Owner: Sarah Spear Sands

Sarah spent six years as a tax attorney and lobbyist on Capitol Hill. After meeting and marrying the love of her life, Ben Sands, both husband and wife decided to leave the corporate world and prioritize improving the quality of lives of others. Ben founded a company called Regret Free Life and Sarah started Dance Trance DC. Sarah discovered Dance Trance while in law school, and what it did for her she wanted to share with others. Sarah has always been an athlete but had never thought working out could be so much fun until she found Dance Trance. Sarah and her team of instructors strive to recreate a club-like environment in the gym – loud music, top 40 dance hits, and DJ lights. Dance Trance has become a community of men and women supporting one another, both on and off the dance floor. Website: dancetrancefitness.com/dc. Phone: 202-288-2268. E-Mail: sarah@dancetrancefitness.com 

Instructor: Maria Jose Horen

Maria Jose has been involved with Dance Trance since 2009. She started dancing at the age of four, and took ballet, Hawaiian and jazz classes while growing up in Mexico, then modern dance and ballroom during college. After grad school she moved to Sarasota and she knew something was missing from her life….Dancing! She joined the YMCA where she found Dance Trance. “It took just one Dance Trance class and I was hooked. All I was thinking was I can’t wait to come back, and soon after, I was going to DT seven days a week!” “Dance Trance is a great way to stay in shape but is much more than just dancing or a work out. It’s the place I could come after work and let it all go. It’s where you can connect with people that love dancing as much as you do.”

Instructor: Eileen Pascucci

Eileen has been involved with Dance Trance since 2012.  Growing up as the daughter of a DJ, the dance floor has always felt like home.  Whether it was on the top of Dad's speakers, student-run groups in college, or the front of her science classroom, dance has been a constant.  So it comes as no surprise that "Like most of my fellow DTers, it only took one class to get me hooked!  I have always been active, but I have never been able to stick with one workout plan until I found Dance Trance."  

Instructor: Megan Mielnik

Megan has loved dancing for as long as she can remember and instantly fell in love with the Dance Trance workout.  She has been teaching Dance Trance DC classes since the fall of 2013. She always looks forward to cutting loose on the dance floor with the DT regulars and newbies.  Megan works for a political campaign committee and lives in Arlington with her husband Ryan and her golden retriever Marshall. 

228188_6494412859_61_n.jpgInstructor: Myriam Escobar

Myriam grew up dancing. She began her dance training at the age of five in her home country, Paraguay. She practiced Ballet for 11 years and made her initial incursion into jazz at age 13, when she began performing in dance team competitions at school. Dance Trance has allowed her to return to her dance roots and find what she considers the perfect workout: good for the body, the mind and the soul.

Lizzie Headshot.jpgInstructor: Lizzie Thomson

Lizzie has been involved with Dance Trance since 2013. She started dancing at the age of 10 and was in a performing Jazz Company starting at the age of 14. She competed at dance competitions in the DC/Maryland/VA area in jazz, tap, hip hop, and lyrical. In college, she was part of student-run dance company that allowed her to continue to do what she was always so passionate about. After college, dance was not a big part of Lizzie's life until she came across Dance Trance. She immediately fell in love in her first class and has never looked back!

Janet Headshot.jpgInstructor: Janet Satter

Janet has been involved in dance and music since her childhood in Tucson, Arizona. After moving to D.C., she was looking for a way to enjoy working out more -- and when she found Dance Trance in 2012 "it was like the answer to my fitness prayers! Nothing motivates me like dancing to good music with fun people. I love the positive energy in class: it lifts my spirits as well as burns calories!"