The undersigned, who agrees to be a registered, full-time student, hereinafter referred to as the “Student,” and Occidental College, hereinafter referred to as the “College,” hereby enter into this Housing and Meal Plan License Agreement upon the terms and conditions outlined below. The dates and policies set forth in this agreement supersede dates and policies as they may appear in other documents.

Student Name (Please Print) Parent/Guardian Name (if student is a minor)

Signature of Student Parent/Guardian Signature

Oxy ID # If by Proxy, Proxy Name

Date If by Proxy, Proxy Signature 2012-2013 Starting meal plan (please circle): Plan A Plan B Plan C Plan D - (not available to first-year students) See Part 2 or the Dining Services website for more details

After you have read the sections below please initial next to the section header signifying that you have read, understand and will abide by the following sections in this license agreement. If you have questions on a particular section, please contact the Residential Education and Housing Services Office.


PART PART PART PART PART PART PART 2012-2013 seniors, expectation. to cancellations The Fall HALLS HALLS Spring HALLS HALLS *OR house residence Semester 24 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 1. CANCELLATION OPEN CLOSE Semester OPEN CLOSE HOURS MEAL ROOM CONSOLIDATION ASSIGNMENT PAYMENT May students TERM academic In 20, PLAN ACCESS please halls 2012 the AFTER 2013). AND 2013 in event will OF temporary year see PERIOD be LICENSE LAST Students that Part available (fall housing FINAL 7. and OF rooms New Returning All All Non-Senior Graduating participating for OCCUPANCY: Students Students spring EXAM, Students is occupancy that not Initials Initials Initials Initials Initials Initials Students semesters), are available Seniors WHICHEVER C in adequately approved according The for including Housing all COMES Oxy PART PART PART PART PART PART students secured to o the Study 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. and all following Saturday, Monday, Sunday, Monday, Sunday, Monday, FIRST. CONDUCT DAMAGES NEWCOMB ROOM ROOM ALCOHOL and at vacation Meal Abroad the furnished CONDITION CHANGES p time December May January May schedule: Plan August August programs POLICY RESIDENTS periods the 12, 20, License until 2013 residence 25, 21, 2013 27, REPORTS 16, and y 2012 2013 2012 will a Agreement 2012 permanent College be halls automatically open, 8:00 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00 breaks shall space Initials Initials





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The student will not be permitted to occupy a room prior to the official opening date or after the official closing date, except by special permission of an authorized designee of Housing Services. Students who are granted permission will be charged a daily rate set by Housing Services.

The residence halls and College owned student housing are closed during the break between Fall and Spring Semester. All students must vacate the premises prior to the scheduled closing of the hall. Fines may be applied to late and/or improper check-outs. The residence halls and College owned student housing are open during the Fall, Thanksgiving and Spring Break periods. Students wanting to stay for summer and/or winter housing must be approved by an authorized designee of Housing Services. Summer and winter housing fees will be added to the student’s account. Please contact Housing Services for more details.

Students requiring housing for Spring Semester, 2013 only, must submit a Returning Student Housing Request accompanied by this License Agreement. Such requests will not be considered until the License Agreement is completed and signed.

PART 2. MEAL PLAN: Participation in the College residential meal plan is required of all students who are assigned to a residence hall and who have signed a Housing and Meal Plan License Agreement, with the exception of residents in Berkus House, SAE and 4863 Stratford. Changes to meal plans may be made each semester up to 5:00 PM on the Friday of the second full week of classes. Changes or cancellation of meal plans must be made online or in the Card Office. A student who leaves campus housing and returns at a later date will automatically be assigned Meal Plan A and must notify the Card Office within 2 weeks if a different meal plan is requested. Students will automatically be assigned the meal plan selected on this License Agreement, if a meal plan is not selected students will be assigned Meal Plan A. Any changes must go through the card office. For a full description of meal plan costs, policies and other information please contact Campus Dining.

PART 3. ROOM ACCESS: The College will, when necessary:

1. Control the use of rooms, with medical direction, in the event of an epidemic or other medical emergency. 2. Place a new roommate into any empty room space at any time during the academic year. Students will receive 24 hour prior notice when a new roommate will be moving into their room. After 24 hours the new roommate will be allowed full access to the room. 3. Permit representatives of the College including staff in the Dean of Students Office, Residential Education and Housing Services, Card Office, Campus Safety and/or Facilities Management staff to enter a student’s room for regular maintenance, health and safety inspections, emergencies, and with reasonable cause. Searches not outlined above shall be authorized by the Dean of Students or designee. If possible, students’ room and their belongings will not be searched without their presence. When possible the student will be contacted prior to a search. If the student can not be reached and is not present during a search, they will be informed by Housing Services that a search did occur and the reasons for the search. Continued on next page.

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The College cannot prevent or prohibit the search of students’ rooms or College premises by law enforcement officers acting in the performance of their duty. It is expected, however, that the ordinary requirements for lawful search will be followed. The inspection of students’ rooms for maintenance requirements is not considered to be a search. This includes Health and Safety inspections each semester, end of semester closing and end of the year check-out.

PART 4. CONSOLIDATION: The College reserves the right to consolidate student space as necessary when vacancies occur in a double or triple room. Consolidation refers to reassigning students without roommates together to create more space. If directed by the College, the remaining student must consolidate with another student. Refusal to consolidate will result in the student being referred to the conduct process and/or a fine. Consolidation will occur before the Fall semester and once during the 5


week of classes of both Fall and Spring semesters and a voluntary consolidation will occur between the Fall and Spring semesters.

