Unit: Functions and Linear Functions


1. Linear Equations (1 and 2 variable)

2. Direct and Inverse Variation

3. Regression Analysis

4.  Function Notation

5.  Definition of Function, 1:1

6.  Domain and Range

7.  Composition of Functions

8.  Inverse Functions



Functions with tables

Definition of function, dependent and independent variables,

Functions with graphs

Definition of function (vertical line test), x and y intercepts,

Functions with equations

Function notation (evaluating functions)

Graphs of linear functions

Graphing a linear function, finding x and y intercepts and slope.

Extrapolating via linear functions

Solving a linear equation, evaluating a linear expression

Extrapolating with linear data

Regression analysis

Measuring confidence of extrapolations

Correlation Coefficient

Composition of Functions

Composition of Functions

Domain and Range with Graphs and Tables

Domain and Range with Graphs and Tables, interval notation.

Domain and Range with equations

Domain and Range with equations (Radicals, quadratics and Rational functions.)

Inverse of linear functions

Inverse functions (Inverse functions with tables, then finding the equation from the table, then an algorithm for the process.)

Inverse of functions that are not one-to-one?

One-to-one, inverse functions

Projected days needed: 14  (12 + 2)

This puts me 6 days off of pace.