Locker Management 

User Guide 

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  Released August 2011

Guide Last Updated - August 2016

(This guide is based on Version 2.5 of the Locker Management System.)



The data and names used to illustrate the processes and procedures and screen images may include names of individuals, companies, brands, and products. All of the data and names are fictitious.

Table of Contents 

  1. Introduction 
  2. Overview 
  3. Setup 
  1. Setup Locker Groups 
  2. Setup Locker Locks
  3. Setup Lockers 
  1. Student Assignment Functions 
  1. Student Function Menus
  2. Mass Assignment
  3. Single Assignment
  1. Importing
  2. Maintenance Functions
  1. Synchronization 
  1. Start Page > School Setup > Locker Management > Synchronize Combinations
  1. Advance Locker Sequence
  2. Clear Lockers
  1. Information Functions 
  2. Existing v1 Customers


Use this guide to familiarize yourself with Locker Management. This guide is based on the v2.0 and later releases of Locker Management unless otherwise noted in later releases of Locker Management.

This guide will outline processes and procedures on how to set up every aspect of Locker Management. Depending on your user security settings, you may not be able to access every item outlined in this guide. If you require access to areas that are currently restricted, please contact your PowerSchool System Administrator to make the proper adjustments.


With the introduction of Locker Management, you will now be able to manage all of the lockers in your building, manage various locker groups, monitor locker status, and be able to dynamically monitor available lockers in your building. In addition to all of this, you will also be able to keep a bank of available combinations that a locker has associated with it and change the current combination in the sequence with ease.


Set Up Locker Groups

Start Page > School Setup > Locker Management > Locker Groups

Locker groups will need to be set up first and require the following data elements:

Locker groups are an essential component of Locker Management and are required to be set up in order for it to function properly. Lockers must be associated with a group when they are created. You are required to set up at least one group if your school does not currently use locker groups. You can also perform certain tasks against a group, for instance you can increment the locker sequence for a single group of lockers.

Helpful hint! If your school does not currently track locker groups, the best practice recommendation would be to create two groups. 1) Active and 2) Inactive. The Inactive group will act as a group to monitor broken lockers and all other lockers can be put in the Active group. You can also setup different areas of the building as separate groups for better management.

Set Up Locker Locks

Start Page > School Setup > Locker Management > Locker Locks

Locks will need to be setup and require the following data elements:

  1. Lock Serial Number
  1. Max Combos
  1. Current Combination in Sequence
  1. Combinations 1 though 12

If a student is using a locker that is using the current lock then the students name and current combo will be shown. Changing the Current Combination in Sequence will automatically adjust the students combo.

Set Up Lockers

Start Page > School Setup > Locker Management > Lockers
Lockers will need to be setup and require the following data elements:

  1. Locker Number
  1. Locker Group
  1. Pad Lock
  1. Lock
  1. Number of Students per locker (up to 4)

If a student is using the current locker then the students name and current combo will be shown. Changing the Lock will automatically adjust the students combo.

Helpful hint! If there are currently students attached to the locker you will not be able to delete the locker.

Student Assignment Functions

Student Function Menus

The Student function menus have been modified to include the ability to select students and automatically go to the Mass Assignment page. Pages such as Group Functions, Student Selection have a new option "Mass Assign Lockers" that will enable you to greater define you would like to assign lockers too.

Mass Assignment

Start Page > Special Functions > Locker Management > Mass Assignment

The Mass Assignment function will allow you to assign lockers to a group of students all at once rather than going into each student record one at a time. When you arrive at the Mass Assignment page you will notice many options:

  1. Assign Lockers Randomly: This button will assign available lockers in a random fashion. There will be no rhyme or reason to how the lockers are assigned to the students
  2. Assign Lockers Sequentially: This button will assign available lockers in a systematic fashion
  3. Drag and Drop, you can drag the locker number from the right to a student to set a specific locker to a specific student.
  4. Filter Options:  will allow you to narrow down specific lockers and/or students. If no filters are in place, all students without lockers and any locker available in any group will be used in the assignment process.  For example, if you have a "Blue" and "Green" group and choose only "Blue" as your filter, only available lockers in the "Blue" group will be used in the assignment process.
  5. Use Current Selection: The use current selection check box will only appear if you have students selected.

NOTE - If you have lockers that can have more then one student Mass Assign will only assign one of those lockers per submit. For example you submit lockers for 9th graders. Locker 1000 allows 2 students per locker. The first submit will assign 1000 (1st instance) then will be listed for use again in the second submit.


Helpful Hint! When first assigning Lockers a large pool of lockers may take a longer time then expected to display on the screen. This is normal and the user should wait for the page to fully render. 

Single Assignment 

Start Page > Student >Modify Info

You can assign a locker to a individual student via the students Modify Info screen. Clicking the double arrows will provide a pop-up with the available locker groups. After selecting a group the available lockers will be available for selection. Selecting a locker number will enter the locker number and locker combo for the student.  You can also start typing in a locker number in the Locker Number box and then click on the locker that appears in the auto-fill list.  To clear a locker, remove the locker number and click on Submit.


