Academy!”

“You Did, and now, Satan has given me a second chance at life by Killing you, Nodoka Miyazaki!”

“Sadly, your plan will not come to Fruition. Bookstore, Engaging!”

“Akuma, I’m going it alone. I’ll be fine.”

The PAK FA turns to Leave the Darkened Stormy Clouds to the Lighter Skies Above. Asuna is Flying a PAK FA As well, with a Pentagram on the Top of the Plane. they are Seen firing their cannons at Each other Facing Head on, Angel Against Demon, Light Versus Dark, Good Vs. Evil.

“Fire Away, Cockmongler!” Asuna Said.

“With Pleasure, Skank!”

In a suprise attack, Nodoka Fires a QAAM, Hitting Asuna, and causing her plane to go into a spin.

“You Cheater!”

“And the Pot is Calling the Kettle Black!”

“Now you are defenseless. May Razgriz Have Mercy on Thy soul, Asuna Kagurazaka. BOOKSTORE, BURST! BURST! BURST!”

Asuna is Hit Again and Again by MPBMs, Tearing her plane Apart Piece by piece every time, with the final MPBM Shooting Asuna Down, Leaving nothing behind.

Moments, Later, the Earth Shakes, Causing a Crack in the Earth, From it, Arise Satan, the Devil of Hatred and Sin.

“Nodoka, We Can’t Take Him on in these. we need to become one. and not in the Sexual Sense.”


Moments later, the Two Aces’ bodies Glowed, as two beams of light Came from them, Nodoka’s being Red, And Akuma’s Black. Suddenly, Appears Mahora, the Demon of Justice, Carrying Razgriz’s Soul Calibur, a Sword capable of Turning Immortals, Mortal.

“Foolish! Simply Foolish that you chose to threaten the Illuminati. You will not pass!” Satan Says.


“This is the End of the line, Satan. You have caused too much suffering.”

Mahora then Throws the Sword at Satan’s Stomach, causing him Excruciating Pain.

“But.. How??” Satan says, Coughing up his entrails.

“The Soul Calibur. The Weapon of Razgriz. The Weapon of Not only Damien’s but your Demise.”

Satan Kneeled over, as he Started to Die.

“No... no, this isn’t what is fortold in Revelations!”

“Predictions aren’t always True. Game Over, Satan.”

Mahora Dissapeared, as well as Satan, as well as sealing of the crack in the earth.


20 Days Later

Lyoko City, Lyokoia

When News Broke out of Satan’s Death, the Illuminati then Surrendered to Lyokoia, as their supposed source of power was gone for all eternity. Orihime Inoue, Thirteen Days after the Attack on Ryle, is Found Alive, and is Honorably Discharged, due to Injuries.  Misato is Seen with Tyler and Nodoka outside the High Order Building, alongside Rei, Miku, Yue, Ayaka, Amau, Spider, Ken, Biscouji, Belldandy, Aelita, Yumi, Orihime, and Motoko, as she gives out the Lyokoian Green Cross of Valor, the highest Honor in Lyokoia.

“My Citizens, Allies, and Friends, We are Here not only to Remember those we have lost, but to Commemerate those who survived the Battle on the Front Lines, Serving Humanity by Defending the Skies!”

“And to Pay off Humanity’s Debt to you, we Bestow all of you with the Lyokoian Green Cross!”

Misato Walks Down the Stage, as the Soldiers Bow their Heads to Recieve the Award.

She then Salutes them, and Seconds later, They Salute Back.

The world is Finally at Peace, and Razgriz is Pleased with how his Son had Saved Humanity.

Moments Later, Razgriz Squadron Flys by the Stage, Ending our Story.

Special Thanks

Namco Bandai for Inspiring me to be a Pilot.

Mr. Akamatsu for being a great manga-ka, and as well as being a master of the art.

Eddie Montgomery for Shedding the light on this Evil Force.

My Mom for the Support.

And to you, the Reader. Expect the Machinima to be out in July!


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