Agenda 6/5

1.Check-in - 5min

        Favorite CSC moment from the year

2.Responses from Focan and Common ground -10min

        Got both the application from FoCAN

        Common Ground sent email, but didn’t provide hard copy

3.Finalize allocations - 10min

4.Finish award letters - 30min

        7 Letters to go!

        FoCAN Intercambio and 2-unit class $8,600 - regular

        Kresge Garden $23, 600 - regular (summer funding $2400)

        ESLP Conferences $1,000 -regular

        SEC Greening Summer Orientation $10, 330 - regular (all summer funding)

        Take Back the Tap $11, 025 - regular (summer funding $8138 for water bottles)

        Center for Common Ground $ 8,500 - regular

        FoCAN Coordinator $5,700 - Go from semi-perm to regular

5.What we need to pass on to future council members -30 min

6. Who is going to be here for summer orientation and sign up- 5min

7.Print out more brochures to hand out maybe 100 -5 min

8. who plans on staying with csc -5min

9. Plans for recruitment -10min

10. emails -10min

12. Summer allocations


Agenda 5/29

1.  Check-in

2.  Focan

        -look at different projects & student staff

        - which objectives are appropriate in a round table

        - afterwards vote on which ones we will approve or not approve

3.  Kresge Garden

        -look at projects

4.  SEC Bags

        -funding it or not? bags or water

5. Take back the tap

        - bags or water?

6.  Common Ground

        - are they valid?

        - what projects are appropriate?


        - how many conferences? How much?

8. Next Year: Make sure to add a section for semi-perm and and permanent funding in future grants


Kirsten: cut guest speaker funds, only 500$, intercambio they could cut food, cutting half the funds for materials 500$, have student staff, grant them 9400

The Campus Sustainability Council (CSC) originated as a student referendum supporting sustainability organizations and projects on campus.  The CSC is a student led granting body that provides funding for student initiated, on-campus organizations that promote and advance the goals put forth in the Blueprint for a Sustainable Campus.  CSC funding rounds are during Winter and Spring quarters.


1.     Check out the CSC website at where you will find information on up-coming grant trainings (don’t worry if you’ve never written a grant before), up to date meeting notes, and links to the newest version of the Blueprint and our constituion.

2.     Before you begin writing your grant make sure have a clear vision of your project and internal structure in your organization.  Having a group of more than four students, a constitution, a fiscal staff and governing documents are required before recieving a grant from CSC also.

3.  Sign up for a grant training. You will receive guidance and useful tips from Council members and can ask questions specific to your organization or project.  These grant trainings are required for anyone receiving funding.

4.     Once you attend a grant-training, CSC will send you the grant training power-point so that you have all the necessary information to prepare your grant.  

5.     When writing the grant make sure you have a fiscal staff personnel on board with your project, especially to help you with your budget.

6.     Have a group grant writing session with your organization!  Utilize the grant writing process to flesh out your project and organizational structure.  

7.       Submit your grant, as both a hard copy and in electronic format  to CSC.

8.     Funding awards will be announced through email by CSC in the last week of the quarter.

9.    If funding is awarded, CSC will contact you on the next steps to receiving your funding.

10. You will be required to attend a evaluation a year from when you receive your grant money.  If you do not attend your evaluation, your possibility to get future CSC funding will be affected.

5/22/13 CSC Meeting @ College 8

Attending: Sahara, Jenn, Gina, Caitie, Devyn, Kirsten, Tino, Tommy, Joyce, Carlo

VOTE $30 from CSCINT

Things to consider

*NOTES FOR NEXT YEAR:  Make sure on the application that the contact people  for each grant list their year in school

Add confirmation emails about interview times to timeline

Add slide to grant powerpoint telling grantees that each separate grant needs an application

1. Check in 10 min

2. Interview bring back   20 min

3. Create interview questions for remaining grants 40 min

4. Vote on food for next long meeting 10 min

6. Bring back from jen 10 min - VOTE $30 from CSCINT

5. Respond to emails 20 min

6. Positives/Improvables of evaluation

+ Got extremely positive feedback, People were well-prepared, Different organizations         interacted, Most organizations stayed the whole time, Set-up/Take-down went really smoothly. Good food!, Good flow of set-up, Zero-Waste event!

- Time management (making sure we are only staying at the table for 10 min), Only needed 2 people in each group

5/15/13 CSC Meeting @ College 8

Attending: Joyce, Jenn, Carlo, Caitie, Devyn, Catherine, Tino, Gina, Sahara


  1. Check-in
  2. Evaluation Check-in: Finalize ALL TIMES, figure out the intro-outro, set-up, food, clean up
  1. Who is setting up? Gina, Kirsten, Joyce
  1. Get there at 2
  2. Carlo is setting up the waste station at 2:45pm
  1. Food - Who is the point person? Gina
  1. Needs to know what time to drop it off, when to pick it up
  2. Picking up food at 3pm
  1. Clean-up - Have room booked until 5:30pm
  2. Intro-outro:Carlo volunteered
  1. Intro:
  1. Talk about CSC and its history
  2. Discuss the purpose of the event
  3. Discuss the agenda of the day - Members of the Council will be going around to each organization’s table and evaluating them. Feel free to mingle, talk to the other organizations and partake in snacks
  4. Closing appreciation statement
  1. Joyce bringing tablecloths and water jug
  2. $19.95 for compostable plates; Devyn getting brown compostable napkins
  3. Do we need printing of criteria sheets? Yes - send to Joyce tomorrow
  4. Clipboards - 2
  5. Carlo stays as floater
  1. DOPE report and InfoView Review -Double check who has sent them in (and who hasn’t)
  1. Has sent all documents:
  1. ESLP
  2. SEC - Earth Summit
  3. SEC - Summer Orientation
  4. Friends of the Sustainability Office
  5. Kresge Garden
  1. Has NOT sent documents:
  1. FSWG
  2. BMC
  3. DYOD
  4. FoCAN (regular AND semi-perm)
  5. AIRC Green Team
  6. OxFam America
  7. Kresge Multi Cultural Education Committee
  1. Has emailed, but not sent documents:
  1. Take Back the Tap
  2. PICA (asking for an extension)
  1. Send email telling the organizations that haven’t sent documents
  1. Set deadline for sending documents -  WEDNESDAY 5/22
  2. Consequence: Tell them that if they don’t send it, they will not be able to receive CSC funding for the next year (winter and spring)
  1. Also may affect their future funding
  1. Problems with students not passing on information to the students running the organization the next year
  1. Lack of mentorship
  1. What could help this in the future?
  1. A clear check-list for orgs
  1. More clear tracking
  1. Updated contact list
  2. Go to organization events
  3. Have fiscal staff members go to grant trainings (mandatory)
  4. Add “contract” at the end of the CSC application that they will fulfill all the checklist  items
  1. Interview Questions
  1. For next year: Standardize grant titles in email and grant file format (make .pdf)
  1. Emails
  1. Ethan from OxFam
  2. Lidia from PICA
  1. End of year party!!
  2. Vote if CSC wants to table at summer orientation

