Graphic Design Project 1:  Frame Template

How to resize an image to fit your frame:

This is the size you need to fill.  A good image will be sized correctly and not look distorted.

  1.  Import an image into your project.  To accomplish this, find an image from the Web and copy and paste it into your project.  Since this is for educational purposes, this will be o.k.  Your image should be larger than the frame.  Why…when you enlarge, many images will tend to distort or look fuzzy.  See my example below.

  1.  Notice that image is way too big!  We can fix this one of two ways.  First…let’s resize the image so it doesn’t distort.

How to just resize an image so it does not distort:

How to resize an image to make it fit within the rectangle:

  1.  Select the marquee tool.  It’s the dotted rectangle under bitmap.  See image. 
  2.  Hover over one of the rectangles, click and hold your mouse to draw a rectangle that is the same size as the one in the template.

Notice that my rectangle is dotted and is the same shape as the inner rectangle.  

Now, select your pointer tool.   It’s the black arrow under the select menu.

  Then click on the dotted line that you had just drown and drag it over your image.  See my example below:

  1.  When you drag your cursor over the image, position it so that you have only the part of the picture that you like.  Now we are going to make a copy of only that section of the image.

  1. Follow these steps carefully…
  1. In the top toolbar, select edit > copy.
  2. Then select edit > paste.
  3. Click the pointer tool again and then double-click on your image.  You will notice that your dotted rectangle now turns blue.  Drag your copied image off to the side.  See my example below:

  1.  Select your pointer tool again and click on the original image.  Press the delete key to remove it.  
  2. Drag your new, properly sized image over the top of your rectangle.  
  3. Repeat this with two new images for the other two rectangles.

  1.  Let’s say you have all three images done.  You will need to “glue” or group them to the template.  See my example below within the next section.  For the sake of this tutorial, I just copied the same picture.  You need 3 different ones.

To group or glue an image(s) to the canvas:

  1.  Select the pointer tool.  Then holding the shift key, click on all three images and somewhere on the template.  They should all have a blue border now.
  2. Within the top toolbar, click on the group button.  It looks like this:

  1.  Now your images will not move.