Anton Vynogradenko

July 9, 1986 • skype: restuta • tel. +1 925 577-5313 • • Blog • Twitter



I am trying to be useful for other people. Development is a major part of my life, developing for people and with people makes me totally happy.


Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics

Holder of a master's degree,  2009


Platforms & Technologies

JavaScript Stack

Backbone, NodeJS, Mocha, CasperJS, PhantomJS.

Love Yeoman, npm, Bower, Grunt and Gulp.

MS Stack

.NET 1.1 - 5, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, pure ASP, SQL Server, jQuery, AJAX, EntityFramework, nHibernate, LINQ to SQL,have a good expirience in configuring and supporting TeamCity CI server, implementing various build/CI scenarios. I am a big fan of TDD and an advocate of DVCS. If you’re going to get me in your team and you are not writing UnitTests or not using DVCS be prepared that I will work on introducing both =)

Development Approaches

TDD/BDD – have several years of experience in writing tests, no cargo-culting, rational approach to what and when to test.

DDD – they say it’s just OOP done right.

Development Languages

              Fluent: C#, JavaScript, VB.NET (I am not proud of that)

Intemediate: Pascal, PowerShell

Beginner:  Bash, C++, Assembler, Python, F#


     Spoken Languages

Russian (native), English (upper intermediate, including spoken), Ukrainian (second native)

Work Experience

At FrontRange – 2 years (11/07/2011 - 11/22/2013)

USA, Milpitas CA

I am having a completely new experience, since it’s my first US company. I am working on performance analysis and it’s improvement. And in the meantime trying to be an agent of change and to teach my team how to write UnitTests and move to DVCS. Help to establish SCRUM.

Role: sr. software engineer

Technologies: PetaPoco, Dapper the only noticeable ones.

GoldMine in the cloud, gCloud. iPad application with the back-end on .net.

Role: key server side developer

Technologies: CQRS/ES, WebAPI (REST services), Mongo

At Intetics (Typemock, remote position)   3.5 month (07/08/2011 - 10/30/2011)


Worked on two projects that represent Add-Ins for Visual Studio 2008 and 2010. Added usage tracking, performed speed optimization and other stuff so-called "productization" (fixing bugs, simplifying UI, etc)

Technologies: Visual Studio extensions, Gibraltar logging, PostSharp.

At DirectEDI (currently SPS Commerce)  1.5 years (03/02/2010 to 09/07/2011)


Big and very complex application in EDI sphere. I prefer to tell more about this project in personal conversation, because application is to large to describe here.

Role: developer (5 devs in team/20 devs on whole project)

Technologies: .NET 3+, WCF (SOAP), Windows Services, ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET MVC, Orchard CMS, MSpec.

At NIX Solutions Ltd  3.5 years (09/07/2006 to 03/01/2010)


Support of 10 web applications on ASP/ASP.NET. Those projects were my initial starting point as a .net developer. Supporting and bug fixing of those applications was hard like hell, due to codebase quality and lack of expirience,  but I've built a good grounding for my future work.

Role: dev-lead (2 devs),

yes, I played a dev-lead role on that project, since it had only two, and both junior developers, so I was responsible for technical decisions and reporting to manager

Technologies: ASP, ASP.NET 1.1, JavaScript, SQL Server 2000, DataSets


Web application, social network for travellers. This was a first relatively big project I was involved in, we had a lot of fun during development process, awesome teamwork and communication. Was one of the best teams I worked at so far. I learned the importance of that, importance of a good team.

Role: developer (5 devs)

Technologies nHibernate, ASP.NET 2.0, Google Maps, MS Ajax


Desktop application,  banking software (Mortgage Insurance). Document flow and business process optimization. It was large project that have been developed for several years. I had a good refactoring practice there and a good example of a future of a big application written without Unit Tests or any other form of automated regression testing.

Role: developer  (single)

Technologies: WinForms, Draagon Framework (ORM solution),  XML, Third party reporting services API, Active Reports.


Web application, social network. Was positioned as Facebook’s competitor =). That project had a very cool customer (mediator), we started developing together and then he decided to take the whole team on board.

Role: tech-lead (3 devs)

Technologies: ASP.NET 3.5, jQuery, MS Ajax


Web application, social network. We have a lot of interesting tasks in this project as for using popular APIs.

Role: tech-lead (3 devs)

Technologies: ASP.NET 3.5, Google Maps, MS Ajax, Google Maps, Flikr + Panoramio Photo API, YouTube API, 3rd party Image Uploading Component, Twitter.


Web application for medical clinic. Collection of patients for medical surveys, reports and medical screener (questionnaire). Time-frames were very, very, very critical and only 4 suitable developers were available, so development was full of overtimes, nightly coding and tons of energy drinks, but was delivered in time.

Role: team/tech-lead (4 devs)

Technologies: ASP.NET 3.5, LINQ to SQL


Web application for terminal devices (like ours i-Box ones) content management and WCF services for this devices client applications. Here was a very interesting interaction with foreign developers that were continually trying to write their clients before our WCF services, ignoring our service contracts. Was a good time to learn how improve communication with remote team.

Role: team/tech-lead (3 devs)

Technologies: ASP.NET 3.5, WCF, Entity Framework 1.0, SQL Server 2005


Web applications, maintaining, adding features. Used with cutting-age technologies (at that time)

Google Search API, Google Ads, Yahoo JBoss API. Page load speed optimization.

Role: team/tech-lead (2 devs)

Technologies: jQuery


The application composed of presentation web site, WCF services, WPF client and a crawler module for automatic gathering of drivers from manufacturer's resources. Used for auto-updating of drivers on the client PC. (almost the same as DriverUpdater and other analogs)

Role: team/teach-lead (5 devs)

Technologies: ASP.NET 3.5, EntityFramework 1.0, WCF, WPF, SQL Server 2008


Victory in "Programmania 2008" in .NET AT (Advanced Topics) category, 3rd place in LINQ category. (“Programmania” was a developer competition across three biggest Ukrainian cities.)


I am a member of here is my profile. I also trying to play an active part in the modern .NET community by writing my blog, participating in public conferences and recording DotBand podcast about development and related.

Also I have a very good experience in interviewing developers, in teaching of young developers, in being a development lead and relatively small experience in project management.

 Company of my dream

What are my minimal expectations from you as a potential employer? It’s very simple, just go through The Joel Test:

The Joel Test (modified by me)

  1. Do you use distributed source control?
  2. Can you make a build/deploy in one step?
  3. Do you make daily builds?
  4. Do you have a bug database?
  5. Do you fix technical debt before writing new code?
  6. Do you have an up-to-date schedule?
  7. Do you have a spec?
  8. Do programmers have quiet working conditions?
  9. Do you use the best tools money can buy?
  10. Do you have testers?
  11. Do new candidates write code during their interview?
  12. Do you do hallway usability testing?

I expect from you to have at least points highlighted with green. If something is missing the only way you could convince me to work for you is to promise to give me the power to fix those missing parts, which I will do with pleasure.