Verbal Transcription

Teacher: Jeremy West                                                     Class:         EDU 255        

Topic:         Sport Stacking                                                        Grade:         Lab D                

Date:         12/3/2010                                                        # of Students:         11        

Note: Some things said may not be in the transcription because it wasn’t picked up on the camera.

To the Whole Class:

My name’s Mr. West as you guys know.

Today we’re gonna get started with Everybody’s Its Tag.

Everybody knows how—the rules for that game works, right?

Yes? (Rob says no)

For Everybody’s It Tag, it’s just as the name is.

Everyone’s it.

Everyone’s tagging everyone.

Once you get tagged, I want you to do one of four things either clench your fist and release, arm circles, sh—shoulder stretch, or triceps stretch.

You’re decision.

Any questions?

Boundaries are gonna be within the red lines to the half court.

Go ahead whenever you’re ready.

30 seconds! (of IA)

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… alright bring it in.

Gather back around here.


Today we’re gonna be working—we’re gonna continue working on the cycle stack.

Remember last class we performed the 3-6-3 stack.

Everyone remembers?

Everyone’s good with that?

Today we’re gonna perform the second part of the cycle stack, which is the 6-6 stack.

Now before we do that, does anyone want to sh—remind the class the 3-6-3 stack?

Ben, you were pretty good at it last class why don’t you everyone how it’s done.

Thank you, Ben.

That was a good job.

As you guys saw he had a couple fumbles in there, which is one of the common mistakes when speed stacking.

How—when he was fumbling if the cup falls off the stack or the floor that’s known as tipper in fumbling.

Now, my signal for attention for today is gonna be my voice so whenever you hear it please stop and listen to me.

Today I’m gonna be looking around to see everyone at the 6-6 stack.

To Andy:

Yes, Andrew?

Andy:  Mr. West.


Andy:  I can’t see the demonstrations because I’m blind.


Why don’t you come over here, Andy.

Right over here.  If you just come this way.  (directing him)


Sit down right here.

There ya go.

Now if you reach out you can feel the cups in front of you.

What we’re going to do is the 6-6 stack.


Feel with your left there’s six cups there.

And then your right hand there’s six cups there.

Now what you wanna do.

Are you right handed?



Start with your right hand, grab this cup.

Take three in your right hand and two in your left hand.

Can you feel the edge of the cups?

Very good.

Now what you’re gonna do is go right, left, right, left, right.

Awesome job.

Now come over to your right side and do the same thing.

To the Whole Class:

Now when Andy’s doing that why doesn’t everyone come up and get a set of twelve cups, get a mat in you need to, and find a place on the floor spread out.

I’m gonna be coming around with an assessment form.

What I want you guys to do is perform the 6-6 stack, time, time your first stack and write it down.

To Ben:

Very good, Ben.

Right, left, right, left.

Very good.

To Jen:

Very good.

(talking to Jen but can’t hear what I’m saying)

To Rob:

(talking to Rob but can’t hear what I’m saying)

To Nick:

(talking to Nick but can’t hear what I’m saying)

To Tim:

(talking to Tim but can’t hear what I’m saying)

To Ryan:

(talking to Ryan but can’t hear what I’m saying)

To Laura:

(talking to Laura but can’t hear what I’m saying)

To the Whole Class:

Who’s having trouble performing the 6-6 stack?

Anyone having trouble?

Everyone’s good?


I’m coming around.

People who are doing good start trying with the little stacks, with the little cups.

To Ben:

Ben, you get mini cups.

To Rob:

Rob, you get mini cups.

To Mark:

(talking to Mark but can’t hearing what I’m saying)

To the Whole Class:


If everyone can look up here.

Last thing we’re going to do to wrap up class, we gonna have a little tournament.

So, what I want you to do is find a partner that has a mat or just find a partner and when you go to your partner you’re gonna choose either the 3-3-3, 3-6-3, or 6-6 stack to compete against your partner.

Whoever wins stays.

If you lose, you’re gonna rotate…

Challenger chooses which stack they want to perform.

Any questions?

Alright, go ahead.

To Tim & Ryan:

(talking to Tim and Ryan but can’t hear what I’m saying)

To Holly:

(talking to Holly but can’t hear what I’m saying)

To Ben:

Are you having trouble with the cups over here, Ben? (after he knocked cups over)

Let’s pick them up.

To Tim:

(talking to Tim about knocking over cups but can’t hear what I’m saying)

To Ben:

Ben, come here.

Since you’re having trouble with those cups, we’re gonna use the big cups.

Is that fine?

A little different.

Alright so let’s try the… let’s do… start off with a 3-stack.


To Tim:

(talking to Tim but can’t hear what I’m saying)

To the Whole Class:


Everyone listen up.

Last activity, what I want you to do… let’s have, let’s have Mark over you’re gonna be on this side.

And Kevin over… (inaudible)

Let’s go.

What we’re gonna do, we’re gonna have a little relay.

So Kevin’s team will be on this side of the line… sitting down.

You don’t need the mats.



Let’s give Mark’s team a round of applause.


Let’s wrap this up.

Everyone come in.

You can leave your cups there.

I’ll pick them up after class.

Awesome job today everyone.

You all did exceptionally well… as far as cup stacking being relatively new to our program.

Next class we’re gonna work on the 1-10-1 to finish up the cycle stack, and we will have another tournament to determine who’s gonna be going to Texas in the spring for the national championship.

So great job today everyone.

Practice over the weekend and I’ll see ya on Monday.