Back-story Rev 2

Basic info:

1) He was brought up in a magical race and had some arcane talents but not enough for a profession as a wizard or a true sorcerer.  Over the centuries he has been devoted to learning about the old gods, metalworking, and making better use of his limited magical skills.

2) He escaped from Palanthas about 5 years ago and has been primarily focusing on magical and spiritual development while wondering between small villages.

3) Wynter Starshine is an important member of the thieves guild who had him rescued and smuggled out of the Palanthas after his true identity was found and he was to be put to death.  He had earned her favor by supplying her with masterwork and better armor and weapons from time to time.  However, he owes the guild a life debt to be paid at some point in the future.

4) He is an Irda.


 Home town

                He is from a small village that was formerly a small island until the cataclysm.  The village is home to about 50 Irda.  The former island was about 1 -2 miles in diameter and most everything they needed came from the sea.


                About 150 years ago the village had to be abandoned due to an influx of other races.  They never found the village, but they would have by now.  All traces of the village were either destroyed or made to look like ruins from someone else.




                     Wolfgang was born exactly 200 years after the cataclysm (to the minute).  He grew up in a stable, happy village.  His father, mother and a sister are still around.  Both parents remember the cataclysm and the time before it.  Growing up he heard many tales of the “before time”.


         His father was one of the scouts who reported the proximity of encroachment and was one of the first to suggest abandoning their ancient home.  He was strong and practical but not a strong intellectual, by Irda standard’s anyway.


                His mother was fairly religious, for an Irda, and helped at the local shrine/temple.  She was one of the village’s adepts before the cataclysm.  Since that time, she has been deeply saddened by the departure of the gods, but fully believes that the gods will return in time.  They are simply teaching the world a lesson.


                His sister was smaller and weaker than most Irda, although with a strong will and soul.  At an early age she developed a flare for magic.  She was trained initially as a wizard, but it soon became clear that her talent was intuitive sorcery (elemental bloodline).


                As Wolfgang matured, he showed some talent for sorcery, but far less than his sister.  His interests were less focused on magic and more on spirituality, history and the former Gods. His mother encouraged him, but most others thought he was wasting his time.


Leaving Home


The village was abandoned before he fully matured.  The tribe moved to a small remote island that had been formed by the cataclysm to start a new village.  He helped found the village, but felt no particular tie to it.  He worked with the village blacksmith to help make the various tools, materials and other metal items needed to rebuild.  


                Shortly after his 100th birthday, he felt the call to leave.  He realized that hiding from the world was not something they could do forever and wanted to learn how other races lived.  The other villagers were sad to see him go, but saw some wisdom in his choice and realized his mind was set.


Roaming Nordmarr (10 years)

                For 150+ years he has roamed the world.  About 30 years was spent in spent in Nordmaar.  He quickly learned the importance of hiding his true race and became adept at appearing as a fairly tall human, elf or half-Elf.  Over the decades, he learned of far larger and greater countries and cities and eventually set off to see them.  He joined on with a convoy heading to the coastal city of Kalaman, where he spent the next 10 years.


On to Solamnia

                He then took a boat to Maelgoth.  For the next 100 years or so, he moved around Solamnia sporadically.  He typically would move toward a large city, but would usually stop at one or more small communities for a while along the way.  He went as far south as Caergoth, stopping in Solanthus for a while.   Afterwards, he followed coastal roads to Porthsmith, and Hargoth.  

He then wandered into the Jewel of Solamnia “Palanthas” where he spent most of the last 20 years.  While in town he eventualy became one of the most respected armor and weapon smiths in the city.  While trying to keep a low profile, he also saw the value in having friends in high places.  He produced more than a few items for both the city guard and thieves guild, making him well liked by both groups.  The thieves eventually figured out who and what he really was, but were happy to keep his secret.  

        While in town he was a regular patron to the great library where he learned what he could about the disapearance of the gods, the world before they left, and his own race’s history.  The library was also a popular spot for traveling mages and eventually one saw through his disguise and had him jailed.  His accuser was influential and would only be satisfied by the Irda’s death.  


