The Mundane

Name: Alyss

Email: acidalia @ gmail . com

The Civilian

Given Name: Phoebe Artemisia Tsukino

Phoebe - Greek - bright; moon

Artemisia - Greek - from Artemis, goddess of the moon & the hunt

Tsukino - Japanese - of the moon

Alias: Mirielle Arwyn Chanjuan Nguyễn

Mirielle - French - bright sea

Arwyn - Welsh - noble woman; fair, fine

Chanjuan - Chinese - the moon; graceful

Nguyễn - Thai - The most common Thai surname, taken from the Chinese word for a plucked string instrument called the ruan. Believed to be taken by members of a royal family, the Ly dynasty, to avoid persecution.

Age: 17

Birthday/Sign: March 6th, Pisces Sun/Cancer Moon

Gender: Female

Blood Type: A


Being Mirielle - At first Phoebe hated the idea of taking on a new identity, not wanting to be someone else entirely and not wanting to “purposely forget” who she was. Now, as time has past, she understands  becoming Mirielle not only was necessary for her survival, but also helped her come to terms with everything that happened eight years ago. As Mirielle, she could distance herself from the events enough to put the fears, the helplessness, and the guilt of Phoebe away until she was strong enough again to take them back off the shelf and make sense of it all without losing herself in the process. Mirielle has given her a chance to grow up and become a “real girl,” a capable young woman, ready to take back what has been lost not only to her, but to the people of the Vega System.  

Her Current Job - Office bunny and Dear Prudence of the Mercury Dispatch, Mirielle thoroughly enjoys her latest job because it allows her help others in some form or fashion. Yes, Dear Prudence is kind of a floofy gig, but it still makes her feel good that she can help someone, no matter how trivial the aid, especially since she’s felt like she hasn’t been able to do much of anything for her people since Sin made her grand appearance on Eurydice.  

Simple Things/Things from the Heart - Pretty ribbons, sweets, sparkly doodads, handmade lace -- simple little things or things made from the heart are dear comforts to Mirielle. She carries a little collection of these things with her from place to place as she and Vaness flee Sin and her guards. They help remind her not everything out there is dreary and awful. Just as she enjoys collecting them, Mirielle equally loves gifting them. Don’t be surprised if you’re having a bad day and find a hair ribbon of your favorite color or your favorite sweet tucked away somewhere for you to find -- Mirielle is good at picking up on cues, both your mood and things you may like. Nothing makes her happier than to see one of her gifts make a person smile if only for a moment.

Dime Store Romances - Contraband! … ish. At least they are to Mirielle, who thinks the books are scandalous, but somehow can’t say no when one of her coworkers offers to lend her the latest one. (The office gals are smart enough to only give Mirielle the pink “light romance” covers and keep the red -- more steamy -- books away from her). They are so silly! … yet so romantic too … and allow Mirielle to escape into the fluffy world of the books and forget about everything for a little while, even giving her a chance to be a princess again on occasion.  

“Big Sis” Vaness -- Mirielle looks up to Vaness as the big sister she never had and always wanted. She both respects and loves her “Big Sis” and would do anything for her. Vaness was the one who kept Mirielle from falling to pieces, kept her going, gave her hope. There is no way for her to ever repay Vaness for everything she’s done, but Mirielle gives it her all to be the best little sis she can be. It’s the least she can do.  


Snakes -- Mirielle never particularly liked snakes, something she admitted during her interrogation (and in turn, something which Sin is now very aware of). In particular the palace grounds houses a very large mechanical, but quite life-like snake that slithers around as part of the internal security system. Terrified does not even begin to describe her feelings about it.

Hiding -- At this point, after hiding for eight year, Mirielle has slowly been getting the urge to Do Something about Sin and the pretender princess that her auntie has been toting around. The more she sees and hears about what Sin is doing, the more she wants to climb out of hiding, put her foot down and shout, “Enough!” Of course, she also has enough of a head on her shoulders to know that would be an awful idea until the Resistance organizes more …

The Powder Room -- Or more precisely, the room in which Sin keeps her failed experiments. They’re very much still alive in their own twisted way, part machine, part decaying organic matter, and completely out of it mentally. This is the room Sin kept Phoebe in during the month she and the senshi were held captive in the palace in order to break the princess’s spirit. Phoebe still has nightmares eight years later about Sin’s infamous “powder room.”