5/8/13 CSC Meeting @ college 8

Attending: Devyn, Catherine, Tino, Gina, Tommy, Caitie, Joyce, Sahara, Jenn, Carlo and Kirsten w/ Special Guests: Katie and Adriana

Voted YES on $300 for food and supplies for end-of-year-evals

Next Steps:

Kirsten - Make historical record of requested funds, Draft email to Mackenzie @ College 8

Gina - Make Spreadsheet of interview time slots and send to Joyce

Caitie - Email Sayo to get interview times for new fiscal positions

Devyn - Draft email to PRIDE


  1. Check In
  2. Katie Lippus Presentation
  1. Working on writing the Blueprint for a Sustainable Campus
  1. Re-formatting the Blueprint to make it easier to follow from students
  2. Will include a step-by-step funding guide for applying for funding at CSC; will be included in the Blueprint
  3. May 22- Have the FINAL draft of the guide to Katie
  1. The Campus Sustainability Plan (CSP) VS the Blueprint for a Sustainable Campus
  1. CSP = Made through the Sustainability Office; used by staff and faculty; uses more metrics
  1. Made every 3 years
  1. Include more metrics or learning goals in the Blueprint?
  2. What is the future of the Blueprint and how it relates to CSC funding?
  1. Basing it off metrics might limit the availability for CSC to fund student programs
  1. Metrics is also more time consuming for both CSC and the organizations (and the staff working with those organizations/projects)
  1. CSC already asks for goals and objectives --> could change it to learning goals
  2. Milestones can be incorporated with learning goals
  1. Check in Next Steps
  1. Carlo - Met with Darya, Printed CSC flyers and posted them
  1. Supplies for evaluation
  1. Small compostable plates and napkins
  1. Carlo will write PO’s for plates from campus catering
  2. Joyce will get compostable napkins from New Leaf
  1. Cups through Slugware - Jenn already contacted
  2. Menu - Estimate Cost $270
  3. VOTE $300 from CSCINT for food and supplies for evals
  4. Tino is doing set-up
  5. Tent - Someone should email ESLP to see if we can borrow their tent
  1. Tino Timeline :)
  1. Week 6: Grants due on Friday; Info View and Dope Report Due
  2. Week 7:  Kirsten create’s historical doc, Create budget questions, Grant evaluation meeting
  3. Week 8: Interviews
  4. Week 9: Send out funding letters
  5. Week 10
  1. Create Interview Times
  1. Monday 5/20 2-3pm - Tino, Tommy, Gina
  2. Tuesday 5/21 9-10am - Caitie, Kirsten, Devyn
  3. Wednesday 5/22 12:30-1:30pm - Carlo, Kirsten, Tino
  4. Thursday 5/23 3-4pm - Devyn, Gina, Sahara
  5. Friday 5/24 11-12 pm - Carlo, Caitie, Sahara
  1. Determine who is responsible for each grantee - POSTPONED FOR NEXT WEEK
  2. Determine time slots for sitting on May 10 - 12-4pm
  1. 11:45-1 pm: Carlo
  2. 1-2 pm: Sahara
  3. 2-3pm: Gina
  4. 3-4pm: Devyn
  1. Catie - StEvo bringback
  1. In the process of hiring a new fiscal staff. Want a student representative to be on the hiring committee. Wanted CSC to do it  bc we deal with funding/more fiscal matters
  1. Perhaps someone from the CSC fiscal team? Tommy, Tino and Devyn all willing to do it
  2. Need to figure out email times
  1. Jenn - Bimonthly bringback
  1. Last GG is an end-of-year celebration - May 29th
  1. Email Marlayna at if you want
  2. Do we want to donate anything for food? Dessert!
  1. Vegan strawberry shortcake?
  1. Send any photos you have to Sarah Angulo
  1. Joyce bring-back - Sylus needs volunteers for Zero Waste move-out
  1. Email Joyce that you are interested

5/1/13 CSC Meeting @ College 8

Attending: Carlo, Kirsten, Jenn, Tommy, Tino, Caitie, Gina, Joyce & 2 guests: Ronin and Ryan

Next steps:

Carlo - Make name tags, Print flyers and post on campus, talk to Darya about compostable napkins

Kirsten - Send Carlo list of names of organizations to put on table, Make checklist for organizations (1 master list)

Gina & Caitie - Talk to Jody from College 8

VOTES: $30 from CSCINT


  1. Check-in
  2. Bring-back from CSSC
  1. Really empowering keynote speakers
  1. Photojournalist who spoke about the tar sands in Canada
  2. Indigenous tribe representative from Canada
  3. Bill McKibben from
  1. Workshops
  1. Fracking 101
  2. Biodiesel
  1. Good networking with other schools and organizations
  1. Overview evaluation event details
  1. Carlo will make nametags
  2. Confirm outreach - flyers still need to be printed
  3. Food - College 8 Cafe
  4. Supplies -
  1. Clipboards?
  1. Finalize food
  1.  Have menu and PO ready
  2. Will be 22 orgs, 3-4 people for orgs
  3. Consider finger food to reduce waste
  4. Compostable napkins
  1. New member introduction
  1. Ryan Gertz & Ronin Souza
  2. Brief history and mission statement - Provides funding to programs and organizations that promote student sustainability efforts
  1. Guided by the Blueprint for a Sustainable Campus - 10 topics
  2. Builds community with funding
  1. Involvement in CSC
  1. Positions granted at the beginning in fall quarter
  2. Fall Quarter - training
  3. Winter and Spring Quarter - funding rounds
  1. What do you get out of CSC?
  1. Experience! with funding, with professional skills, working with an organization, grant writing, etc.
  1. Overview last year’s grantees evaluation criteria -
  1. “Didn’t we decide we are not having questions?” - Carlo
  2. Look at the infoview for each organization, compare it to original grant and then generate questions
  3. Get update contact list for each organization
  4. What are we evaluating
  1. Possible discrepancies in spending of budget
  2. Successes and challenges
  1. Learning outcomes - What did they learn?
  1. Longevity - What are they doing now
  2. Transparency - Website and contact information
  3. Professionalism /Skill development
  4. Leadership
  5. Relevancy to Blueprint - need to follow-up that they are following the Blueprint
  6. Tangible and non-tangible results
  1. THE MASTER CHECK-LIST: Create year-long check-list for all organizations that we fund
  1. Start with grant training and end at evaluations
  2. Made a “red flag” list for organizations that won’t be funded again by CSC
  1. Determine shifts for evaluations and proposal submissions - have groups determine who they will evaluate
  1. Jenn, “Chuff,” and Sahara cannot make it
  2. Group 1: Devyn, Kirsten, Tino
  3. Group 2: Tommy, Gina, Caitie
  4. Floater: Carlo - making sure everything goes smoothly
  1. VOTE: $30 from  CSCINT
  2. Website - make sure everything is updated
  1. Gina and Kirsten need a blurb and photo on the council member page
  2. Add an update about the upcoming Evaluations
  1. Emails - respond to important emails
  2. Caitie StEvo bring back
  3. Motion to make new item on constitution

