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By Tiberius Brastaviceanu, Ian Falcon Bentley, add your name here

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Why it is in your advantage to collaborate with us rather than compete with us?

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SENSORICA is an open value network, committed to the design and deployment of open source sensors and sensemaking systems, which allow our communities to optimize interactions with our physical environment and realize our full human potential.

Do you like what you see about SENSORICA?

Are you are engaged in complementary activities around sensing and sensemaking?

Are you serving the same markets?

SENSORICA is an open enterprise. If you can add value to our projects or products you can join us, no strings attached. You don’t need to commit to anything and you are entirely free to choose how and how much to participate. You are also free to leave anytime should you wish.

You already have the right to remix and make commercial use of our technology, without giving something back to our community. But why would you do that? Joining SENSORICA gives you proximity with our technology, gives you access to resources and to an infrastructure that fosters rapid innovation.

Please Note that nobody actually owns SENSORICA. It is designed to be open and p2p.

SENSORICA operates on a contribution-based revenue model: Every active affiliate (individual or organization) is rewarded in proportion to his contribution.


If you propose a new product/idea on SENSORICA and you are the only one contributing to it, YOU will be the only one to benefit from the revenues generated by this project.  

The open value network model is designed to:

The SENSORICA brand already has considerable value. (Read SENSORICA Product Design Philosophy document).  What makes us different is that:

In the information age, know-how is perhaps more important than ideas alone, and developing a working relationship with people who possess know-how can be of great strategic value. Within the SENSORICA community resides a remarkable pool of talent and know how, waiting for you to tap-in. See the composition of our group.

The high tech industry is driven by innovation and is very dynamic. Cross-pollination of ideas with other innovators can open up new unexpected opportunities and doors to adjacent market segments you may not yet be aware of. In this context, it is a better strategy to play a repeated game with those who enable innovation.

SENSORICA’s value networks are unique and irreplaceable. We develop products and markets,  while simultaneously developing the vital knowledge and know how for these products and markets.

We are designing and producing an ecosystem of products that reinforce each others. Thus, the value of your stand-alone product is enhanced by its association to SENSORICA’s reputation and the proximity to other established and proven products.  It doesn’t make sense to imitate one of SENSORICA’s products. Outside the SENSORICA context the value of each individual product is substantially diminished.

License - ATTENTION, if in the end you decide to copy, remix, and/or build on our technology we have the right to get inspired by your end product, which contains our technology, and to copy, use, remix, and/or build on it, without the need to ask you permission for it. See our C.C. license.