Aunt Sin/Faux-ebe -- What makes this awful was once upon a time, Aunt Sin was a nice auntie. She was never the most warm and cuddly aunt on the planet, but she was still a fun auntie in her own way. Then Sin comes and crashes the birthday party, tossing the newly nine-year old version of herself into that hellish powder room. That … that will be very, very hard for her to forgive, if ever. On top of that, since she escaped, Sin recruited what Mirielle likes to call “Faux-ebe” -- someone pretending to be Princess Phoebe. Now that just steams her turnips!  


Playing Her Violin -- Each of Arianrhod’s daughters were taught to play a musical instrument. Mirielle’s chosen instrument is the violin, which she now plays to express her feelings. If you really want to know how she feels about something, ask her to play or listen to her song to determine her mood. Playing also doubles as a way to keep the memory of her life before Sin’s take-over alive as it is one of the few things she can still do that doesn’t automatically give her away as the former princess. Not only that, it has helped her cope with what happened by channeling her emotions through the violin instead of at others. Regardless, her talent has grown tremendously since her escape.

Kung-Fu Dancing -- a.k.a. capoeira -- One of the first things Vaness did after they secured a place to stay  was teach Mirielle capoeira. Neither of them were sure how quickly Sin and her guards would catch up to them -- if ever, hopefully -- so they both needed to be prepared to fight if it ever boiled down to that. Since Mirielle wasn’t old enough to work at first, Vaness tasked her to practice, practice, practice. At this point, she’s good enough to hold her own against Vaness.

Trying to Stay Out of Trouble -- This applies to trouble in the sense of getting caught by Sin and simply growing older, thus getting more curious about certain things. The former is a no-brainer for Mirielle as over the years she and Vaness have just about perfected the art of skulking around and getting lost in a crowd. (Though soon enough Mirielle is bound and determined to go forth out of hiding and Make Things Right). And the latter, especially lately, has gotten much harder for her. She Hears Things or Sees Things from either her co-workers or the ladies at the Owl & Pussycat that make her curious. She’d desperately like to ask Vaness about some of them, while avoiding getting her Big Sis’ upset. (The very onset of a hopeless romantic in the making, oh yes …)


Mirielle could easily be likened to a rather perky puppy -- sweet, caring, loyal, and a bit naive. A girl who always wears her heart on her sleeve, allowing her simplest emotions to shine through, while masking the turmoil beneath them. Much like aforementioned puppy, Mirielle just wants to be a good girl. She will always be the first one to volunteer her help and the first one there to cheer someone up when a bad day has come a-knocking. She’s the sweet little thing that manages to find something good in every situation and will do her best to put a smile on the most dour of faces. And when she’s done something wrong, Mirielle is the first to apologize and try to smooth things over, not ever wanting anyone to be mad or upset with her. Why? There are two reasons -- one, because she really, truly cares about the Vegan people. Regardless of whether or not she still has her title backing her, Mirielle feels she should continue her duty as princess -- to take care of her people. She knows quite well Sin and Fauxbe won’t do the job, so she’ll do what she can in whatever capacity she can manage. And reason number two is much more personal -- Mirielle is afraid that she’ll lose what little she has left. Looking back, Mirielle knows she’s being superstitious but she can’t quite shake her nine-year-old self’s rationalization that the more good she does, the more likely she can keep the bad things at bay. This is why she’d always do whatever Vaness told her to, especially when they first went underground -- she was desperately afraid Vaness would disappear like everyone else.

