Created by Tibi, Sept 30, 2012

How to broadcast and record Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts can be used in meetings or other type of online public events.

Steps to set up a Google Hangout, broadcast and record.

You need to have Google account!

Go to your Google + account, find and click on Start a hangout

In order to be able to broadcast the hangout and to record it you need to check the Enable Hangouts On Air button. See the picture below. This will also allow you to embed this hangout in a web page, so others can hear and see your event. The embedded view has no interaction with between viewers and participants, but you can post a link to your hangout to invite others to join it.

You also need to make your invitation and to name your hangout session before continuing.

Once your hangout initializes, you need to click the Start broadcast button. This automatically starts the recording.

Right next to it, on the left, you have the embed button, where you can get the iframe code to embed this into a web page.

The embed is optional. You can also post a link on the webpage and tell people to join. But some people may only want to listen, without participation, in that case the embed option is useful.

Once you finish the hangout you just unclick the Start broadcast button, now called End broadcast (see pic above). The video is already recorded. You don’t need to tell Google to record the video. There is no “Record” button. It will take a few seconds for Google to process your video and publish it automatically on your Google + profile (first pic below) as well as on your Youtube account (second pic below). You can always delete this video from your Google + or Youtube account, or you can set them private.