 Sending out applicaton to orgs. that attended mandatory training for Spring 2013 funding round?  I created the google doc to review: “CSC Grant Application Spring 2013”?

4/24/13 CSC Meeting

In attendance: Tino, Caitie, Devyn, Tommy, Carlo, Joyce (staff), Ronin (visitor)

Absent: Tommy, Kirsten, Jenn, Sahara, Katherine



Desired Outcomes


10 min

Evaluation Event Details

30 min

Confirm outreach, figure out tables, food, clipboards? supplies

Evaluation Criteria

30 min

What questions are we asking to determine success of projects?

Determine shifts for evaluations

40 min




-Longer check-in and introduction next meeting


        -Carlo: send informal email to potential CSC homies

1.  Supplies for Evaluation


-4 tables through C8, Red Room

-Joyce has table cloths



-80 people

-spring rolls, lemonade, iced tea

Things to pickup:

-tables, food at college 8, clipboards

2.  Agenda for Evaluations

        2:00- CSC Arrival/ Preparation

        2:30 Pick up food from C8

        3:00 Opening Statement

        3:10-4:50 Evals

        5:00 Closing Statement

3.  Evaluation Questions

        -We will all have clipboards

        -our main concerns are fiscal- so if thats a go then we are just stoked on what they did!

4/17/13 CSC Meeting: Joyce, Kirsten, Jenn, Carlo, Tommy, Gina, TIno, Devyn, Sahara and Caitie

NEXT STEP: Email Take Back the Tap back and arrange a grant training time


  1. Check-in
  2. Retreat Bring Back
  1. Positives: great to know the community, did a lot in the time that we had, our attendance
  2. Improvables: better trainings, didn’t necessarily get stuff done, more time for breakout time instead of trainings, time management- seemed like time could have been used more wisely, more workshops compared to the limited workshops we do here, more collaboration, length of workshops way too long
  3. What would CSC like getting out of a multi-org retreat?
  4. Should CSC members be in the future planning meetings?
  1. Make it clear in the commitments as a CSC member?
  1. Grant training and projector
  1. Had 5 organizations do grant training so far
  2. Check-out process for projector:
  1. Don’t just keep it in your car!
  2. Follow the check-out process!
  1. Meet Joyce in the office - look at Joyce’s Google Calendar
  2. Fill-out paperwork
  1. Timeline
  1. Possibly moving the grant due date from May 10th into Week 7?
  1. Grants due May 17th?
  2. DECISION: Keep May 10th due date for grants, Evaluations on May 17th, Final Decisions in Week 9, Award letter send out in Week 10
  1. Keep evaluations at week 6 during May
  1. Week 4 - Post grant training on website; Send out application; Look into tables
  2. Week 5 -
  3. Week 6 - Grants due May 10th
  4. Week 7 - Evaluations Due
  5. Week 8 -
  6. Week 9 -
  7. Week 10 -
  1. Review Outreach
  1. Where is the disconnect between outreach and advisors passing on the information
  1. Put systems in place where people see the value of CSC and having sustainabilitiy at their event
  1. Review Flyers
  1. Discuss evals

4/10/13 CSC Meeting Notes Joyce, Carlo, Tommy, Sahara, Jenn, Gina, Tino, Caitie. Kirsten and Devyn


  1. Check-in: What did you do to take advantage of this beautiful day?
  2. Retreat
  1. Does everyone know who they are going with? Look at the Google Doc from Breden Fant
  2. Look at the logistics list - sent out by Andrew Plebanek
  1. Bring sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries
  1. Breakout time -
  1. Go over our timeline -adding specific dates
  2. Preparing for the End of Year Sustainability Celebration
  1. Grant Training Powerpoint
  2. Spring evals
  1. Spring evals during week 5
  2. Draft the spring evaluations email
  1. Regular - 14 organization
  2. Semi-Perm - 1 organization
  3. Permanent - 4 organizations
  1. Emails

CSC Retreat Presentation

  1. What granting bodies do you know about on campus?
  1. Measure 43 - Health and Wellness
  2. CSC
  3. Carbon Fund
  4. Research grants (ask Joyce?)
  5. There is not one place to find grants, you have to look for it
  1. Elements of a good grant (Flow= Say the element --> What does this means to you? --> This is what CSC looks for)
  1. Professionalism, organization, presentation
  1. Following all the directions in the grant training
  2. Showing up to all meetings on time (grant training, interview, turning in grant proposal)
  3. Use visuals - graphs!
  1. Format of grant
  1. Easy to read and follow
  1. Can someone outside the organization or not familiar with your research understand your grant?
  2. Have someone else proofread it for you?
  3. Have clear headings and sections
  1. Quality content, but also concise
  1. Grant bodies don’t want to read a bunch of unnecessary long brants
  1. Include milestones (ways to track the progress of your grant)
  1. Have a way to track/illustrate the results
  1. Goals and objectives!
  1. Goals are more general and overarching; objectives are more specific and highlight tangible things you will be doing
  2. Passive vs active voice in writing a goal
  3. Think about your scope
  1. Understand and research the goals of the granting body you are applying to
  1. For example, the CSC is based off the 10 topics of the Blueprint for a Sustainable Campus
  2. Tracking and monitoring the success of your project
  1. How you are going to monitor it? What you are monitoring for? What is your overall goals?
  1. Budgeting - Your grant should come with a proposed budget
  1. Clear, easy to follow
  1. Do not all the assume all the members of the granting body have a thorough understanding of fiscal material
  1. Be reasonable about what you ask for
  1. Ask for more than you need, but not too much
  1. Make sure your numbers add up!
  2. Make sure all the materials you are requesting follow the guidelines/goals of the granting body you are applying to
  3. Be clear about the necessities of your budget?
  1. Why you need it?
  2. What will the granting body get from it? (return investment)
  3.  What items do you HAVE to have?
  1. Can we use old examples of grants? (ask Joyce)
  2. Sample grant writing activity - 15 with 10 min of bring-back
  1. “Save a Redwood Tree” Granting Body
  1. Purpose: To increase the number of coastal redwood trees in CA
  2. One goal, one objectives, one small sample budget, one milestone, how the success will be monitored
  3. One to two groups present their sample grant
  1. Concluding - Give granting resources