Now this doesn’t mean Mirielle is all sugar and no spice. On the contrary, the older she gets, the more she tries to be independent and mature. At almost eighteen, she’s tired of being shooed away every time the adults want to discuss something scandalous or “for grown-up ears only” because they feel Mirielle is too sweet and innocent to hear such talk. Luckily for her, Mirielle has some help in this department in the form of her coworkers and the ladies of the Owl & Pussycat. With their encouragement (and the supply of “contraband” items they provide her) Mirielle has started to emerge from her shell and take her first forays into independence. She won’t always ask Vaness for permission anymore if she thinks she’s doing the right thing and don’t be surprised if she takes a more mature approach to her appearance and wardrobe, while still making sure not to draw too much attention to herself. Not to mention, Mirielle has become a little more outspoken and much more of a doer. She’s fed up with hiding and wants to finally move forward, do whatever it is she needs to do to take back Vega. And she doesn’t mind taking a few risks as long as she thinks she’ll be successful in the end.

Below these surface emotions, though, lies a depth of other feelings that Mirielle keeps tightly bound and locked away. There is a lot of hurt, guilt, and anger that she suppresses, knowing that if she opened up her proverbial Pandora’s box, she will have an extremely difficult time closing it. This is where the violin comes into play. It acts as the bridge between Phoebe and Mirielle. Since the princess was nine when her whole world turned upside down, she lacked both the actual words and the mental acuity to express everything she felt and everything that happened. The violin, though, allows her to express those feelings through music, allowing her to both cope and heal. It acts as the key to her Pandora’s box, regulating what comes out by her terms, while also allowing her to address those feelings, pick them up, turn them over, examine all their facets, and then put them away once she’s got a better grasp on them, locking them safely back into place -- and eventually, possibly, letting them go once and for all.

She also uses the violin to express her innermost feelings. Not only does it allow her to cope with her past, but it also acts as a musical diary of sorts. If you really, really want to know how Mirielle feels about something or someone ask her to play her violin. If she hears her coworkers singing Sin’s praises, you’ll find her on her break playing up a tempest. Or if she meets a particularly nice young man, her violin will trill with her heart’s delight. As time goes on, though, and the more Mirielle gets exposed to people, the more she’ll try to take the time to express herself with words instead of through the violin -- but it’ll be a challenge for her. By spending the past eight years with Vaness as her only true friend (and not wanting to burden her big sis with her thoughts when they had plenty of other things to worry about) the violin was the one she “talked to” about everything. Now, as she finds she has friends and allies, she’ll have to learn to trust them and open up to them; but in the long run, she knows it’ll be worth it.



Hair - As Mirielle, Phoebe’s cornsilk blonde locks are dyed a soft lavender color, which allows her to keep up the ruse of being Vaness’ cousin. The odangos and long, long tails are gone, replaced with Mirielle’s shorter, mid-back length. Without all that additional weight straightening her hair out, as well, her locks have a much thicker, pronounced wave to them. She now sports bangs that brush a little past her chin, which help to gently frame her face, especially since she keeps her hair pinned up in a loose side bun while in public. (Very much like this). Don’t be surprised if she decides to fancy up her updo a bit by wearing a ribbon or pretty hair ornament or even something as simple as fresh flower.        

Eyes - Sea green in color, Mirielle’s eyes are almond shaped and framed by long, dark lashes and perfectly arched brows. There always seems to be a warmth within her gaze, no matter what situation she finds herself in, while those that truly know her can see the hint of sadness underneath.

Face - Mirielle has a sweet, heart shaped face, which is emphasized by delicate cheekbones, a dainty, slightly upturned nose, and a softly pointed chin. Her blossom pink cupid’s bow mouth only heightens the impression of fresh-faced innocence as does her fading back to rose-porcelain now peaches-and-cream colored skin. (Much to Vaness’ chagrin, the darkest Mirielle ever got was a rosy-gold). Lately Mirielle has become a bit annoyed with the impression she gives, so -- with the help of some of the ladies at the Owl & Pussycat and her own forays into Vaness’ makeup kit -- she’s learned the art of applying make-up in order to make her look a bit more mature. A hint of eyeshadow, a little of blush, and a creamy, matte lipstick can go a long way! Though she always makes sure that the makeup only enhances her features and doesn’t make her stand out in a crowd.  


