How to make a Twitter list, by  @sylviaduckworth

1. Go to “Home”.

2. Click on “Lists”, then “Create a list”.

3. Fill out window, then “Save”.

4. In your URL bar, copy and paste:!/

5. Add the Twitterhandle of the person you want to add to the list at the end of this URL (without the @)

6. Hit “Enter”.

7. You should see a little icon of a person’s head. Click on the down arrow and then “add to list”. Check off the list you want him added to.

8. Repeat steps 4 to 7 until you have everyone.

9. Now, go to “Home”, “List”, and click on the list you created. Only the people on this list will show up under your home tweets.

10. If you want to go back to getting all of your tweets, just click on “Home” again.