Turning in your Animoto video through Google Docs

  1. Once your video finishes processing, watch it in case you need to make any changes with grammar, images or sequence of slides. Make these changed BEFORE moving on to the next step.
  2. Click on “My Videos” at the top of the screen to bring up your list of videos.
  3. Click on the video you would like to turn in.
  4. Below the video, you will see a “download video” option. You will download the video as as the “free” option in mp4 format.
  5. If using Firefox, save the file. It will automatically save into your “Downloads” folder
  6. If using Chrome, your video file will show up in the bottom left of your browser window. It will also default to save in your “Downloads” folder.
  7. Open Google Docs and click the “Upload” button that is next to “Create”. Select the mp4 movie file from your Downloads folder. Then start the upload.
  8. When the movie file shows up in your Home screen, you can share it with your teacher.


Period# Projectname Lastname Firstname

It will take a few minutes for Google to process your video before it can be played.