Body - Mirielle’s height may be average, but that is probably the only part of her that is. Even though she hasn’t been a true princess in over six years, she still carries herself with a gentle grace that is now more her than any training from her former position (and probably some help from her capoeira workouts). This is only underscored by her delicate curves and long limbs. She very much exemplifies the motifs of the Spring Maiden, both youthful and feminine wrapped up in one lovely package. Of course, all of this helps conceal and distract away from the toned muscles and steel core she’s earned through her capoeira training with Vaness.  

Clothes - As Mirielle is currently hiding from the Sin, clothing choice runs the gamut of whatever they can find/afford at the time that fits. Now that she has an office job, though, her uniform fits neatly into the art-deco style that is the latest rage, but she’ll sneak some of her own personal style into the outfit through her accessories: a little lace here, a splash of pastel color there. At heart Mirielle is a little more art noveau than what is popular at the moment -- she finds herself drawn to empire waists and A-line dresses with flowing, easy to move in skirts and soft pastels. (Alponse Mucha had he been a Vegan fashion designer would be her go-to man). Lately, though, don’t be surprised if she wears something bright or bold and jewel toned only because some of the ladies at the Owl & Pussycat have taken her on as a “pet project” and have decided to help her “expand her horizons” as they like to put it.  

Voice - Mirielle’s voice is a dulcet mezzo-soprano, leaning a little more towards a true soprano. She is extremely expressive and her voice reflects this, running up and down the scales to match her mood, sliding from silvery laughter to can’t-quite-contain-my-excitement whispers to a carefully crafted Voice-of-Reason when on an assignment or attempting to convince Vaness about something.  

Personal Timeline:

March 6th, 3682 - Birth of the “Imperial Trinity” (Melissa, Astrateia, and Phoebe)

April 9th, 3687 (age 5) - Completion of Arcadia Station

March 6th, 3691 (age 9) - Phoebe and entourage abducted at her birthday party. Sin takes control of Arcadian government. Phoebe and crew are interrogated. Phoebe is later taken to Sin’s “powder room” where Sin hopes to break the little princess both in mind and spirit to make her eventual transformation into Sin’s heir much less problematic. During this time Phoebe’s Platinum Gnosis Crystal disappears.

3691 (age 9) - Sailor Arion’s army of resistance fighters attacks the Palace where the Princess and the other senshi are held captive, freeing the Princess and some of the remaining senshi. Sailor Atalanta is the only senshi able to stay with the Princess and they both escape into the Underground.

3691 (age 9) - For the first week after the escape, Phoebe remains a veritable wreck. She barely speaks, can hardly sleep due to the nightmares, cries at everything and nothing, and shivers constantly despite the temperature.

3691 (age 9) - Sailor Atalanta secures new identity cards for both of them. Phoebe becomes Mirielle Nguyễn and Mako assumes the name Vaness Nguyen; the pair are now cousins. The new names come with new appearances and Phoebe -- now Mirielle -- submits to the changes as a trade for getting a violin as soon as they can find one.


3691 (age 9) - Vaness obtains the promised violin for Mirielle. The former princess immediately brightens and begins to regain more of her sweet, cheery disposition. She plays her violin constantly; usually slow, somber songs with the occasional frantic, almost angry melody mixed in.

3692 - 3698 (age 10-15) - Vaness and Mirielle remain two steps ahead of Sin and her guard by avoiding people on a personal level and staying on the move constantly, never residing in the same location for more than a few months. During this time Vaness works to keep them afloat while Mirielle either goes with her or hides in their most recent “bunker” and practices capoeira / whatever else Vaness needs her to do. Once she gets old enough, Mirielle begins to work, as well. They also begin searching for the missing Platinum Gnosis Crystal.

3697 (age 14) - Mirielle breaks the rule of never letting anyone get too close when she and Vaness live above the workshop of a luthier, Giovanni Korsacov, and his wife, Ruxandra, a former concert violinist and pianist. Once the elderly pair realize Mirielle can play the violin, they coax her downstairs while Vaness works and Ruxandra tutors her, impressed with her skill. For her 15th birthday, the pair gives her a handcrafted violin Giovanni made himself from the silver birch that is native to Eurydice. A week later Vaness and Mirielle move on in the middle of the night without saying goodbye.  

