Format of Experimental Write-Up

Most, if not all, write-ups will follow this format in this order.

Your writes-up will likely be more than one page. Use this

order and spacing to make your write-ups logical and neat.

Exp. #                         Experiment Title                  Date      Name                           Lab Partner

   I. Purpose: To determine...

   II. Data and Observation:

  • Quantitative and/or qualitative data
  • Data tables- individual and class
  • Graphs- individual and class
  • Histograms

   III. Conclusion

  • Reread the purpose of the experiment.
  • Using the data collected during the experiment respond to the purpose in one or two sentences.

   IV. Discussion (Go to Schoology for questions.)

  • Include part of the question in each response.
  • Respond thoroughly and in complete sentences.
  • Include description of data as evidence to support responses.


   V. Sources of Error:  (Go to Schoology for questions)

  • Respond to the numbered questions.
  • Thoroughly and in complete sentences.