CSC Agenda 4/3/13 Attending: Sahara, Carlo, Tino, Tommy, Caitie, Catherine, Kirsten and Devyn

  1. Spring Retreat Bring Back
  1. Creating an hour presentation on grant writing - Kirsten, Sahara, Devyn
  1. Topics to cover: milestones, timelining, other granting bodies, what we personally look for
  1. Have a short activity
  1. Meet with Joyce to get ideas
  2. Need to contact spring retreat planning meeting
  1. Spring retreat is April 12-13th!
  1. Look out for transportation email from Brenden
  1. Bring back from General Gathering
  1. 2 possible members - will sit in on CSC
  2. Make class rap sign-up spreadsheet
  1. Does this meeting time work for us? Yes!
  2. CSSC Convergence - April 26-28th at Berkeley
  2. Kirsten is lead traveler for ESLP and SEC
  3. Who would be interested? Caitie, Devyn, Sahra, Carlo, Catherine, Tino and Tommy (possibly)
  1. Timelining for spring quarter
  1. Week 1: RFP Sent out
  2. Week 2: Grant Training (during end of week)
  3. Week 3: Grant Training (during beginning of week)
  4. Week 4:
  5. Week 5: Possible evaluation dates for last year’s funding
  6. Week 6: May 10th - Grants Proposals Due
  7. Week 7: Interviews
  8. Week 8: Discussing interviews and grants in-depth
  1. Pizza party
  1. Week 9: Final decisions
  2. Week 10: Send out award letters
  1. Grant Trainings
  1. Thursday, April 11th: 12:00-1:00
  1. Tino, Carlo
  1. Friday, April 12th: 11:30-12:30
  1. Carlo and Caitie
  1. Monday, April 15th: 11-12
  1. Sahara, Kirsten
  1. Tuesday, April 16th: 3:30-4:30
  1. Jenn, Devyn
  1. Wednesday, April 17th: 12-1pm
  1. Tommy, Kirsten
  1. Thursday, April 18th: 5:00-6:00pm
  1. Devyn, Tino
  1. Update RFP
  1. Changing dates
  2. Adding new grant training times
  1. Things to do this quarter:
  1. Updating grant training powerpoint
  2. How to do evaluations of perm and semi-perm organizations
  1. Vote on Catherine staying on as a CSC member- will be doing Field Quarter
  1. Voted YES that Catherine can remain on as a CSC Member

CSC Agenda 3/11/13 Attending: Sahara, Jenn, Tommy, Devyn, Fina, Caitie, Tino, Kirsten, Carlo, Joyce

NEXT STEPS: Have Google calendar updated by 3/24 ( so we can make a spring meeting time)

  1. Reviewing grants that we did not get to
  2. Adding up all our proposed awarded amounts
  1. Re-allocating extra funds
  2. Finalizing funding allocated for each organization
  1. Creating itemized list of how the funds will be used
  1. Drafting CSC confirmation letters with Joyce
  1. Wed 1-2 pm?? (Carlo, Devyn)
  2. Thurs morning
  3. Fri 2-3pm (Kirsten, Sahara)
  4. Can Catherine possibly help with letter this week?
  1. Bi-monthly bring back - Spring Retreat
  1. Want CSC to be more evolved
  1. Joining sub-committees
  2. Gina: retreat facilitator
  3. Kirsten: Agenda and emails
  1. Things we want to learn/get from the retreat in general
  1. Leadership skills
  2. Outreaching for CSC
  1. What we want to do at the CSC breakout retreat
  1. Timelining
  2. Positives and improvables of our first funding round together as council
  3. Fiscal resource guide
  4. Advanced outreach and connection with the web
  5. Thinking about spring evaluations
  6. Mentorship
  1. No internet service in Wintree!
  2. Asking for funding towards training and supplies - $250-300
  1. Need to know by Friday
  2. VOTED YES ON $300 from CSC INT
  1. How do we want organize cabins
  2. NO drugs or alcohol allowed

CSC Agenda 3/4/13 Attending: GIna, Jenn, Carlo, Caitie, Tommy, Tino, Devyn, Catherine, Kirsten, Sahara, Joyce

Next steps: Review PICA grant and come up with proposed funding amount

  1. Bring back of interviews
  1. How much do we want to “weigh” the interviews in our overall performances? The way they performed in the interview is a sign of their professionalism, but some groups are new and have less experience
  1. Looking over interviews for each organizations
  1. Bring back of each interview
  2. Send back revised budgets in a Google Doc with their grant amount and what we want them to spend it on?
  1. Bi-monthly Update
  1. The retreat - April 12-13
  2. Do we have internal funds that we can contribute to food?
  1. $1600 left for internal funds
  2. Ask what they want from CSC for funds
  3. Retreat planning - Only want one CSC member
  1. Wed 6-7pm or 7-8pm
  1. Sahara can go
  2. Money for trainers/workshops
  1. General Gatherings Next Quarter - Outreaching for next year
  1. Can outreach make it? Carlo can!
  1. What do we w

CSC Agenda 2/19/13 Attending: Gina, Kirsten, Joyce, Devyn, Tommy, Caitie, Sahara, Jenn, Carlo, Tino

