Leo New Moon Manifestation Celebration

This month we will be celebrating the Leo New Moon, which is all about creativity and fun! :) This simple workshop is accessible to anyone, even if you have no experience with astrology. You will learn how to manifest your intentions each month under the influence of the powerful new moon. Manifest means to be revealed in visible form. You will be surprised at how quickly you see your monthly goals and wishes coming true when you tap into the energy of new beginnings. The workshop will guide your writing process so that the words you choose to describe your wants and needs provide the best possible outcomes. I look forward to helping you open new doors of opportunity for yourself and celebrating with you this Sunday! Wishing you light to guide your journey,  

naOMi ruth 

naOMi ruth has been practicing freewill astrology for over 10 years. She believes that everyone enters life with a set of tools that are meant to help them achieve their ultimate life goals and truest desires. Her goal is to make astrology accessible to all people without sacrificing the accuracy and sacredness of the craft. Her work offers unique insights into the concept of life path, and helps each individual work toward ultimate self-acceptance.

Services: Private readings and tutoring sessions, reading parties and group workshops.