LESSON PROS - Music Lessons for all ages

Contact us info@lessonpros.com or call us 1-800-986-5973 - http://www.lessonpros.com/

Speak with our lessons coordinator and we will walk you through your options as well as send you details.

Have your introductory lesson. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your teacher you will not be charged and we will match you with a different teacher for you to try out.

Begin your lessons!!

Private Lessons at any show or festival

NGL will also set up private lessons at any show or festival if time is available.



No Grass Limit - How to Practice

No Grass Limit - Jamming Etiquette  

No Grass Limit - Stage Presence

No Grass Limit - How to work together as a band

No Grass Limit - Vocal and Harmony

Chuck Millar - Beginner to Advanced Guitar

Chuck Millar - Beginner to Advanced Flatpicking

Chuck Millar - Beginner to Advanced Mandolin

Chuck Millar - Beginner to Advanced Fiddle

Chuck Millar - Songwriting

Chuck Millar - Music Theory and Your Instrument

Chuck Millar - How to Play Ergonomically

Clint Birtzer - Beginner to Advanced Guitar

Clint Birtzer - Songwriting

Sandi Millar - Beginner to Intermediate Guitar

Chuck and Sandi Millar - Songwriting

Chuck and Sandi Millar - How to run a successful Kickstarter Campaign

Mike Hedding - Beginner to Advanced Banjo

Vaughn - Upright Bass

If you have other ideas for workshops for NGL to teach let us know.  We are always open to new ideas.



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