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Type of work


April 22-26, 2019

8a-5p daily

The Journey Church

750 S. 29th St. Harrisburg, PA

Bill Toner - wetoner4@gmail.com 



Tearing up carpet, removal of furniture, prep and painting

Harrisburg District Volunteers in Mission

May 5 -11, 2019

Swansboro, NC

John Best - jmbest2@gmail.com 


Flood/Hurricane Recovery

Williamsport District Volunteers in Mission

May 6-June 7, 2019 Specific days and details listed below scroll to see

Wesley Forest, Weikert, PA

Emily Sliski - esliski@susumc.org 



Demolition, Construction, Cleaning

Scroll to see details below*

Harrisburg District Volunteers in Mission

June 26 - July 9, 2019 (approx.)

Cochabamba, Bolivia

Jen Wertz -  jwertz@susumc.org 


Variety of skills needed

Susquehanna Conference

September 8-13, 2019

New Milford, PA

Joy Shields - vimaltoona@susumc.org 


Flood Recovery from Fall 2018

Altoona Volunteers in Mission

October 6-12, 2019

Tarboro, NC

Joy Shields - vimaltoona@susumc.org 


Hurricane Irma Flood Recovery

Altoona Volunteers in Mission

October 11-20, 2019

Puebla & Tlancualpican, Mexico

Give Ye Them To Eat

Marian Hartman - mhartman@susumc.org

Office 570-901-1569 Cell 814-441-0235


$1800 -



/repair/upkeep with local materials

No special skills needed

Susquehanna Conference

*Wesley Forest VIM Opportunity Details

Please Contact Emily if you plan to serve.

- All days, unless noted, we ask for volunteers to bring their basic tool supplies - hammer, cat's paw/crowbar, electric drill (not totally necessary), pencil, tape measure, tool belt, etc.

- We will provide the following if needed: overnight accommodations (volunteers bring all overnight bedding/towels), breakfast, lunch.  Dinner will be on your own, but people can have access to the kitchen for meal prep.  

May 6-7 = Demo Days, 6-8 volunteers needed.

Skills: more intensive physical labor of tearing down and taking debris to dumpster

May 8-10 = Framing and Plumbing Cut, 6-8 volunteers needed with 1-2 being skilled framers.

Skills: skilled framers, measuring/cutting/transporting materials, hauling cut concrete out.

May 13-17 = Framing, Insulating, Drywalling, 6-8 volunteers needed with 1-2 being skilled framers

Skills: movers of material, skilled knowledge of cutting and hanging drywall

May 20-22 = Drywalling, Painters. 6-8 volunteers to continue drywalling, 4 volunteers for painting.

Skills: movers of material, skilled knowledge of cutting and hanging drywall, solid painters for ceiling and walls.  Painters do not need to bring tool belt, but bringing brushes and rollers would help.  We will supply them though.  Painters can also bring small ladders or step stools.

May 28-30 = Painting and Finish Work. 4 painters, 3-5 volunteers skilled with finish work

Skills: painters (same notes as above for tools), very skilled finish workers: hang doors, hang blinds, put up trim, put plate covers over switches, etc.

June 3-4 = Finish Work in Bathrooms, Finalize Bedrooms. 6-8 volunteers needed

Skills: very skilled finish workers, put together pre-ordered beds in all rooms.

June 5-7 = Moving Furniture Back In, Cleaning, Possible Finish Work

Skills: physical moving or furniture, very intensive and thorough cleaning, finish skills needed. Cleaners - would be really helpful if you bring some of your own favorite cleaning supplies, rags, and small shop vacs.  The cleaning is super intense.

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