  1. Check-in - Tino
  1. Pizza- no feta cheese, no mushrooms,
  2. Who is placing the order? Gina, Make sure GIna gets PO from Joyce
  1. Bi-monthly update
  1. Spring Retreat - April 12-13 Spring Quarter
  1. Why is spring retreat important? Allows for training in skills outside of just grants (facilitation, event planning, etc.), strengthens our org, creates bonds between council members
  2. Is anyone going to be on retreat planning with SEC and ESLP? No?
  1. CSC attending General Gatherings in the spring
  1. To promote awareness of CSC grants
  2. To get council members for next year
  1. Fiscal Bring Back
  1. Newest ledger from Carrie
  2. Money allotted for regular funding for winter quarter: $48, 703.41
  1. $93,740.50 - Permanent & Semi-permanent funding
  1. Estimated yearly CSC budget: $254,722
  1. Bring back from Historian/Fiscal Meeting with Menna
  2. Proposal due this Friday from 12-4pm in from to of the College 8 Red Room
  1. Tino - 12-1:30 pm, needs key
  2. Sahara - 12:10-1pm
  3. Kirsten 1-2:30pm
  4. Tommy - 2-3pm
  5. Caitie - 1:30-3pm
  6. Carlo 3-4pm
  7. Devyn 3-4pm
  1. Sign-in Sheet for the proposals
  1. Carlo sent out Google Doc titled “CSC WInter 2013 Applicant Interview SIgn-up”
  1. Creating evaluation rubric for grants
  1. Want to create well-thought evaluation rubric so it covers everything we want to see see in the grants and future projects
  2. Google Doc: CSC Funding Criteria Questions
  1. Process for collection of applications
  1. Will be on the table

People to send interview email to:,,,, Riotutar <>, Sarah Angulo <>,,, Ramos <>, Kirby <>,,, Szeto <>

CSC Agenda 2/11/13 Attending: Devyn, Jenn, Sahara, Gina, Catherine, Kirsten, Carlo

Votes: YES on pizza, YES on approving salary for fiscal position

Next Steps:

Catherine - Email Caitie about if anyone from CSC is going to the interview for fiscal position

Kirsten - Bring two example grant proposals

Carlo -  Synthesize grant proposal questions

Everyone - Review grant proposal evaluation question

STEERING - Create meeting with Kirsten to go over past budget allocations

Next meeting - Sign-up sheets for interview

  1. Check-In: When are we going to meet to make up for the holiday on the 18th (next Monday)
  1. Google calendar proposal for Tuesday, February 19th from 7-9pm. Approval needed
  1. Everyone try to make it if they can
  1. Transparency of documents, set up interview times (google doc) and room reservations. Determine when to send out email telling groups of available interview times
  1. Set up and transparency of org. documents and allocated interview times
  1. Tuesday Feb 26, 12-2pm
  1. Wednesday Feb 27, 2-3pm
  1.  Thursday Feb 28, 5-6pm
  1. Friday March 1, 10-11am
  1. Monday March 4, 9-10am
  1. Drafting email on informing groups of available interview times
  1. Sayo visit - Clarity on new fiscal hire and shared resources for CSC budgetary
  1. Background on position: When organizations were first formed, it wasn’t prudent for each organization to have own fiscal staff. Agreement that each organization would pay a piece of the salary and share the same fiscal staff. Then another agreement was created with OPERS where they did not pay but shared staff with us. Finally, OPERS paid off benefits of David Jones’ position and the rest of organizations paid his salary. At end of last year, decided that David Jones would work solely with OPERS.
  2. Now: Carrie supervises, trains and provides back-up
  3. Projected increases based on contract with union. Next contract will be drawn up after 2016
  1. Cost of living, etc.
  1. Organizations now have to pay benefits as well as salary
  2. Allocations based on how much time staff fiscal person is projected to spend on each organization’s budget
  1. Review and setup of grantee evaluation questions for rubric - Have a list of questions ready on a rubric ready for the interviews
  1. Does this organization receive funding for any other granting bodies? If so, what is the amount? (phase 2)
  2.  Do we see clear short term and long term changes applying to the blueprint
  3.  Structure and management: is there delegation of roles, staff involvement and student initiation, clear goals?
  4.  Have the exemplified Professionalism, leadership and knowledge, growth
  5.  Is the timeline well organized, well thought out, realistic?
  6. is the organization permanent, semi-permanent, or regular? When was this org last evaluated (in the case of permanent)? Have any changes occurred internally that could affect the amount requested?
  7. Has the org sufficiently adopted the idea of transparency? Are there org members identifies to keep items such as the budget, website and meeting minutes up to date?
  8. Does the grant clearly relate the proposed project to the Blueprint for a Sustainable Campus? Is there a connection between the project goals and the visions outlined in the Blueprint?
  9. Does scope of this project predominantly include UCSC students? Will this project affects UCSC students outside of the organization asking for a grant?
  10. Does the organization asking for funding demonstrate: transparency (including accessible meeting minutes and a website), student initiated leadership and professionalism?
  11. Is there an appropriate student fiscal liaison AND fiscal sponsor?
  12. Is the proposed budget for the project clear and concise?
  13. Is the proposed funding amount appropriate for the scale of the project?
  14. What is the extent of student leadership and participation? How many students are involved in the project’s professional aspects?
  15. Does the project demonstrate innovation?
  16. How many people is the project going to affect?
  17. If the approach to managing the project efficient and/or doable?
  18. What, if any, organizations is the project working with?

  1. Vote for food for the Monday, Feb. 25th grantee review - P.O. Request, shopper and what you are purchasing
  1. From Pizza My Heart -
  2. 3 vegetarian, 2 meats
  1. All 18”
  1. 1 large salad - Ceasar Salad
  1. $30.00
  1. Timeline Review
  1. Check out and feel good about all your work!

