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Updated COVID Guidelines Feb 2021

Guidelines for US Project Sites and Team Leaders during COVID-19

 (rev. February 2021)

Our first General Rule as United Methodists is to “do no harm.”  This extends to our mission relationships. We want to “do no harm” to our volunteers or the ones they serve.  Our goal as United Methodist Volunteers In Mission is to minimize COVID-19 infections spread by United Methodist activity.  

The United Methodist Volunteers in Mission leadership understands that many project sites rely on teams to assist in serving the community. These teams may come from nearby, from another state, sometimes from another country. Each individual situation will be different.  Some  local mission partners  or missioners may have contracted and already recovered from COVID-19. Some may be carriers. Some are not infected. Some live with family members who are immuno-compromised.  All want to serve.  Yet one of the worst unintended effects of mission work throughout the ages has been the spread of infectious disease.  Remember that we bring other things with us when we bring the Gospel.  We must be careful.

The federal disaster declaration includes every state and territory with most states restricting large gatherings and promoting social distancing guidelines. These guidelines are designed to assist teams and hosts in determining when and how to prepare the site for future teams. All sites should adhere to public health and safety protocols in order to protect employees, homeowners, and missioners.  

All missioners are strongly advised to get a COVID vaccine when it is available. Project sites or annual conferences may require each missioner to get a vaccine.

For the latest updates in regard to COVID-19, please visit - Centers for Disease Control.   Pay    particular attention to the CDC’s travel guidelines.

Responsibility for adhering to these guidelines is shared by the Team Leader and the Project Site.  This requires frequent communication and cooperation between both parties.

General Guidance for International Service

The State Department issues travel advisories based on health and safety concerns. Travel to countries at a Level 4 travel advisory is prohibited. Team insurance is not available for mission service in these countries.

Travelers may be required to quarantine before or after travel to countries with advisories at Level 3 and below.  All travelers entering the United States are required to produce a negative COVID-19 test result within three days of arrival.

General Guidance for US Project Service

Based on CDC guidelines

Even though vaccines are now available to the public, full distribution will be many months away.  We expect to continue taking measures to interrupt transmission of the virus for the protection of our volunteers and those we serve, even if (1) antibodies are proven to protect against re-infection, (2) tests are widely available to the general public and all team members have recently tested negative, or (3) vaccines are widely available and all team members have been vaccinated.

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