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EDU 255

 Verbal Transcription of Lab

To class: If I could have everyone over here please

To Jen: Jen if you could come over here please

To class: Alright so my names Miss Lynch and right off the back I am just going to need three volunteers. Three volunteers: Ben, Jen and Kevin. Ben you stand here, Jen over here and Kevin on this line. (Whisper to the students)

Alright so what were going to do right now is we’re going to play freeze tag but there’s a little secret behind it cause I just told one of your classmates in this group that there it, one person there the doctor and the doctor can unfreeze anyone whose already tag and one person in the group that there just um a normal player. So were going to start right away and are boundaries are going to be in this black square, just in this little spot right here, so let’s start right away in three, two, one go.

(Instant activity)

Alright if we could bring it in over here, yup right by the projector. Alright so I’m really excited today because we’re starting our new unit and that is international games and activities. And I thought a really interesting game to bring to you guys would be hurling. Um It’s a complex game um it’s mixed with sports that you already know. Um but once you get it, it is easy with little equipment so you can play it anywhere you want. Um just a little fact about hurling. Its Irelands national passion so hurling to them is kind of like baseball or football to us in America and it is an amateur game which means the athletes playing it are not making money from it they are playing it for the fun and for the history of it. And as I said before it’s a combination of games we already know. It has lacrosse field hockey and the batting aspect of baseball in it. And it’s considered the fastest game on grass. So if you think lacrosse is fast it’s faster than that. So what were going to start with today is I’m not going to get too much in the rules today but I’m going to get into ball handling skills. Ball handling is really big in hurling to um get up and down the field.  So what I really need from you today is to listen up, get through the drills and stations fast and when I say come back here come back here on the run. So the first um, what I’m going to teach you first is the solo run and actually I have a video that I want to show you guys right here.

“Were not going to worry about that”

(Show video)

To class:

What he’s doing right here is the solo run, yeah it’s very fast and it’s a very intense game.

Okay so when you’re doing the solo run we are going to use progressions we are not going to use the Hurley today but this paddle. So what I want you guys to do is always be aware around of what’s around, your defenders or your teammates because you want to make sure you are spaced out so you can pass it or do another like strike it, and you need a flat surface area when you’re working with the hurley. So what were going to do now is everyone is going to get a Hurley and they’re going to come get a tennis ball and you’re going to meet me in the center.

(Students grab equipment)

To class:

Alright lets on the run on the run

So what we are going to do first is what you just saw the solo run. In hurling you can only carry the ball in your hand for four steps. So what were going to do is pretend we already took those four steps and now we have to get the ball on the Hurley to continue running. So were going to have everyone lined up on this red line and what you’re going to do is your going to act like you already had it in your hand and put it on the Hurley and you’re going to run with it to the other side of the ride line. okay And were going to add progressions to that such as two hands then one considering on how were doing so let’s have everyone line up and when you hear my voice… actually we can spread out a little bit more. Alright ready go.

“And remember this is a fast game we want to get there fast.”

(Class performs)

To Students:

Good job that was perfect now let’s see one hand on the Hurley.

Alright, Go

(Class performs)

Alright that was good were going to do it one more time with one hand going back and forth. Alright Go

To Laura:  you just need to make sure your angles right while you’re holding the Hurley.

To Class: and for my last challenge what were going to do now, is you are aloud to bounce the ball on your Hurley so your one last challenge is going to be bouncing your ball from this line here Alright.. Go

(Class performs)

To Class:

 Alright now everybody back over to the projector quick on the run, here we go.

Okay so the next uh activity we are going to get to know a little bit is the jab lift. The lab lift is um the way you get the ball from the ground to your hand so then you can start doing your solo run so the lab lift what it looks like is if your ball is on the ground you’re going to come up to your ball stay low and you’re going to pop it up and you’re going to run. You always catch the ball with your non dominate hand because your dominate hand is going to be ready to strike the ball after which you saw in the video with the score or to block so what I have here is a little drill. You’re going to be on um the sideline. You don’t really need a partner. You’re going to have the ball a little bit in front of you what you’re going to do is come up to the ball get low and lift up and you’re going to run four steps and put it back down. Then you’re going to be on the other side and you’re going to do it back, make sense? So let’s get in the lines we were just in.

Oh let’s start over on this side and let’s make sure were really spread out for this one the balls might be rolling around.

Yeah so let just put your ball on the line you’re going to run up scoop it four steps and drop it off back at this line


(Class Performs)

To Class: Alright that looked really good I really want to make sure were staying flat and low and parallel to the ground

Alright Go

(Class Performs)

To Class: Remember you can only have the ball in your hand for four steps

Alright were going to do one more and on our way back were going to run back to the projector, so let’s get back quick okay


(Students do drill)

To Class: Alright, alright let’s go

Alright so that was very simple hurling. As I said before hurling is a mix of lacrosse, field hockey, and baseball. So next class we will be learning the roll lift and some more hitting aspects of the game. Thank you!        

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