CSC Agenda 2/4/12 - Attending: Kirsten, Carlo, Joyce, Devyn, Caitie, Sahara, Gina, Tino, Jenn, Tommy

Next steps: Make scenario for funding interviews, Come up with 3-5 questions to evaluate grant proposals, send out email telling groups of available interview times (next meeting), Everyone look at their availability for interview week

Sahara: Add “relevancy to the Blueprint for a Sustainable Campus” to website under “Criteria”

Votes next week: Food amount for week 8, approving Fiscal Staff Salary expenses

Caitie: Send email to Joyce to ask for past award letters for fiscal staff

Fiscal: Prepare budget

  1. Check-in
  1. Facilitation: holding a space for discussion, being the “backbone” of the conversation, keeping in mind the desired outcomes of the discussion
  1. Application
  1. Importance of the application
  2. How to utilize the application
  3. What do we want to know right away about the organizations asking for funding?
  1. Fiscal and staff
  2. Connection to Blueprint
  3. Are there at least 4 student members
  4. Mission statement and main goals of organization and/or project
  5. Constitution
  6. Link to the organization’s website
  1. Winter Evals
  1. Sticking to the standardized system and evaluating objectively
  2. We like the grading rubric (found in Google Doc CSC Criteria …)
  1. Timelining for CSC
  1. StEvo Update
  1. In the past, David Jones was fiscal coordinator for CSC, ESLP and SEC
  2. New position description approved
  3. As a council, we need to approve the increase in the amount of money for the fiscal coordinator’s position
  1. Need to approve new salary
  1. Change would not formally kick in until July, new fiscal coordinator would be hired in march
  2. SEC would apply during spring funding round for fiscal staff
  3. Questions on Fiscal Staff Salary expenses
  1. Why is the salary increasing at a faster rate than in previous years?
  2. How is the percentage breakdown for each organization determined?
  1. Percentage pay=percentage time spent on that organization?
  1. Check-out










Winter proposal Evaluation Rubric



Catie & Catherine


Check Out


If this referendum was gone what would happen?

What did the students who passed the referendum want?


CSC Agenda 1/28 7-9pm, College 8

Attendees: Carlo, Devyn, Catherine, Caitie, Tino, Gina, Tommy, Jenn, Sahara, Kirsten, Joyce

Next step: Create CSC with milestones for each role, decide who is going to which organizations’ meetings

Reminder: Steering meetings 3:30-4:40pm @ the College 8 Red Room





Check-In: how did you feel about the grant trainings?  what do you think the orgs thought about it?  Positives? Improveables? How did the retreat help you understand the process and community you are part of within the sustainability movement?



Role check-in- bring back of your short paragraph on your role for clarification- add to your constitution and update on the web.

Other forms of outreach needed for this funding round? Next steps for sending out the application and powerpoint to student orgs. that attended the trainings?  TIMELINE



Meeting attendance and google calendar communication: steering, fiscal, SteveO, bi-monthly, Earth Summit planning committee, etc.) Workshops or presentations on behalf of the council? ES or other events?

Participation in the spring retreat with SEC and ESLP



Sustainability end of year (UC, CSU, CCC) conference attendance



Winter Evaluation?

Visiting the orgs. that received funding last fiscal year?  

Process for understanding milestones?



Grant Application/concise review and changes to the format



Create Evaluation Rubric


  1. Check-in: How did you feel about grant trainings? Positives/improvables? What do you think the orgs thought about it? How did the retreat help you understand the process and community you are part of within the sustainability movement?
  1. Felt retreat helped a lot with feeling comfortable
  2. Positives/Improvables
  1. Improvables: Redundant, have a single sign-in sheet (had problems finding the sign-in sheet online)
  2. Positives: Had plenty of time to go through the powerpoint, liked the activity where groups talked amongst themselves about how their projects relate to the Blueprint
  1. Question: When to put out grant training powerpoint?
  2. Google Docs - make sure to put “CSC” in the title
  3. Should we edit the powerpoint before spring grant trainings?
  1. Role Check-in
  1. Instead of having role descriptions detailed in constitution, have internal Google Doc where each person talks about what he/she feels his/her role entails
  2. Fiscal: Keeping CSC budget, meeting weekly, understanding the fiscal process and preparing for transferring and tracking funds once the grants are approved
  1. Making budget in Google Doc form for transparency
  1. Outreach: Chooses outreach strategies (What is the best way to outreach? What is the audience for CSC events?), working with website coordinator, making sure all voices get heard
  1. Outreach Position: An Outreach Coordinator’s job is to make sure everyone who would be interested in CSC grants has the information needed to initiate the granting process. This can be done in a number of ways and part of the Outreach Coordinators work is to decide how best to outreach to possible grantee candidates. This can include class raps, tabeling, emailing, fliers, or attending meetings of potential grantee organizations. The Outreach coordinator should also make sure that the webmaster is updated with all information needed to make the CSC website an outreach tool as well.
  1. Historian: Brings grants from last year for prepare evaluations, looking at work in past years, scanning in old documents
  2. StEvo: Evaluate staff member (Joyce)
  1. Having problems with meeting time and communication between StEvo group and CSC StEvo members
  2. What is the bring back for StEvo? Every CSC meeting should have a StEvo update.Put StEvo on
  1. Webmaster: making website user friendly, constantly updating
  2. Facilitator: helps create agenda in Steering, guiding meetings, making sure meetings stay on topic (follow agenda), give other CSC members practice to facilitate, MENTOR
  1. Timelining 
  1. Steering being mindful
  1. Participation in the spring retreat with SEC and ESLP - April 12/13/14
  2. Sustainability end of year (UC, CSU, CCC) conference attendance - June 23-27
  1. Higher education conference
  2. For people who might want to go, need to start thinking about registration feeds ($75), value of conference, transportation
  1. Winter evaluation? Visiting the orgs that received funding last fiscal year? Process for understanding milestones?
  1. Are we going to change it for evaluations next year?
  2. Process for understanding milestones
  1. Past CSC evaluations: visiting granted orgs as check-up (orgs give quick re-cap of how they are doing and CSC looks at budget), not meant to be judging orgs
  2. What is the intention of the evaluations?
  1. Both supporting the orgs we grant money too as well as keeping people accountable
  1. Do we want to do check-ins for organizations CSC funded last year?
  1. Is it in our capacity? One or two people could go to meetings for each organization
  2. Last year: 17 orgs applied and got funded
  1. Evaluating the grantees
  1. Does the College Eight event eligible to receive CSC funds?
  1. Is it an actual student group? Needs 4 members
  2. Why do they need funding if they are already getting funding from College Eight?
  1. Updated CSC Application
  2. StEvo Evaluation - Mid-point review of Joyce

CSC Agenda 1/14 7-9pm College 8 Rm 301

Attendees: Catherine, Devyn, Carlo, Sahara, Jenn, Gina, Tino, Tommy, Caitie




Check In


Inter-Org Debrief



Outreach Update

Joyce, Jen, Carlo


Grant Training Powerpoint


CSC Agenda 11/28 6:30-8:30pm College 8 Rm 301

Attendees: Tino, Tommy, Kirsten, Gina, Devyn, Jenn, Sahara, Carlo

Next steps:

Outreach - revise email responses

Kirsten - secure winter retreat location

Carlo - Fill out food PO:  $50 breakfast budget, $150 lunch budget

1. Retreat: Date, Time, Location, Food

        Date: 1/19

        Location: Joyce will email Cantu Center and Women’s center for availability

        Food: PO to New Leaf and Tacos Morenos

        Joyce: Pick up blank PO form and data projector

2. Training Powerpoint revisions

        a. How can we beef it up?

        b. Updates on aesthetics

        c. Include budget template

3. Sign up/Trainings

        a. Four responses

        b. How to get more attention?

        c. Ideas about scenarios

        d. Get it online

4. WEB review (Carlo) (to be done with Carlo specifically)

5. CSC office needs and scanning update (bike rack)

6. Roles of council members update

        a. Stevo good, fiscal good, web good

7. Outreach ideas

        a. Table/quarry

        b. Orgs events?

