The Wedding of His Highness Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Miss Catherine Middleton

London, 0949

Ben is so excited to hear the Harrison and Harrison Organ in Westminster Abbey, four manuals 80 ranks.

Mary Wheaton can not express in words how much she loves St. Thomas More.

Discussing how we learned Latin and different Latin educational styles.

Discussing architecture and Churches.

Making fun of Barbara Walters.

Who’s arriving? David Cameron and his lovely wife who’s name escapes Jeffrey.

Renee arrived again from Reckers  “Frankie take her to the closet”.

Renee would feel very nervous if she were Kate.

Twitter has taken over the world.

William and Harry have departed from Clarence House. It’s a Bentley. Everyone is happy to see them.

It has been posited by Jeffrey that there is a rumor that Harry is not Charles’ son.

In the olden days, this would have been a carriage.

They have arrived at the Abbey.

Nice Bells.

The Spencers have been sighted.

William’s uniform is from the Regiment known as the Irish Guard.

The King of Tonga has arrived. As well as the Prince of Monaco, Grace Kelly’s son.

Mrs. Middleton is currently en route.

The King of Belgium has entered the Abbey.

The Other Royals are coming.

Why all these German cars? It’s got to be the German blood.

Mrs. Middleton and Kate’s brother have arrived. Where’s her sister?

Comments on heresy ensue.

The Royals have arrived.

Prince Charles and his “wife” are en route.

Queen Elisabeth and Prince Philip are en route.

Flower girl sighting. The Wedding Party is departing from the Goring Hotel. The Bells are ringing.

ABC is looking at the Programme, with two Ms and an E.

Only at a royal wedding would a commoner arrive after the Queen.

The Queen is matching the Cope of the Bishop. Are they having an affair?

The Fanfare just played. Completely Epic.

The Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Camilla.

Dress IS White. First view of the dress--looks quite nice.

Mr. Middleton and Catherine have departed.

“That’s a commoner’s wave.”

Her hair is down. Which is her trademark.

The flower girls and boys have arrived with Pippa Middleton.

11:00 GMT. Time for the wedding. “Someone’s going to marry a Prince.”

“I Was Glad” by Charles Parry

“She is Beautiful”

Catherine is greeting the Dean of the Abbey.

The Bridal Procession has begun.

Best part of the Parry.

“This guys such a bro.”

“Did you see that little sideways glance.”

Peace be in thy walls is NOT the name of the hymn.

Did you see that icon?

The Opening Hymn.

Cameron’s singing.

“We are gathered here in the sight of God...”

Lecture on Wedding.

“Thou shall not be sluts.”

No Objections.

the Archbishop has come forward to commence the Marriage.

“I will”--William

“I will”--Catherine

The passing of the hand.

And the Vows.

The Blessing of the Ring. And it fits.

The Pronouncement of the Marriage in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

“Love divine all Loves excelling”

Mr. James Middleton reads.

“I do not even know this man.”

The Boys Choir sings. Beautiful.

Message from Rev Dr. Richard Chartres. Quote from Catherine of Siena, whose feast it is today. Catherine’s patron?

Singing of Ubi Caritas


Signing of the Registry.


“Aw, the Queen’s crying” “Camilla’s not, Bitch.”--Jeff.

They are now exiting the Abbey.

The Royal Carriage has arrived.

“they’re Dragoons!!!”

And now the Queen’s Carriage.

Live Blog Break for breakfast. We’ll be back for the kiss.


The crowds have arrived at Buckingham Palace.

All right, the Wedding Party is arriving.

Looks like there will be a Balcony appearance.

People are in the Fountain.

They have come out. The cheers are deafening.

And the Kiss. 1327 GMT.

The flyover will be soon.

“Queen Out.”

And they have re-entered the Palace.

Prince Charles has never put his own toothpaste on his toothbrush.

“It’s like Disney but real.”

And it’s over and out from the live blog. Ciao.