Start > Special Functions > Importing & Exporting > Quick Import

You have the option to import the Locker information after you have setup at least one locker group. Using the Quick Import we can import a Tabbed Delimited file based on the info below.

All Import Files should be tabbed delimited. Field Names in Red are required.

Table: LockerLocks

Table: Lockers

Management Functions


Start Page > School Setup > Locker Management > Synchronize Combinations 

The Synchronize Combinations screen allows the user to check and correct students whose locker /lock combination is out of sequence with the Locker Management System.

A example of this is say Lock 123 has 5 possible combinations and the lock is set to use Combo 1. Johnny has locker A3212 which uses Lock 123 but his combo number is that of
Combo 2 , which means Johnny's combo is incorrect based on the data in Locker Management.

Any student shown on this screen has a locker/lock combo that does not match the data in Locker Management. The page will attempt to correct the
student's locker combo and show you what the locker combo should be. Clicking submit will apply the New Combination value to the students listed on the screen.

Note: The above screen shot if from PS 6, however the function is the same in PS 7.

Advance Locker/Lock Sequence

Start Page > School Setup > Locker Management > Advance Locker/Lock Sequence

The Advance Locker/Lock Sequence screen will allow you to increment all locks or a specific group of lock at the current school. After selecting this page will be prompted to select a Group or All Groups. Clicking the Create button will list all the lockers/locks that will be changed and what the lockers current sequence is and what it will be after the submit.

After submitting you will be brought to a screen that allows the user to update existing students with their new locker combination. This screen allows you to preview the changes to the student locker combo before submitting. After submitting, the
student's locker combo will be automatically updated.

Note: The above screenshot if from PS 6, however the function is the same in PS 7+.

Clear Lockers

Start Page > School Setup > Locker Management > Clear Lockers

The Clear Lockers page allows you to clear the student locker number and locker combo for several scenarios. Before beginning you should use the Synchronize page at each school using Locker Management.

Helpful Hint! Clear Students has a option to clear combos of students who have a locker at another school. This page uses logic to determine if the locker and combination is in sequence with a locker at another school. Therefor it is a recommended step to make sure lockers are in sync in all schools prior to EOY.

The Clear Locker allows you to clear based on any of the following;

Selecting a option and clicking Create will list the students that the page is about to clear locker number and locker combo for. Clicking Submit will perform the clearing of those student fields.

Note: The above screenshot if from PS 6, however the function is the same in PS 7+.

Information Functions

The information functions area provides basic reports, based on common customer requests.

Home Room Report

This report will show the Students Name, Locker Number and Current Combination based on the Teacher, Period, Day and Term Selected. This can be printed for the Teacher so they know their classes Locker Information.

Graduating Student

This report will show the Locker Name, Group, Lock, Current Combination and the Possible Combinations based on Students who are moving to a new school (Schoolid # Next_schoolid) and that no other student is not using the locker. If a Locker can have 4 students and 3 students are 8th graders and one is an 7th grader then the locker will NOT be on the list. If the locker can have 4 students and all are 8h graders and moving to a new school then the locker will be on the list. This report can be printed for the Staff to know which lockers will no longer be used

Locker Usage

This page will show the percentage of lockers currently used by group.

Previously Used Lockers

This page allows you to set whether a student who has left your district has emptied their locker.

Search Locker

This page allows you to search for a locker by searching for a Locker Number, Group Name or by the Current Lock Combo. By default the page will list 1000 items. This report will also show what Students are attached to that locker.

Usage / Combination

This report will show the Locker Name, Group, Lock, Current Combination and the Possible Combinations.

Existing v1 Customers

Existing v1 customers will receive a zip file named Converter_v1_to_v2.zip via Freshbooks. This file will help convert your data to the v2 format. The steps for conversion are:

  1. Contact PDS (lockers@powerdatasolutions.org) to initialize the additional features of v2.
  2. Load the conversion files on the server.
  3. Extract the old data in the newly converted format using the pages from step 1.
  1. Navigate to \admin\lockers\convert\convertv1v2.html
  2. Right click the Step 1 and 2 links and select Save As and save the files to the desktop.
  1. Select step 3 to select the Locker v1 Lockers data and change to DDE.
  2. Verify that only the Lockers data is selected.
  3. Change to DDA.
  4. Modify Records. Field: Related_To_Table New Value: LockersV1
  5. Delete the \admin\lockers folder to remove the v1 files.
  6. Install the v2 files.
  7. Import the newly formatted data back in, this should be done in District Office if you have multiple schools using Locker Managment.
  1. Lockers.csv imports into Lockers
  2. LockerLocks imports into LockerLocks

Version Information

Version 2 is the most current version of the Locker Management system.  You should see a footer on each of the locker management system pages that list the current version. If you do not have a footer or are not on Version 2, please contact us at lockermanagement@gmail.com for the updated version.