Credit Recovery - Geometry A

Course Description

As a logical and reasoning discipline, Geometry has a distinctive function within mathematics curricula. Having a deep understanding of geometric principles and techniques will help us to overcome many obstacles in learning whole mathematics in a progressive way. Geometry Course is crafted with such an idea in mind. Providing students with the basics of reasoning and inquiry skills, and exposing them to the real nature of geometry is the backbone of this course. Structure of the course developed for enhancing skills needed for critical thinking and decision making processes; deep engagement in the content of this course will lead students to streamlines tactics and strategies needed in dealing with sophisticated problems. By studying this course, students can climb to an efficient level of mathematical retention and analytical competency.


Unit 1. Language of Geometry

· Connections From Algebra

· Points, Lines, and Planes

· Measuring Segments

· Rays and Angles

· Classifying Angles

· Pairs of Angles

· Right Angles and Perpendicular Lines

Unit 2: Reasoning and Introduction to Proof

· Inductive Reasoning

· If-Then, Converses, and Postulates

· Deductive Reasoning

· Properties from Algebra and Proof

· Two-Column Proof with Segments and Angles

Unit 3. Parallel Lines and Coordinate Plane

· Lines and Points in a Plane

· Lines and Points in Coordinate Plane

· Equations of Lines in Coordinate Plane

Unit 4. Triangles: Basic Closed Figures in Geometry

· Structure of Triangles

· Congruent Triangles and Congruence Tests

· Special Segments in Triangles

Unit 5. Special Triangles and Special Relationships in Triangles

· Isosceles Triangles

· Equilateral Triangles

· Right Triangles and Pythagorean Theorem

· Triangle Inequalities