Meditation sessions are led by

Father Charles Tirrell

on Mondays from 6:00 - 6:40 pm.

    Our meditation group takes its inspiration and guidance from the World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM). WCCM is a global spiritual community that took shape in 1991 under the leadership of Fr. Laurence Freeman, OSB, a Benedictine monk from London. Since that time, WCCM meditation groups have begun in over 60 countries.  Fr. Freeman’s work continues the labors of his mentor, Fr. John Main, OSB, of McGill University, who promoted the practice of Christian meditation in his books, lectures, and retreats.    

    WCCM is one of many groups from different religious traditions which have joined in a worldwide effort to promote  a more contemplative spirituality for our time. More information on WCCM is available at        


 Format for Group Meditation

● Location:       Group meets in the St. Andrew’s sanctuary.

● Handouts:     Copies of the readings are available for each member at the sanctuary entry.  

● Gathering:    Greetings, welcoming newcomers.  

● Teaching:      Brief teaching: a reflection on the readings.

● Music:           Music for meditation.

● First Reading:  A short reading on meditation and/or contemplative spirituality.

● Meditation:    Twenty minutes of silent meditation: the chime of the prayer bowl marks

                         both the beginning and the end of the silent prayer time.

● Second Reading: A second short reading on meditation and/or contemplative spirituality.

● Music:                Music for meditation.

● Teaching:          Brief teaching: a reflection on the readings. Questions or observations are welcome.

● Departure:   Go in peace.

St. Andrew’s Meditation Group Leaders

    Fr. Charlie Tirrell began the meditation group at St. Andrew’s in 2007. Now a retired Episcopal priest, he was formerly a monk with the Augustinian Friars. He was instructed in meditation and contemplative spirituality by his novice master and other monk spiritual directors throughout his 20 years with the Augustinians. In addition to Fr. Tirrell, there are six other members of the group who also lead the meditation on a once-a-month rotation basis.  

An Invitation

  The meditation group is ecumenical in its make-up and welcomes anyone interested in meditation in the ancient Christian tradition which dates back to the 3rd century in Israel and Egypt. Previous meditation experience is not necessary - resources are available: books, CDs, DVDs, private instruction with Fr. Tirrell and more information at  Contact information: Fr. Charlie Tirrell: 603-526-6282 or