PART 5. ASSIGNMENT OF LICENSE: After room assignment, students must sign a license agreement or improper check-in charges may apply. This license is non-transferable and shall not be sold, lent, or sublet to another person. The student agrees to pay all reasonable costs and expenses that shall be made or incurred by the College in enforcing this License Agreement. Completion and delivery of this agreement by the student does not constitute acceptance by the College. This Agreement constitutes the complete and entire agreement between the parties and may not be modified except in writing signed by both parties. The College will provide the student with a room in a College residence hall during the term of the License Agreement, except in cases where a temporary assignment may be necessary, until a permanent space becomes available. The College will furnish the student with the use of a single bed, desk, chair, dresser and internet access. Individual rooms and Rangeview suites are equipped with one microfridge unit. Personal microfridge units are not allowed. Those living in the Rangeview suite singles must receive prior approval by Residential Education and Housing Services to bring their own personal microfridge for use in their individual single. The student agrees and understands that the College assumes no responsibility for loss of or damage to personal property for any reason and has no insurance coverage protecting students’ property. Students are encouraged to check coverage under their family’s home owner insurance policy or purchase renters insurance while in student housing.

PART 6. PAYMENT & FEES: Room and board charges are due and payable as directed by Student Accounts in conjunction with other charges (tuition, fees, etc.). Charges begin with the opening of the halls each semester. Students who withdraw from the semester will be prorated based upon the tuition withdrawal schedule. Each student is liable for the yearly cost, one-half to be paid each semester, as stated below. Student accounts will be billed directly for housing related fees such as winter/summer housing, damage charges or improper Room PART stated 1. Rates Withdrawal in 7. Part check-in/out. CANCELLATION: for 1 of 2012-2013 this from Agreement. Please the Single Small Double 4863 Triple College, are The refer Stratford Single & as room Berkus follows:

Housing Students to completion & (Stearns part Rangeview House 10 and may for Hall of Quad damage Meal be degree Suite only) released Plan Singles charges.

program, License from the leave Agreement License SEMESTER of $4,770 $4,415 $3,540 $3,540 $2,950 PER absence Agreement is a or nine approved PER y

$8,830 $7,080 $7,080 $9,540

$5,900 only month YEAR

under Oxy agreement, the study-abroad following effective conditions: program.

during the dates

2. Senior standing students only: Written notification to Residential Education and Housing Services by April 30, 2012 for the Fall

2012 Semester housing only or November 9, 2012 for the Spring 2013 semester. 3. Marriage (an appointment must be arranged with Housing Services to receive final approval granting a release of this agreement). 4. Birth of a child.

PART 8. REMOVAL FROM HOUSING: The College may terminate the License Agreement and take possession of the room at any time for the violation of any of the provisions herein, or in the 2012-2013 Student Handbook, or when it is in the best interest of the College and the student. This License Agreement is automatically cancelled if the student’s enrollment is terminated through withdrawal or leave of absence from the College, academic dismissal, or as directed by the Dean of Students, and/or designee. The student agrees to abide by all Policies and Procedures as outlined in the 2012-2013 Student Handbook.

PART 9. CONDUCT: The College may take appropriate action for conduct which is found to be in violation of College policies or detrimental to the residence hall environment. Students must escort and be responsible for guests at all times. Students will take responsibility for their guest’s actions.

PART 10. DAMAGES: Students will be charged for all damages to residential spaces or furnishings (including common areas) outside of normal wear and tear. In the event of willful damage to the common areas located in the vicinity of the student’s space (and/or to the furnishings and facilities located therein), in which the responsible individuals of such damage cannot be identified, all students in the building will be assessed for such repair and/or replacement costs. Students identified as responsible for damages will be sent through the conduct process and may bear the cost of repairs alone. Furniture provided by the College may not be removed from rooms, suites, apartments or common areas without permission from Housing Services. Screens may not be removed from windows and security screen tabs may not be tampered with or removed. Furniture is not to be disassembled, nor are mattresses to be removed from bed frames. Bed frames must remain on the floor of the room at all times, except when using College approved bed risers. Students may arrange to bunk or loft beds, when available, by contacting Housing Services. Charges for moving common area or assigned furniture back to its proper location and/or for the loss or damage of such furniture are assessed against those responsible, and the responsible students will be sent through the conduct process.

PART 11. NEWCOMB RESIDENTS: Newcomb Hall will be used for Winter Break housing. This means that students of Newcomb Hall who are not approved for Winter Break housing must prepare their room for winter break students to occupy. Lockable closets will be provided in each room for storage, but students should not leave valuable items in their room. The College is not responsible for personal property that is stolen or damaged. Failure to prepare the room will result in a charge to the student’s account to be determined by a facilities representative based on the condition of the room. The College does not supply locking mechanisms such as pad lock, combination lock or other securing mechanisms.

PART 12. ROOM CONDITION REPORTS: Room condition reports must be submitted within 72 hours of checking into or out of a room. Students must have the report filled out and signed by a Housing Services staff member (Residential Advisors included) and submit the room condition report to the Residential Education and Housing Services Office during normal business hours. Failure to return the room condition report will result in an improper check-in/out fee.

PART 13. ALCOHOL POLICY: Alcohol is not permitted in any first year halls regardless of the age of the student(s) in possession. Empty bottles of alcohol kept for decorations are not allowed in any first year hall or room with students under the age of 21. Students of age who are not living in first year residence halls may store unopened containers of alcohol in their room.. Please refer to the Student Handbook for a full description of Occidental College’s alcohol policy.

PART14. ROOM CHANGES: Students may request a room change starting the beginning of the third week and ending at the end of the fourth week of each academic semester. There will be a housing freeze at all other times and changes will only be made with the approval of the student’s Community Director.




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