The July 9 ,2011 GLSA board meeting was held at Southside Town Hall.

The following were present: Joe Lepley , Kent Davidson,Peggy Jo

Fortner,Harry Wahlquist,CarlSwanson , Carole Gertgen ,Mike McNellis

Jerry Dock,Pat Biethon,Nancy Pattee Hector ,Curt Conrad and Tom


Absent : Jerry Doffing and Lisa Peery(excused)

John Swanson ,Claire Dempsey and Chuck Lingen were also in attendance.

The meeting was opened at 9:05 a.m. by Joe Lepley, President. The

minutes for the June 11,2011 meeting were reviewed by the board .

Harry moved and Peggy seconded to approve the minutes. Motion carried.

Peggy presented the Treasurer’s report dated 7/01/2011(attached).

Peggy reported the area coordinators are working to increase

membership to over 400.A second mailing(dues letter) will be done this


Harry moved and Jerry Dock seconded a motion to approve the

report.Motion carried.

High water management-

1.slow-no wake- John Swanson and Kent are working with the

county.Question asked- Has our mailing made a difference in our

efforts to reduce speed/wakes? A sign is posted at the access " NO


Copy of our revised ordinance proposal is attached. (Appendix A)

Our GLSA proposal goes to the DNR,then the county to accept. It

appears that 4 of 5 County Commimsioners approval our proposal A

public hearing is required. The county Sheriffs department will post

and control signage on the shore.We will make a 4 ft x 4ft sign on PVC

pipe and post in the water. A permit is required for our signs.

Kent made a motion to spend up to $500 for our signage cost.Nancy

seconded, Motion carried.

2. request from Lake Francis Association to help with cost to clean

out the south outlet below Francis at $1000. Our share would be 1/2.

Jerry moved and Pat seconded to spend $500 for this/Motion carried.


ad hoc committee- zebra mussels- Pat B,, Chris H. and Carl. Pat spoke

with Joe Schneider from the Christmas Lake Association. They have a

pilot study gate program -from August 1 to Labor Day. Coded entry/exit

gate ,cost =$18,000with grant for 90% from  DNR and Minnehaha creek

watershed district. One inspection station  for 3 lakes-

Minnewasta,Christmas and Lotus.

Lake Sylvia is in 2 townships and ordinances can bypass. Clearwater is

in 2 counties- both must approve. The COLA meets in July.Possible

discussion there.

Carl- Z treatment with Zquinox- under trial at Lake Darling. A concern

of July 4th overflow parking at landing onto Quinn Ave. Only 9 or 10

active volunteers for inspections at access.We need more.

Milfoil- John Swanson reported treatment of various areas.Some in

deeper waters.1/2 acre  300 yards out from access treated  twice.

Scattered plants treated on north end of west lake. McComas will be

checking in late July/early August for our success in Milfoil

treatment  and looking for zebra mussels near the landing and back in

September (total of 2 days)

Social- Carol- Picnic will be held August 21st.It will be announced in

newsletter. No postcards will be sent and no prizes.

Jerry Dock reported a smaller directory will be printed and updated

yearly at a cost of $1,100 for 500 copies.

Articles and Bylaws-Pat Biethon will address at August meeting. Add

provision for electronic/phone meetings.Bylaws/changes can be approved

by Board. Articles require a 2/3 approval by GLSA members at an annual


Carl moved and Carol seconded motion to adjorn.

Meeting adjorned at 10:25

Tom Plihal

Secretary GLSA

Appendix A