Bronyville Episode 051 - Friendship is Critical Hits

Time : Saturday, PST

Show Notes


The views expressed are that of the panelists and do not in any way reflect those of Hasbro, Studio B Productions, The Hub - employees and management. The panelists themselves are fans and claim no expert knowledge on the source material.


Welcome to Bronyville! This is Episode 51 recorded on April 22, 2012. I am your host Apple Cider


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Books! [fanfic suggestions]

Topic Time! - Rollin’ Dice and whackin’ monsters.

        Some Features:

Four playable races, XP/advancement system, spell creation system, narrative focus, easy to learn & play


Season One and Season Two Editions, information about the game and team, and official forums!

        Target Release Date:

May 12th (but that’s not a Pinkie Promise; please be patient if we run a little later, it’s to ensure quality)

        Appeal to the Community:

Try your hand at making Pre-Made Episodes, Campaign Settings, etc! Community content FTW!

        Psst, Kkat! Maybe give your blessing for a Fallout Equestria Campaign Setting? Other fanfic authors, join in? :D

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If anyone has questions or comments, they’re always welcome! Send your emails to

Episode Discussion: SEASON FINALE! OMG.


Good Day Background hostess, and Abel Sider, and even Chef Sandy.

Unfortunately I had to work today and had to watch the episode late, so you probably won't get this in time for your recording session. Which means this probably won't be read on your show, or responded to it, but hey I keep writing them... deal with it.

This was a great episode but I was wondering what you thought of the complete destruction of so many fanfics. I know you know that we all know that this happens. But what do you think about the future fans who will watch the episodes after they destroy the stories made before episodes air, and then try and read the fics. I ask this because as a aspiring, but completely unsuccessful fan author, I worry that at some point the classics, which were great when they came out, will be considered of lower quality by the new fans.

for instance at 39:48 into the combined last 2 episodes... Vinyle Scratch has purple eyes.

I am sad panda :(

On a related note please have fun with this shipping manifest. Some of this is fantastic, like who knew there was Steven Magnet Discord shipping?

and boy look at all that Octy/Scrach shipping.

Also, my condolences to my favorite host Mr. Sandinyourwinlischious. But since Rainbowdash missed her cue it looks like she will never make it into the Wonderbolts, though she is a much stronger flyer :)

See you at Everfree NW where I will be working security. I already escorted Tara Strong at Comicon as a actual paid job, lolz

Sincerely Yours,

  Piquo Pie

Hello AC, CS, RgiB (just joking Starry Night) and Guest(s)

Having just finished watching the season finale I can only say BEST EPISODES EVER!!! We had a plethora of songs, nods to the fandom and enough action/drama/laughter to hopefully make us though to the start of session three!

I think everyone in this fandom can say to the chaps at DHX, Hasbro, The Hub and everyone to do with making My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic... Thank you for an amazing show!

I think I will have to rewatch the new episode a couple more times to get EVERYTHING (wouldn't half expect to see several kitchen sinks) But when Sibsey's OC turned up in the middle of the episode I FLIPPED OUT!

To the staff of Bronyville, I must congratulate you on your 50th episode anniversary, your year anniversary (today's episode) and your 52nd *number of podcasts to make up a year's worth of podcast episodes* Episode... As always I look forward to listening to this every Wednesday and fully expect a double sized episode for the season finale two parter!

To your guests I have a question; If you could have anything put into session 3, what would it be?

I tried to keep this short, so I will wrap up now!

Yours from the land of Tea, Union Flags and British Bronies


Floor Manager for Brony UK Convention (Shameless plug activate!)

P.S. LYRA GETS CANON VOICE!, Now she is no longer a mute! I'm rather happy about that :D

Dear Apple Cider, Chef Sandy, Starry and any of your amazing guests.

First off let me say that I love your podcast and congrats on making it to 50 episodes. Now to my question. I know you run your own meet up groups and I would like to know how you got all those people to join. I run a meet up group here in southern California, the Inland Empire Bronies on Facebook and I am trying to get more people to join. I currently have 74 people who have like the page. Anyway if you have any advice you can give would be great. Also if you could please wish me luck on holding my third meet up this Saturday April 21st. Keep up the great work and I look forward to listening to you each and every week.

Shadow Nightbolt

P.S have you heard about Equestria LA and if so do you plan to attend?

Hey Applecider, Chef Sandy, Starry Night, Mbulsht, and Whomever this week's Celestia-picked guest you have this week.


I would like to Congrats on hitting the Big Old 50! (well 51 as of this episode) It has been a wonderfull ride ever since I listened to the first episode, The LOL moments of Chef, Cider, and most of all Starry have been a highlight of my weeks. The wonderful songs picked for the outros are always fantasic and the Guests are Fresh and Fantastic


I Still solely blame you all for getting me hook in MLP Fanfic I love you for it.


Question time

If you could see any Movie Redone with Ponies which movie would it be?


Which Shippings do You Support? Lyra x Bon Bon and Chef Sandy x Applecider are given so which other Shippings do you like?


What do you have Planned for episode 100?  


Keep up your great work and I can't wait till episode 100 comes around



Fluttershy is best Pony, Nyx is best FanFiction pony, and Molestia is best Tumblr Pony


Twilight is still Twilightlicous and Rainbow Dash is Always 20% cooler.

Dearest Applicious, Thomas Cheferson, Starry Starry Night, and guest(s),

Once again, the most dreaded time of year for bronies has come around: the Post-Season Summer Hiatus. Now, we must depend on each other for pony content until autumn comes around.

With that in mind, I was hoping to contribute more to the community with what many bronies have been clamoring for: fanfic audiobooks. I've already set up an email for the project, which I've called Random Stable Productions, and plan on starting out with Family by NTSTS.

My question is what other stories do you believe would make good audiobooks or have heard people wanting an audio version? How should I go about asking for requests? Should I worry about a logo at this time? If so, should I make a request from the community or find an artist whose commissions I can afford?

Well, if nothing else, I should be able to get that first story up on iTunes and YouTube and worry about more later. Any advice on the subject is greatly appreciated.

Your loyal listener,


Post Script: Random afterthought, have you guys ever considered Chad "CR" Rocco as a guest? He's a Channel Awesome/That Guy with the Glasses reviewer who is an avid brony, made an MLP retrospectives for Gens 1-4 and even started doing Season 2 episode reviews. Just throwing that out there.

Hello Starry Night, Apple Cider, Chef Sandy, who ever your great

guest(s) is this week.

I was listening to episode #48 and to how they where talking about the

fact that Pinkie Pie was over marketed because she was the pink one, and

it made me think of something.

As I looked over Hasbro's toy line, I realized that although the show

has gone out of it's way to break the various little girl stereotype,

the toy line itself really hasn't. And the licensed merchandise is even

worse. All of it is just cute, glittery, and drowning in pink.

So I was wondering if you had any ideas about what would help encourage

Hasbro to make their toy line less stereotypical, and by extension, the

licensed merchandise as well.

Thanks for listening.


PS. I don't care if she isn't one of the main six, Vinyl Scratch is best


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--------------------------------------------------------------------(Thanks again, AC, CS, MB, & SN! ~TT)

Dear Princess Celestia,

Today, me and some of my PFF’s learned about the potential dangers of marrying changelings! Apple Cider and Chef Sandy were nice enough to talk with us about our game, their upcoming birthday, and decidedly more than just One Cool Thing. In return, we introduced them to our Australian Pun Machine, and discussed the finer points of Zerg Ponies. NUKE ‘EM, RAINBOW!

Also, Tori Spelling was there. No one’s really sure why.

Your Faithful Game Designer,

Tall Tail

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

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