8. Email responses

        a. Dyson funding




Check In


Figure out dates for grant training

Gina, Tommy, Tino


RFP finishing & Outreach

Kirsten, Tommy, Gina



Tommy, Tino, Devyn




Sample Grant



Grant Training Powerpoint



Check Out


  1. Workshop at Inter-org
  1. Doing grant training workshop at inter-org
  1. Extra CSC email
  1. Send email before RFP? Is the RFP too wordy as the first email? Is two emails in a row too much?
  2. Revising email - eliminating ambiguous wording, connecting Google form to email
  3. Outreach will do revisions
  1. Sending out RFP
  1. Adding a bolded, intro section at the beginning  of document
  1. Reviewing RFP Form
  1. Spell checking
  2. Make list for grant training times
  3. Adding section after “Is your organization applying to any other grant or funding sources” to ask “Which ones?”
  1. Grant Training Times
  1. Tuesday Jan 22, 12-1pm
  1. Tino (Projector), Devyn,  CHuff
  1. Wednesday Jan 23, 2-3pm
  1. Tommy, Caitie  (projector) Sahara

                   c.  Thursday Jan 24, 5-6pm

  1. Gina (projector),  Caitie Kirsten

d. Friday Jan 25, 10-11am

  1. Gina, Devyn, CARLO(projector)

e. Monday Jan 28, 9-10

  1. Jenn, Kirsten, Tommy (Projector)
  1. Inter-Org and January Retreat
  1. Inter-Org: retreat between sustainability orgs on campus, lots of workshops
  1. What will the CSC breakout time be about?
  1. January 19, 9-3pm
  1. Location pending - Cantu Queer Center , Mural Room in Oakes, etc.
  2. Bagels and coffee
  3. Votes on spending money - $50 breakfast budget, $150 lunch budget

CSC Agenda 11/26 6:30-8:30pm College 8 Rm. 301

Attendees: Tino, Tommy, Carlo, Kirsten, Gina, Joyce, Devyn, Caitie, Jenn, Catherine, Sahara


Fiscal - Budget template

Outreach - Choose representative to make meeting with Joyce (schedule in her Google calendar)

Website person - make meeting with Joyce

Everyone - Review and add any changes you want to RFP

Kirsten, Catherine, Tommy and Gina - review and edit Google Form

Everyone - Look at a grant outside of UCSC, be familiar with grant language






Megan Check In (alum)

7 p.m.


Retreat (CSC doodle AND Interorg $$?)



Final review of RFP and google form?



Review outreach list

Gina, Joyce


Review Sample Grant

Gina, Catherine


Grant Training Powerpoint





  1. Carlo has permission from Council to have informal meeting with Sustainability Office rep
  2. Review of CSC Application Evaluation
  1. Making sure points in evaluation are reflected in the RFP
  2. Revising “Innovation” Section
  1. Changing “sophistication” to “professionalism”
  1. Final review of RFP
  1. Including quantifiable goals
  2. Updating Blueprint link
  3. Addressing longevity of organizations
  1. Defining longevity? Articulating the “passing of the torch” (regenerative structure; structure of mentorship); transparency
  1. How to quantify their understanding of fiscal processes?
  1. “Should provide tentative budget that is comprehensive, transparent, and logical. Fiscal representative should be able to demonstrate familiarity with budget and fiscal activity within the organization”
  2. Google doc with budget!
  1. Keeping RFP guidelines strong, but making the RFP approachable and clear
  1. NOT good to make guidelines and rules too flexible starting precedence
  2. Remember that the Council is constantly
  3. How to make RFP as clear and accessible as possible
  1. Google form to make process more streamlined
  1. Ways to integrate more CSC recognition into the projects we fund
  2. Google form for RFP
  1. List of at least 4 students name with one designated point person for email communication
  2. Required vs non-required infomration
  3. Picking dates for training, etc.
  4. Precursor for RFP
  1. Advice from UCSC alumni!
  1. Don’t lose sight of what you are doing!
  2. Delegating workload so next steps are completed

CSC Agenda 11/19 6:30- 8:30pm, College 8 Rm. 301

Attendees: Tino, Tommy, Carlo, Kirsten, Gina, Joyce, Devyn, Caitie, Jenn, Catherine

BIKE RACK: Final review of RFP, Grant Training Powerpoint, Outreach update (15min)

NEXT STEPS: Make tracking system for semi-permanent , Everyone - Look over RFP and add any edits/comments you feel are necessary


  1. Check-In
  1. Inter-org; Who is going?
  2. StEvo update; Taking on Meena on as volunteer for paperwork and working on office, CSC moving from reporting to SOAR to Campus Life? Reporting directly to Alma (create pros/cons)
  1. Discussion on fiscal
  1. Deliverable from fiscal representatives:
  2. Clear, concise and accessible to all council and the campus community
  3. Ledgers and activity codes (audit requirements)
  1. CSCINT (Internal) - budget for Council
  2. CSCREG (regular) - reapplying every quarter
  3. CSCPERM (permanent) - automatically receive money
  1. Revise permanent groups
  1. CSCSEM (semi permanent)
  1. Make CSC SEM easier to track; create tracking sheet
  2. In the past, semi-permanent was when an org had received money for 3 years and continues to follow CSC guidelines
  1. Reviewing CSC ledger
  1. Review the historical allocations, especially last year’s funding (Winter and Spring 2012 awards)
  2. Total amount able to allocate in Winter and Spring (minus perm, semi-perm and regular from last year’s funding round)
  3. Agreements for funding
  4. Rollbacks from last year
  5. Discussion on funding rounds and activity codes
  1. Challenges: Fiscal year, etc.
  1. Aligning funding rounds with UC fiscal year
  1. Navigating CSC website
  1. Transparency - New CSC constitution with Council Member names
  1. Go over sample request for proposals (RFP)
  1. Online proposals?
  2. Like the wording of proposal, but want to make the structure easier to navigate
  3. Review of RFP next meeting
  1. Timelining
  1. Academic school year dates - holidays, breaks, quarter dates
  2. RFP due date
  3. Application due dates
  4. Announcing RFPs
  5. Award dates
  6. Grant training workshops
  1. Check Out