        The guards never figured out that he was the blacksmith.  Fortunately his friends in the thieves guild were quite familiar with the jails and had little problems getting him free.  They quickly smuggled him out of the city along with most of his valuable possessions.  They also staged a mysterious death for the blacksmith he had posed as.  As he left, there was an understanding that he owed them a life-debt.  To pay it off he should one day return to the city and provide the guild with a few more items.  No details were agreed upon, but they would find a way of letting him know when it was safe to return and pay his debt.


During his stay in Palanthas, his readings and experiences with truly devoted, but powerless, priests, gave him a new focus and fascination.  He was determined to find a way to prove to the former gods that the world had learned it’s lesson and was ready for their return.  To this end he has been working for the pastfew years.


                While traveling, to avoid conflict he typically joined on with convoys or took barges posing as a human or half-elf warrior of some type.  His keen intellect and magic often proved useful during the occasional encounters with bandits and severe weather.


Wolfgang’s fascination with fire and it’s ability to create, change and destroy, made him a natural artisan.  In most communities, he set up shop as a blacksmith, or occasionally as a gold/silversmith.  He found that his limited magical abilities were tremendously helpful in these trades.  He also found that virtually all communities were in need of talented smiths, even those who were a bit odd.


As his metalworking skills improved, his magical talents improved as well.  However, only in the last 10 years has he truly devoted himself to spirituality and magic.  Only two years ago did he learn to evoke his greatest spell “fireball”.  While working on his magic, two oddities began.  First, were the arrival of unseen haunting spirits.  Why they have come to him or who they are has been a mystery to him.  They are relatively harmless, but a constant annoyance.  Not long ago he realized that he could use magic to control them for specific tasks.  At the same time he started having vivid dreams.  Often, he awoke scared witless or inspired by greatness by events in his dreams.  The memory of the dreams quickly fades though.  All that remained were vague images of adventurers that he has no memory of having ever met.  One was a Gnome, another a Minotaur.  Two women also appeared, one was a wild elf ranger and the last was a fearless and covered in metal.




Not long ago, while on a road near Gaarlus, he was abducted.  They must have druged him or something, because his memories in the days before the abduction, as well as during are like a partially remembered dream.  He remembers being in the ruins of a human city.  There were swamps, lizardmen, robed figures, and everything felt wrong and vile.  He escaped from a primitive prison.  He remembers being seriously injured as he ran for his life, but cannot remember who or what he ran from.  Then there was a beautiful woman who handed him a blue crystaline staff.  As soon as he held it, the pain and bleeding stopped, then there was blinding blue light.  The next thing he remembers is awaking in the middle of the night near the shore of a clear mountain lake.  In the distance he could see the lights of a town.  He knew he was far from his captors but had no idea where he was.




                Wolfgang has several common appearances.  Regardless of form he has many common characteristics.  At first glance he appears perfectly normal an uninteresting.  By making eye contact or interacting with him you notice he is very handsome... an oddity when appearing old.  Looking closely, he has somewhat angular features and a pale complexion with a very slight greenish tone.  Looking at his face, he seems somehow older and more experienced than possible for a human or even half elf.  

Looking him in the eyes is uncomfortable for most.  His eyes look “correct”, but something about them feels strange wrong.  When his mind is focused entirely on something other than his disguise, his eyes fade to solid black, grow slightly and take on an angular shape.  As soon as he refocuses his attention they return to “normal”.

If watched for any length of time, his movements and voice show a grace that seems at odds with his appearance (less so when in elven form).  (He does his best to act less graceful.)  


                In almost any situation, appearing as a human is the best option to avoid detection.  Humans are very common, and have huge diversity of appearance, personality and philosophy.  They are at least tolerated by most races and being short lived and ignorant, odd behavior is almost expected.