3699 (age 16) - Vaness and Mirielle relocate above the Owl & Pussycat Cabaret. They both get a day job at the Mercury Dispatch to gather information, since Sin appears to have stepped up some unknown timeline and more guards are visible around the city. Mirielle starts out as the favored office bunny, but gets promoted when she subbed for the paper’s Dear Prudence and did extremely well at the job. Now she gets small assignments here and there, along with helping out as Dear Prudence.

September 1st, 3699 (age 17) - Beginning of the game; Vaness and Mirielle are still living above the Owl & Pussycat and working during the day at the Mercury  Dispatch. The Platinum Gnosis Crystal has yet to surface.

The Soldier

Title: Sailor Eurydice

Spheres: The Soul, Purity, and Freedom

Colors: Primary - Rose (ffcdee), Secondary - Dusty Violet (675976)


Eurydice’s fuku consists of a rose colored, sharply pressed military bib-front jacket whose tail ends mid-calf with dusty violet piping around the bib. The jacket contains a double row of silver buttons in need of a polish, and dusty violet trimmings at the sleeve, while the cuffs themselves end in white lace. Her epaulets and cording on both shoulders match the silver buttons, but aren’t quite as lack-luster. In fact, they look more like they need to be broken-in as they don’t appear to sit comfortably on her shoulders. Under the epaulets rests Eurydice’s rose colored tar-flap with a single dusty violet stripe around the edge, while a starch white lace cravat can be seen about her neck. Her fuku’s skirt matches the faded, dusty violet trimming on her jacket and white, lacy petticoats peek out from underneath. Black, mid-calf Victorian style boots with three inch heels complete her ensemble. … She may, eventually, earn herself a pair of thigh-high lacy stockings.

Her silver henshin locket rests against her jacket, held in place by a silver chain around her neck. A pair of goggles with rose tinted lenses rests atop her head, fastened with worn black leather and silver buckles. Also on her head, set at a rakish angle, is a black top hat with a pair of rose and dusty violet veils wrapped around its base, the veils’ tails falling to her mid-back. Her only other accessory is her silver crescent moon shaped dangle earrings with three small rose quartz teardrops hanging from the moon’s base.

The entire fuku is a strange contrast of too new, never-been-used mixed with faded colors that appear to be ghosts of their former brilliance. (A colored version of Pixie's awesome fuku can be seen here).

Transformation Phrase: “Eurydice Revolution Power, Make-up!"


Seal of Purity -- Eurydice whispers her attack name and her index finger glows a rosy pink, which she uses to draw a circular rune shape in the air before her. She claps her hands together once and the seal solidifies, changing into a disc. Eurydice can then throw the disc at either an enemy or an ally.

If the seal land on someone or something with a soul it will do one of two things based on the purity of the soul it connects with: if the soul is pure, it gives them a little energy boost, strengthening the soul and reenergizing it while reinforcing the soul’s purity. If the soul is “tainted,” the seal will attempt to purify the taint, which causes a nasty burning sensation at the location of the seal. If the person’s soul is extremely tainted, the burn will be even worse; however, if there is a little spark of purity buried somewhere within the taint, it will still burn, but the person may all of a sudden feel hesitant to attack or wonder what he or she is doing for a moment as the seal touches the little bit of goodness left in the soul.

The disc follows a single trajectory, so dodging it would be the safest bet if you want to avoid this. Eurydice’s aim isn’t perfect either, so it’s possible she may miss, as well. Since this is your standard energy attack, Eurydice can perform Seal of Purity roughly three or four times before running out of steam.  

