Lab A1 Transcript

(To whole class)

My name is Andrew, and today we are going to learn a little about volleyball.

So the first thing we are going to work on is the bump pass.

So when you do this, you usually just trying to hit it back to one of your teammates to set something

good up.

So first you want to get a nice wide base and bend your knees a little bit.

Then you want to clasp your hands like this.

You don’t want to interlock your fingers.

You want to keep them, put one hand around the other, thumbs pointing down, and you want to get a

nice flat platform in here.

So everybody try that out.


So you want to hit the ball off your forearms and not like off your fists or your upper arm or anything.

And, uh, so you using this to, uh, as a defensive move to, uh, you know stop a tough spike or, um,

something like that like a pass to your partner.

So we’re just going to try this out real quick so can everybody come out here and, uh, grab a partner.

And one partner is going to go on this black line and the other is going to stand on this black line over


So first what were are going to do is this side is just going to toss the ball to your partner and you’re

going to hit it back and catch it.

Alright, hold the balls.

One thing you want to do with this too is try to get the ball high in the air because some of your passes

are pretty low.  

You want to try and get it high so your teammate have, um, more time to get in position to get the ball,

um, let’s try doing that again with the other partner tossing.

(To student)

So, yea, you toss to him.

(To whole class)

Alright hold the balls.

Now you guys are going to volley it back and forth, so the first person starts off tossing.

Try to pass it back and forth without it touching or letting the ball hit the ground.

Alright hold the balls.

Now we’re are going to learn a little bit about setting.

So for setting you want the same wide base.  

And with your hands you want them above your head creating a little bit of a window.

You’re going to try and hit it up in the air, um, trying to set somebody up for a spike.

So, um, just volley back and forth with, uh, setting.

Alright, hold the balls.

You guys looked pretty good today.

We’ll work on it again next class.