                As a human he typically appears as either a middle aged or old man.  In either case he has a beard and an older looking face.  Typically he is balding or bald, unless choosing otherwise.  This is the form he often takes when working as a craftsman, but the same form works equally well in robes or a cloak to avoid drawing much attention.


                When traveling he often appears as a middle-aged man dressed as either a jewel-smith or blacksmith (as appropriate for the community).  Alternately, he may appear as a typical harmless old man and pose as clergy, a scholar, or as a lower aristocrat from some far off place.  He almost always is dressed simple and in colours that will not draw more attention than required.  Unless specifically required, he wont have leather on his person.  He seldom appears wealthy or powerful, unless for a specific reason.


                When in dwarven areas he tends to take on more drawven features (fat, short, stubby limbs and fingers, large nose, wide head, etc).  He keeps this within the range of typical human features though.  He finds this tends to make the dwarves more tolerant.  If they learn of his trade, they sometimes even become almost friendly.  


                When in human communities frequented by elves, he will occasionally appear as a high elf.  He finds the high elves are the easiest to impersonate (to non-elves anyway).  They are the most similar in philosophy, appearance and grace to his own race.  When in an elf form he simply has to change his height, skin colour and minor cosmetic changes.  He tends to act aloof and arrogant… which comes fairly natural to him.

 Half elf

                He appears as a half elf when in areas where half-elves are common.  Due to their out-cast status and wild variation between them, all but the strangest behavior is considered “normal” for half-elves.  He usually appears slightly older with a small beard and  usually avoids drawing attention to himself.

True Form

                About 6’ 6” tall with pale green skin and thick, long, black hair. His eyes are a deep blue.  When in his true form he usually attempts to pass himself off as a high elf claiming his small class is the most pure and beautiful among the high elves.





                            Each spell that he learns is associated by a small, mark somewhere on his body.  Upon “learning” the new spell the mark appears.  Sometimes the mark occurs during (or as part of) the first casting of the spell, other times the mark appears first.

                At a casual glance they appear as healed scars, birth marks or small tatoos. Closer inspection reveals each one to be some form of mystic symbol.  The size of the scar is 1cm2 per level of the spell (1/2 for cantrips).  Each morning, when recovering spells, he may choose to move the marks to different locations on his body.  He can use his shape-changing ability to make them less apparent, but anyone looking closely at him will notice them with a spot check (DC 10).  

Spell Type

Mark Colour

Sensation when activated

Appearance when activated


Red or Pink

Mild Burning

Slight red glow

Other Offence

Black or grey

Slight Stinging

Slight purple glow

Healing or protection

White or pale

Soothing warmth

Slight white glow


Brown or grey

Mild Pressure

Shaking or moving


This is entirely thematic and cosmetic.  No mechanical impact or limitation is intended (other than the potential for someone else to notice them).  The Oracle class does not require a divine focus, so I thought this would be a explanation of why.




His name is Nevor Emoor.  He was given to Wolfgang by his grandfather when turning of age.  The raven has been past through the family for generations.  No one is sure where it came from, but his grandfather said it chooses it’s owners.  The command word is “reven”  “roome” .



It was made for him by when building the new village on the island to help him better work in the cold and rain before houses were constructed.  The command word for the tent is “garganisha” which is a low Ogre word used when begging for shelter.  


Metamagic Rods:

In his village, it was not uncommon for an elderly Irda to make something near the end of their life that signified who they were and could be remembered.  Some wrote books, others made great paintings or sculptures.  His grandfather had been a powerful mage once, although the cataclysm left him only a shadow of his former self.  These rods are part of a set that he made and left to his family.

Metalworking Mallet

While in Maelgoth he was well received by the blacksmith’s guild.  His powers over fire proved very useful to the craft and so he had no trouble finding a master to train with.  The master he worked with was dwarven and, much like himself, a bit of an outcast in the human city.  As a parting gift, the master gave one of his lesser magical tools to Wolfgang.

Ring of society

This ring was a purchase he made while living in Palanthas.  It was sold to him by the rouges guild prior to his capture.