Channel Islands Women’s Sailing Association

Membership Meeting 8/12/10

Event Calendar

Membership meeting at Channel Islands Yacht Club with GPS training  by Roxanne on September 9.

GPS training and dinghy scavenger hunt on 9/9 and 9/11 : Roxanne will train us on the GPS at our Membership meeting and we’ll use our skills with dinghies on 9/11.

Dock party/Fund raiser on Sept.25: We hope to coordinate with Vintage Marina  to host this barbeque dock party. Bobbi and Terri are on the committee and need volunteers to help. We will have a  raffle, plenty of food and prizes. SUGGESTED ticket price is $20 to include food and some raffle tickets.

Thrill, Skill and Grill -Rescheduled for October with details to follow

Caregivers/Charity Sail-a-thon on 10/10: It’s  hosted by Ventura and Pierpoint Yacht Clubs. With the help of Roxanne we plan to enter two boats.


Introduction by commodore. – We have meetings and usually a speaker on the 2nd Thursday of every month. The sail to French’s Cove, our first event went well. There were 18 people in 3 boats who went out and found sunshine, camaraderie and fun.

The members accepted the minutes by vote.

Website –We have our own personal account and can respond to events we host. We will post details, what people are bringing  and the number of guests for each event. You can also apply online  for membership and sign a waiver in person.

Mike Pysel  gave a presentation on cruising in the Channel Islands. It was an excellent presentation with helpful slides and photographs. We all learned something to take with us to the islands.

Logos –We have some great ideas for logos and the finals will be submitted to the board for their September Board meeting at which they will pick three.  Three options will be presented on the website (we will notify everyone by email) for comments on color and design.  Final vote will take place in October by paper ballot.  New ideas are still welcome but must be submitted soons 


Treasurer report – We have 18 paid members, two with spouses signed up. Our account now has $1893  and we need to get more money in the bank for insurance purposes.  We need about $2500 to get completely insured.

Non-profit Status – Once  we file then we can start insurance  coverage one portion at a time. Mary, Terri, and Nannette are in the process of preparing the budget and papers for filing non-profit

Nominating committee – Lisa and Cindy were appointed and 3 more members volunteered to  join  the committee to make suggestions for the next board to begin January, 1, 2011.  Nominating committe will present a list of names to the board at the September board meeting.  Following, notifications of nominations will go out by email.  We will vote in the new board at the October meeting by paper ballot  The volunteer members were Cathy Hummer, Kathy Villarreal, and Bonnie Chaney

Dues – Please pay your dues if you  have applications in but haven’t paid. If you  join this year you are  considered a Charter member. We will discuss giving Charter members a future discount.

Minutes prepared by Lisa Donovan



August 18, 2010