Township of Hamburg Newsletter                         

December 2014


 Jackie Stalsberg – Clerk


From the Town Board:

If there are any concerns regarding any matter in the township, please do not hesitate to phone or attend a monthly meeting.  Your participation in the meetings are very much welcome.


Rod Erlandson – Chairman (452-3280)                        

Jackie Stalsberg – Clerk (483-2313)

Gary Antoniewicz –Supervisor (483-2135)

Ron Humfeld – Supervisor (483-2379)

Dayna Schultz – Treasurer (452-3121)    

Roger – Patrolmen (483-2570)

Sally Lindahl – Zoning & Dog License (608-799-0263)

Bob Irwin – Town Assessor (715-235-6941)


The winter months are HERE, are you ready?  Snow plowing season will be starting shortly.  Please sure that you have all equipment or other machinery out of the road right-a-way.  This will eliminate any issues in future snow falls.   If you see any area of improvement, please give us a call.  If you doing your own driveway plowing, remember again it is illegal to plow snow across the road or onto the road right-away.  This is dangerous for traffic and could cause damage to snow plowing equipment for the town.  The snow hardens on the road and may cause these issues.  If we do see that you are plowing snow across the road and this does cause an issue with traffic or equipment, you will be held responsible for these damages.                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Large Item Days –  We will announce in 2015 when the dates are available.  Please watch for dates.


Burning Brush

If you have brush to burn the first thing to do is call Fire Chief Russ Cornford 452-3077.  By calling one of these Fire Department people this will avoid a fire department call to your property.  Reminder if you do get a call from the fire department there is a charge of $500.00 per visit.  Please be aware of this and take the necessary precautions.


Monthly Board Meetings: 

The Township’s Monthly Board Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of every month.  Please watch the agenda postings each month for exact agenda & time.  Your participation in these meetings is your right.


                            December 16th at 6:15 p.m. at the Town Hall

                            January Meeting will be noted on posting bulletin boards


Upcoming Elections:   April 2015


If anyone is interested in being a election official, please get hold of Jackie.  This is a paid position and you will work aprox 6-7 hours only.  This is great way to understand what happens on election day.  Always looking for extra help.


If you are in need of absentee ballot, please alert Jackie.  This can be done any time thru out the year.  As soon as ballots are available, she will send them out.  She will make special arrangements if needed for filling out these ballots.




Please remember to get a permit for any project you do.  Some permits are free, including all demolition permits.  Just submit a form which is available online or in the silver mailbox in front of the town hall.  You must also include a drawing or photo of your property showing the set-backs and distances between other structures from the one you are building.  Google Maps work really well for us.  A surveyor’s map is also fine.  The benefit of getting a demolition permit is that the assessor then knows to remove items or buildings from your tax roll.  Without this, he may not know of the change.  If we ask you for more information and your do not reply, we will be forced to fine you with fee if the work is started prior to approval of a permit.  If you ignore our request we will add this fine to your yearly property taxes.  Please follow thru with the township on our request and all the proper paperwork.  If you are in doubt, please call Sally Lindahl 608-799-0263


It is the goal of the zoning committee to work with the residents to ensure the ordinance is followed and the needs of the community are served as well as possible. We will make every effort to help you reach your goal and comply with the ordinances.  .



Please contact the clerk of any address changes.  I appreciated the calls for any updates.  We want to keep all residents on property owners aware of issues affecting you and newsletters is one of the best methods for accomplishing this goal.  Your assistance on this matter is greatly appreciated.   If you would like to see monthly meeting notes or newsletters via email, just send me an email stating this, I would be glad to send them out, along with saving postage.  My email is  We also have township website set up, our website is  Check this out for upcoming meetings or dates.

We are having some MAJOR issues with dogs running.  We are getting numerous complaints from residents that we have dogs that are running and chasing or damage of property.  Reminder that all dogs need to have tags, owners and rabies tags to identify.  We as a township do get charged for every call that is reported to Vernon County and we have to pick up stray dog.  This charge is given to the township and we must pay for this dog being rescued and the time and effort to find the owner.  If you have dogs that run loose, please keep them on your property.  If we continue to have these issues, we will need to start to implement a charge to the owners of these dogs.


On behalf of the Enterprise Eagles 4-H Club and their parents.  I would like to THANK the community for supporting our aluminum can bin.  This bin at the town dump site is the only fundraising our club does.  The money raised helps send kids to camp in the summer, supports our community service projects and also buys supplies for our meetings and projects.  Families take turns recycling the cans at Alter Scrap Metal.  We would also like to THANK the town board for allowing us to place our trailer at the dump.  We hope this makes it easier for everyone to recycle.  Thank You Lisa Servias, General Leader of Enterprise Eagles 4-H Club.





The Town of Hamburg has just completed the budget for 2015 and there were a few changes that we have completed.  In the past years we have been able to maintain a zero tax levy increase for the sixth consecutive year. This year we have had to take an increase of $6195.00.  This is due to the cut-backs from state, we are needing to cover all expenses that happen thru out the year.  We are currently in good financial shape and budget has been completed.  If anyone is interested in reviewing this budget, you are welcome to email Jackie and she can supply this to you.  Mill Rates will be completed also and sent to the county.  Once they are completed Dayna will be sending out the property tax bills.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me or any of the Town Board members. Thank you for all your support.