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In ‘svn delete’ command on a URL containing spaces, the URL gets URI-encoded twice. (only happens in Windows platform)


E.g. "http://svn/foo/2009-07 Rotten Monthend.csv" becomes:

"http://localhost/svn/foo/2009-07%20Rotten%20Monthend.csv" ->


How it is diagnosed:

reproduced & source code analysis


How to reproduce:

Step1) add “2009-07 Rotten Monthend.csv” to the repository

Step2) delete that file from the repository using ‘svn delete’

svn delete svn:// Rotten Monthend.csv -m "hi"


Error msg:

svn: URL 'svn://' does not exist


Root Cause:


URI was not decoded when using it as a relative path.


Just add the function, ‘svn_path_uri_decode’

   for (i = 0; i < targets->nelts; i++)


          const char *path = APR_ARRAY_IDX(targets, i, const char *);


          path = svn_path_uri_decode(path, pool);

          APR_ARRAY_IDX(targets, i, const char *) = path;

          SVN_ERR(svn_ra_check_path(ra_session, path, SVN_INVALID_REVNUM,

                                    &kind, subpool));

           /* This is where the error message is printed: function return value: checked!*/

          if (kind == svn_node_none)

            return svn_error_createf(SVN_ERR_FS_NOT_FOUND, NULL,

                                     "URL '%s' does not exist",

                                 svn_path_local_style(path, pool));


--- subversion/trunk/subversion/libsvn_client/delete.c           2010/04/20 17:06:28            935995

+++ subversion/trunk/subversion/libsvn_client/delete.c         2010/04/20 17:09:18            935996

@@ -160,7 +160,7 @@ delete_urls(svn_commit_info_t **commit_i


           const char *bname;

           svn_uri_split(common, &common, &bname, pool);

-          APR_ARRAY_PUSH(targets, const char *) = bname;

+      APR_ARRAY_PUSH(targets, const char *) = svn_path_uri_decode(bname, pool);



   /* Create new commit items and add them to the array. */

Failure symptom category

refuse valid input, wrong result

Is there any log message?


How can it be automatically inserted?

Return value check