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PoE 2012 - Lab 0 - The Bike Light
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ENGR2210        30 August 2012

Lab 0 - The Bike Light

Due: 9 September 2012


In this lab you will build a bike light.  Your goal is to set up LEDs such that pressing a button will switch the light between several different modes: all off, all flashing; all on; and “bouncing” lights.  There should minimally be four modes, and three LEDs.

A second phase of this lab, to be unveiled Thursday 9/6 , will build upon what is presented here.  We suggest trying to complete the lab by Thursday so you can focus on the extension, and writeup, for Monday.

Lab 0 Bill of Materials (BOM)

⬜  5 @ RED LEDs (or as you choose)

⬜  5 @ Current Limiting Resistors for LEDs (roughly 500Ω, or 1kΩ)

⬜  1 Push Button

⬜  1 @ Pull-Down Resistors for Button (10kΩ)