I originally created a list to mimic the pre-generated characters from the V1 Enemy Within campaign book.

After having played with the V2 rules now, I find that part of the career system was less fun: there are just too many direct paths to advanced careers. Everyone but the coachman in our group had a clear advanced career path, and straying from it would only slow a character down.

I would remove basic careers from the list that had exits to solid advanced careers (such as Tomb Robber, Mercenary, Soldier, Apprentice Wizard, etc) and to compensate give the players more experience per session (perhaps 70 instead of 50 for a 3 hour session).

Here is the modified list:

Role #1: Someone comfortable with a ship under his feet (human)

01-33 Boatman

34-66 Fisherman

67-100 Smuggler

(Add sail skill to all of these careers, add how they got it into their background)

Role #2: A professional fighter and devout follower of Sigmar (human or dwarf)

01-18 Bodyguard

19-37 Bounty Hunter (Exit to Vampire Hunter is removed)

38-53 Outrider (reroll if dwarf)

54-72 Pit fighter (Exit to Veteran is removed)

73-85 Protagonist

86-100 Road Warden

Role #3: An aspiring wizard (human)

01-15 Hedge wizard

16-58 Scribe

59-100 Student

Role #4: Someone with underworld connections (human or halfling)

1-10 Bone Picker

11-25 Grave Robber

26-35 Jailer

36-45  Rogue

46-60 Smuggler

61-75 Thief

76-90 Thug

91-100 Vagabond

Role #5: The randomness of birth (choose any race, but not an elf if a dwarf is in the party and party must be 50% human minimum)

Roll randomly: 01-100 on page 21

You cannot begin in the following careers (reroll):

Apprentice Wizard, Kislevian Kosar, Marine, Mercenary, Norse Berserker, Outlaw, Runebearer, Seaman, Shieldbreaker, Soldier, Squire, Tomb Robber, Troll Slayer, Watchman

Fieldwarden and Bounty Hunter have exit to Vampire hunter removed.  Pit fighter has exit to Veteran removed.

Reroll if you get a career that someone else has rolled up.