Sergey Vdovin

Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack Specialist


- 6+ Years of Experience with the Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack

 9+ Years of Experience with MS SQL Database Engine (2000 - 2008 R2)


Phone (cell)        +7 (926) 695-92-90

Location        Moscow

Date of birth:        20.12.1980



12.2008 – present , inCOMa (  Information technology/systems integration

Head of Business Intelligence Line

External (with clients) and internal work includes:
-Exploring of BI opportunities.
-BI Offering/Demo development.
-Implementation of the BI solution.


- Intergration of Navision and Project Server systems implemented (SSIS, MSRS). Integration allowed to get Navision data in Project Server OLAP subsystem rather then build Separate OLAP solution for consolidated data.
- Base MSAS Cubes for Project Server were significantly extended (MDX, SSIS)
- Several Excel Services dashboard as a part of user - familiar BI stream were implemented. 
- BI elements for the call center of Bank of Russia ( have been implemented (MSRS reports and dashboards, MSAS OLAP system, SSIS)

11.2007 - 11.2008, presshouse ( (Microsoft BI success story)


System Analytic on Analytical Systems

functions: architecting developing and implementing corporation level planning monitoring and analyzing system based on Microsoft Office Performance Point Server 2007, MS SQL Server 2005, ProClarity.
results: planning system – in a test cycle, Analyzing: up to implementation of several Shell Dimensions, cross-selling data mining, Monitoring :several dashboards in PPS 2007 have been implemented.

05.2007 - 11.2007, merlion (



functions: architecting developing and implementing corporation level analytical system based on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (Database Engine, Analysis Services Engine, Reporting Services). Optimizing performance of MDX reports. Optimizing the structure of the cube. Optimizing etl processes.
results: the system has been implemented successfully and now is in work use.

06.2006 - 08.2006, International Institute for Applied systems Analysis ( 

Educational institution

Young Scientists Summer Program Participant

Research with title:
Using Data Mining for Explanation and Prediction of Systems
Abstract in English can be found here:
After sucessfull final presentation corresponding article have been made. Work will be included in the dissertation.

04.2005 - 05.2007, vikmaster (,telepay (


MS SQL Server 2000/2005 specialist

functions: administration and modification of the billing system based on the MS SQL Server 2000. Architecting developing and implementing of OLAP systems based on the MS SQL 2000/2005.
• in dozens of times the performance of reports was improved.
• availability of the system was increased to 24x7.
• some hard-to-detect errors in system were found and corrected (this was the main task at the beginning of the work).
• additional services were implemented.
• OLAP system elements were implemented (MS AS 2000, SQL Server 2000).

03.2005 - 04.2005, East Wind (

Information technology/systems integration

MS SQL programmer

functions: technical support for billing systems based on MS SQL Server 2000
• Knowledge of the CVS system Perforce was obtained.
• Five requests for modification were successfully satisfied. 
leaving reason: more interesting proposition.

04.2004 - 04.2005, trading firm Tom UPI(


analytic, developer

functions: technical support, development of OLAP system based on the MS SQL 2000, MS AS 2000, other different BPA.
• A client-server budget system was released and implemented (MS SQL Server 2000, MS AS 2000, Delphi 7).
• 2 versions of a client-server system for the trading group salary management were released and implemented. As a result an additional premium was obtained due to the request of the trading group director.
• The performance of reports in OLAP system was significantly improved.
leaving reason: there was no evolution any more any where

04.2003 - 01.2004, Ural Department of the Saving Bank of Russia

Banks/Loans / Investments / Leasing


functions: design, development and implementation of the analysis and control system for credit and other banking operations.
• a high-performance system based on the MS SQL Server 2000 and Delphi 7 was released and implemented.
• data mining capabilities of the MS AS 2000 were studied and tested.

leaving reason: the degree work needed an additional time, there was no sufficient evolution.

04.2002 - 05.2002, festival Spring UPI 2002

Educational institution

registration system architector, main programmer

functions: design, development and implementation of the client-server system for registration and accounting of participants.
• system (MS SQL Server 2000, MS Office 2000, Delphi 7) was rated highly by organizers and participants, a corresponding term paper was defended, next festival used the same system as the base.
leaving reason: festival finished.

07.2001 - 02.2002, administration of the customer service of the Kirovskii district

Public work/party / charity


result: a complex solution for the housing resources accounting (MS SQL Server 2000, Delphi 6, ADO, COM Servers Word, Excell) was implemented.
leaving reason: the work successfully done

02.2001 - 10.2002, Program Systems Institute (

Information technology/systems integration

MS SQL 2000, VB6 developer

functions: implementation of different BPAs on the MS SQL Server 2000 and VB6.
results: as a part of the project following modules were released:
SQL Server references manager (manager of user references placed on the MS SQL Server).
SQL Server file manager (manager of the files stored in the tables of the MS SQL Server 2000)
System update module.
leaving reason: more interesting proposition.

01.1999 - 02.2001, scientific production association “Komatek”

Educational institution

programmer, designer

functions: obtaining a first knowledge of database solutions (BDE, local databases, Delphi 3).
leaving reason: a database specialization was chosen.