Update on the Canadian Dept of Peace Initiative

by Koozma J. Tarasoff,  December 15, 2010


Bill C447 will establish a Canadian Department of Peace.

Please read and sign the online petition, or print a petition to sign, pass around, and mail.

At the Ottawa Chapter meeting, December 14, 2010, a goal of 10,000 signatures was set as a benchmark for future action.  At that meeting I suggested that the 10,000 mark could be used as a kind of hundredth monkey phenomenon, or tipping point as follows:

When enough people free themselves from the shackles of ignorance and start to think in a more liberated, more informed way, a new aspect of consciousness will spontaneously awaken in the collective mind, bringing with it a new reality. Hopefully the 10,000 signatures supporting CDPI will serve a critical mass in the public to give this seemingly Little Idea a chance to take root in the Big Reality.

Below are the names of all Canadian Members of Parliament who signed the first reading of Bill C447, and Jack Layton who signed Motion 463.


From: Bill Bhaneja, December 21, 2010

For the season of "Peace and Goodwill" the DoP petition went on-line, to promote awareness of CDPI campaign asking the federal government to establish a Canadian Dept of Peace. To read and sign the digital petition click here: GoPetition.com/petitions/department-of-peace.html.

The campaign runs until January 31st. We are making a push for this campaign during the Holiday Season, and then a reminder in the early New Year.

We look forward to your signing the petition and disseminating it widely to friends and colleagues who are on your email lists and social media networks (Facebook and Twitter). The petition is also posted on CDPI Facebook

From Koozma: December 30, 2010

For further insights into the Department of Peace concept, see Bill Bhaneja’s 2005 interview by Metta Spencer on ‘Toward a Department of Peace’ along with an impressive article in the Globe and Mail November 26, 2010 by Gerald Caplin, on ‘Canada enlists in America’s permanent war for peace’.