Spirited Away - Using her scepter like a wand, Eurydice performs a slow ballet-esque dance while sketching sigils in a full 360º around her. Each sigil glows a soft rose where she paints it in the air, growing stronger and brighter as she completes the circle. Once complete, she taps the scepter against her palm and all the sigils flow into her, decorating her body like ghostly rose colored tribal tattoos while she empowers them with her own energy.  Eurydice then points the scepter to the ground and the sigils flow out of her, creating a rose pink summoning circle at her feet, roughly four feet in diameter.

Eurydice can then call upon up to four lost souls to aid her and the senshi. Whether or not they want to help is purely up to them, but if they do, Eurydice can grant them freedom to move on if they wish it. Normally, like the name of the power suggests, Eurydice just wants the lost souls to spirit the senshi away -- freeing them from the battle or ushering them to safety if injured. Currently, Eurydice only is strong enough to empower the souls to perform one task, then their energy is basically spent. It takes two souls to transport one senshi about two blocks away -- in a nifty phase-out, then phase-in somewhere else move -- then they use up their energy. (At this point, she will not ask them to fight for her unless they choose to do so themselves).

Interrupting her casting is the easiest way to stop this, since is takes her roughly thirty seconds to actually sketch out the runes and another fifteen to ground the circle. Or knock her out of the circle. Once the lost souls appear, the best thing to do is just dodge them, although most will be trying to relocate the senshi instead of fighting. Also, if there are no lost souls in the area for Eurydice to call upon, then this power becomes useless.

This takes a crap-ton of energy from Eurydice, so once she performs Spirited Away, she’s pretty much useless for the rest of the fight and will most likely need a good deal of sleep as soon as possible.

Relic: The Scepter of Liberty

The scepter itself measures around two and a half feet from the rounded rose quartz bottom to the top of the scepter where the Platinum Gnosis Crystal rests. The rod of the scepter is made out of rose gold, the bottom half of which is wrapped in somewhat worn and faded rose colored velvet. The top half of the rod contains eight semi-precious gems, each in the primary color of one of Eurydice’s companion senshi. Some of the stones are washed out or chipped or in need of polishing based on the actual state of the senshi herself or himself. The top of the rod also has a pair of large rose gold filigree butterfly wings expanding out of the scepter, separating the rod from the scepter’s orb. The orb itself is a palm sized moonstone, which is encased by four crescent moons. At the top of the moons -- and the very top of the scepter -- sits Phoebe’s crystal. (The rod of the scepter is based on this wand).

The Scepter of Liberty can detect the purity of a nearby soul. If Eurydice points the scepter at a person or Coppelia, the rose quartz orb will glow a soft pink if the soul is pure or a dusky purple if the soul is tainted. The brighter the pink, the purer the soul and the darker the purple, the more corrupt the soul. If she points the scepter at something that contains no soul, the orb will not react.  

Guardian Creature: Coeus

About the size of a real house cat, Coeus is made from a strange, black metal that needs a good polishing and a good buffing to remove the scratch marks that pepper his back and stomach. His tail joints in five places, giving the illusion it can twitch and shake like a real cat’s tail; however, the joints need a bit of oil to keep from kinking when he gets too excited. He has one gold glass eye and one green glass eye, both of which glow according to his moods. The green eye looks newer than the gold one and lacks the cracking the older eye has. The only things about him that doesn’t seem worse from wear is his voice box, which meows loud and obnoxiously clear and his claws, which, while a bit rusty, are still very sharp.

Coeus resides in a cat’s body, but seriously thinks he is in a lion’s. A spunky, feisty little guy, he’ll do his best to protect his ward from anything and anyone -- that includes the senshi if he’s so inclined. He’s a straight-talker that has absolutely no filter from brain to mouth. Expect him to stay exactly what he thinks. A hidden gooey center resides within Coeus, though, as he loves it when his ward devotes her all attentions on him.

Currently, Coeus resides within the Gloriana waiting for Sailor Eurydice to show up. His guardian spidey-sense told him she’d make her way to the ship eventually, so he’s camping out there until she arrives -- snapping and hissing at anyone who gets too close or stares for too long. If Phia ever brings Megaera around, Coeus will reveal himself and the pair will have to deal with his oh-so-lovely attitude until someone else arrives to distract him.