CSC Agenda 11/05 6:30-7:30pm, College 8 Rm 301

Attendees: Gina, Tino, Tommy, Carlo, Catherine, Sahara, Devyn, Catti, Jenn, Kirsten


ALL: Email photo of yourself (include your face! Look presentable!) and include 2-3 sentence blurb about yourself

OUTREACH: Contacting other funding bodies on campus, looking into other orgs than might need sustainable funding (other than sustainability organizations)


  1. Check-in
  2. Announcements
  1. Chocolate Tasting - Fair Trade Chocolate, College 9/10, Sponsored by FoCAN and FSWG, 6-:30-8:30pm
  2. Off-campus: Responsible Company & Ground Fall (talk to Tommy for info)
  1. Role Check-In - Questions or comments about roles
  1. Remember to contact your assigned college!
  2. Talking about website- taking personal pictures, creating blurb for each council member, group picture
  1. Personal and Council Goals
  1. How  can we establish goals and objectives for this year?
  1. Backwards timelining - What is the ultimate goal?
  2. Setting Priorities
  1. Outreach, making CSC known on campus and in community
  1. Events, class raps, tabling
  1. Equal transparency about CSC
  2. Being involved in the orgs that we fund, collaboration
  1. Check-in with orgs at end of quarter?
  2. Attend events!
  1. Fostering sustainability and supporting orgs
  1. Giving them more tools than just money; skills for getting grants and funding from other places
  2. Being clear about other funding bodies other than CSC
  3. Providing resources
  1. Being a knowledgeable funding body
  2. Making other orgs sustainable
  1. How to promote and foster ideas of orgs to write grants to CSC; INSPIRE!
  2. Using a variety of outreach tools
  1. CSC Video? (Susan Watrose - Student Media)
  1. Re-evaluation of permanent funds every year
  1. Adding to constitution?
  1. Personal Goals
  1. Fiscal experience
  2. Experience working in a council setting
  3. How to foster this experience?
  1. Looking into other funding bodies; getting guest speakers from other orgs
  1. Council Goals
  1. Looking over Spring 2012 Allocations  
  1. Questions on permanent vs semi-permanent
  1. After 2 years of regular funding, can apply for semi-permanent; After 2 years of semi-perm funding can apply for permanent
  2. Orgs apply for semi-perm position
  1. Reviewing our website!
  1. New logo?
  1. Emails
  1. Discussing faculty sponsor requirements
  2. Bi-monthlies with SEC & ESLP: Representatives are Carlo & Tommy
  1. Check Out

CSC Agenda 10/29 6:30-8:30pm, College 8 Rm 301

Attendees: Gina, Tino, Tommy, Carlo, Catherine, Sahara, Devyn, Catti, Jenn, Kirsten

Next steps:

EVERYONE - Contact your assigned college senate, introduce yourself and talk about CSC, next steps for new Role

First steps for new roles

fiscal: set up a meeting w joyce & new fiscal person

outreach: consider outreach plans, send out emails to SOAR organizations (remind about upcoming funding round)

notetaker: consider notetaking plan

historian: get external drive (from Joyce)

webmaster: get oriented with website

stevo: share doc


  1. College assignments -
  2. What we want to see out of our meetings
  1. Pre-determined agenda, stick to the agenda
  2. Having respect for eachother, attack the idea not the person
  3. Show professionalism in person and in email
  4. Stacking, hand signals
  5. Business first! (Save announcements for announcement time)
  1. Expectations and Ground Rules for CSC
  1. How do we respond to emails? Joyce is the final sender of all emails, but we all get emails sent to CSC
  1. Delegate one person to pick out most important emails to talk about during council, facilitation about emails during council
  2. Draft emails during council
  1. Meeting attendance
  1. Refer to constitution - 3 absences per quarter= dismissal from council (2 missing meetings and get warning), 3 tardies = absence
  1. Voting on the rest of the ground rules (all rules upheld)
  1. Clarifying voting rule
  1. Let’s keep adding to these!
  1. Reviewing constitution
  2. Role appointment!!
  3. Going over food - informally bring snacks each week, each person brings their dinner
  4. Learning how to draft emails

Next steps:

Review constitution and bring back -  review and vote on consitution for 2012-13 council

Steering-  meeting is set up for Weds., Oct. 31st  (4- 5 p.m. ) at Baytree

Set next week’s agenda items and send out for Monday,  November 5th

Timelines for fall quarter

Next council   Monday, November 5th,  6:30-  8:30 p.m.

Joyce book College Eight Room 301

Retreat planning- what’s needed, dates that people are available


Council appointment

CSC Agenda 10/22

Attendees: Gina Vollono,  Tino,  Tommy, Carlo, Catherine, Sahara, Devyn, Catiie, Jen

Staff: Joyce Rice

Location: College 8 Rm. 301, 6:30- 7:30 p.m.


1. Walk away feeling comfortable

2. Establish commitments and roles

3. Discuss Constitution

Check-in Question (10 Min)

From your time here what have you observed about sustainability on campus and see as an important part of campus culture?  What kinds of things do you really honor about sustainability on our campus?

Gina- Inspiration

Tino- Land stewardship

Tommy- Commitment and levels of learning

Carlo- Heritage and accomplishment- next generation

Catherine- Ways of learning, on campus events

Sahara- Interdisciplinary access and unity of thinking

Devyn- Innovative thinking within the student body

Caitie- Culture of the campus, waste, dining,  etc. awareness  & respect

Jennifer- Resources and passion that support the  sustainability efforsts on campus

Constitution Intro (5 min)

- what is it

- was really looked at and changed ‘09-’10

- gets changed over the years

- encourage discussion and bring back

History of Referendum (3-5 min)

Roles Discussion (15 min)

Steering:  Devyn, Tino, Gina


Meeting Discussion (15)

- steering vs. council

- agreements about accountability