Embedding Video Clips in Blackboard 9

Video clips can be embedded in any of the Content Areas of the Blackboard 9 site.


Find a Video

Now go to YouTube to find the source code for a video clip:

  1. On YouTube under the video of your choice, click on the Embed button

a) A string of code appears as displayed in the picture above. Copy the entire 

source code inside the box.

b) If "Embedding disabled by request" appears after clicking on the Embed button, the video is not allowed to be viewed elsewhere. Select another video. 

  1. Go back to Blackboard
  2. Click on the Toggle HTML Source Mode button in the tool bar (shown below)

  1. After clicking on the Toggle HTML Source Mode button, the above screen will appear as below: 

  1. Position the cursor after the last character, and press Enter to begin at a new line
  2. Paste the source code copied from the YouTube video in step one above
  3. After pasting, the screen should display as in the screen shot below: 

                                                                                                 NOTE: your pasted code will not be the same as the sample above. Each video has its own individual code

  1. Click on the Toggle HTML Source Mode button again
  2. The video should now be displayed in the Blackboard page

  1. On the Create Item page, click Submit  to finalize all additions otherwise they will be lost