About this document:

This is a page table. Page tables (also known as content outlines) are useful if you want to define the content requirements for your web pages prior to creating content.

By creating page tables you can separate the content and content objectives from the style - so you can get your organisation to approve the subject matter and messages without people getting distracted by things like style and tone.

To make that clear: you prepare the page table so everyone can agree the content before anyone thinks about writing copy. Your copywriters then have an easier task, because any feedback will be about their style and tone, not about content (unless they choose to ignore the page table!)

Content title:

Use a clear, descriptive title that simply explains what is on this page. The title may be specified in the information architecture (IA) document. Try to be descriptive rather than funny or punny

Template type:

Which type of content page is this? Does it need to fit into a pre-defined page template? Have you seen the wirefames for this template?

Business area:

Is this content owned, managed or represented by a specific area of the business?


  • Which people are responsible for approving this content?
  • Which people can sign it off or request amendments?
  • (name names!)

Expiry date:

When will this content expire? How regularly should it be checked for accuracy and relevancy?


Who is this content aimed at? What type of people will be reading it?


  • What is this content designed to achieve?

Key messages:

  • What brand messages do we need to convey here?

Services and products:

  • Which services or products is this page selling?

Calls to action:

  • Where should readers be directed?
  • What is the goal for readers?


Who writes and edits the content for this page?


Where can writers find the information they need to write this page?