Robert Hundt

1034 Winsor Ave, Piedmont, CA, 94610, 650.391.4990,


Speed and Impact. Seeking technical role in SW acceleration, performance, architecture, compilers, optimization, tools, analysis. From single binary to datacenter, frontend to backend, SW to HW, commodity chip to custom ASIC, from most challenging to super interesting ;-) Open to “Step Up” opportunities only.

Employment History

Google, Distinguished Engineer, April ‘18 - present

Platforms (Q2, 2018-)

SW Lead for TPU Computing, team of 50+

Google, Principal Engineer, Oct ‘13 - March ‘18

Platforms (Q4, 2013- Q1, 2018)

SW / Tech Lead for accelerators in the datacenter (compilers, tools, libraries, simulators, auto-tuners, programming models, APIs, performance, etc). Built, staffed, leading teams of 80+

Awards and Recognitions:

Google, Senior Staff Software Engineer, Oct ‘08 - Sept 13
Google, Staff Software Engineer, Oct ‘07 - Oct ‘08
Google, Senior Software Engineer, Jan ‘07 - Sept ‘07
GMail (2011-Q3,2013)

Tech Lead Manager for Apps/GMail Performance Team:

Platforms (2007-2010)

Tech Lead Manager for a several performance/compiler projects. 28 reports by end of Q3/10 (personal record):

Culture, Froyodel in Chief, Sept 08 - Jan ‘12

Created Organic Frozen Yogurt Store with wife and biz partner on California Ave in Palo Alto. Super delicious, only highest quality. Now teaching the partners how to run a business - successfully. Unfortunately, business failed due to fallout with co-owner

Hewlett-Packard, Compiler Eng, July 02 to Dec 06

CLTL, Cupertino Languages and Tools Lab, High Level Optimizer (HLO)

Hewlett-Packard, Software Engineer, Jan 00 to Jun 02

CLTL, Cupertino Languages and Tools Lab, Performance Tool Caliper

Spectra Precision TerraSat, Senior Software Engineer

Co-Owner, Jun 95 to Dec 99

TerraSat GmbH, Senior Software Engineer

Co-Owner, Apr 92 to May 95

University FAF Munich, Research Assistant, 89 - 92


Technical University Munich, Germany, 1992

Diplom Univ. in Informatik (~Masters in Computer Science), Minor in Physics  

Thesis: Parallelization of Programs via Program Graph Transformations

Technical University Munich, Germany, 1989

Vordiplom (~Bachelor in Computer Science)

Thesis: Code generator for x86 Processors with Integrated Peephole Optimizer



CGO Steering Committee, Open64 Steering Group (chair), Steering Committee Open64 Workshop, WBIA 2005 Workshop (PC), CGO 2008 (PC), PACT 2008 (PC), Open64 2008 Workshop (PC), CGO 2009 (PC, WEB/Pub chair), Open64 2009 Workshop (PC), WISH 2009 Workshop (PC), SMART 2009 Workshop (PC), CC 2010 (PC), HiPEAC 2010 (ext PC), WBIA 2010 Workshop (PC), Open64 Workshop (PC), CGO 2011 (PC), ASPLOS 2011 (ext PC), SMART 2011, EXADAPT 2011, 2012 (Organizer), CGO 2012 (Workshop Chair, Steering Committee), CGO 2013 Sponsorship chair, PLDI 2012 (ext PC), ISPASS (PC), HiPeac/TACO (distinguished reviewer) 2011, 2012, MICRO EC 2014, CGO program chair 2015, MICRO 2015 ERC, ISCA 2016 ERC, PACT 2016 PC, MICRO 2016 ERC, CGO 2016 PC, sponsorship chair, CGO 2017 PC, ISCA 2017 ERC.


US6795964, US6817014, US6851110, US6898785, US6918110, US6934943, US6957421, US6957742, US6993750, US6996810, US7017153, US7103878, US7131115, US7165162, US7185320, US7249349, US7360207, more pending, stopped tracking, ~30 total.


Captain of 1st Bundesliga indoor volleyball team in 1987 (Germany). Played European indoor club volleyball championships 1988. Won US Open Gold in 2006 (40's) with Burgess VBC, Menlo Park, CA. Bronze in 2009 (45's). Won NCVA in 2010 with Last Call. Finished #15 with Last Call at Level AA at US Open 2011.

Selected Publications (ACM Digital Library)

In-Datacenter Performance Analysis of a Matrix Processing Unit

Dave Patterson, Norm Jouppi, … ,Robert Hundt, … (the whole team)

ISCA 2017

GPUCC - An Open-Source GPGPU Compiler

Jingyue Wu, …, Robert Hundt

CGO 2016

JSWhiz: Static Analysis for JavaScript Memory Leaks

Jacques Piennar, Robert Hundt

CGO 2013

Optimizing Google's Warehouse Scale Computers: The NUMA Experience
Lingjia Tang, Jason Mars, Xiao Zhang, Robert Hagmann, Robert Hundt and Eric Tune

HPCA 2013

Heterogeneity in “Homogeneous” Warehouse-Scale Computers: A Performance Opportunity

Jason Mars, Lingjia Tang, Robert Hundt

IEEE Computer Architecture Letterss, Dec 2011

Spotlight Article

Bubble-Up: Increasing Sensible Co-locations for Improved Utilization in Modern Warehouse Scale Computers

Jason Mars, Lingjia Tang, Mary-Lou Soffa, Robert Hundt

Micro 2011

IEEE Micro Top Picks 2012

Loop Recognition in C++, Java, Scala, Go

Robert Hundt,
Proceedings of Scala Days 2011 (also on The Register”)

The Impact of Memory Subsystem Resource Sharing on Datacenter Applications,

Lingjia Tang, Jason Mars, Neil Vachharajani, Robert Hundt, Mary-Lou Soffa,
ISCA, 2011.

Google Excellent Paper of 2011

MAO - an extensible Micro-Architectural Optimizer

Robert Hundt, Easwaran Raman, Martin Thuresson, Neil Vachharajani.
CGO 2011
RACEZ: A lightweight and non-invasive race detection tool for production applications

Tianwei Shen, Neil Vachharajani, Stephane Eranian, Robert Hundt, et al.
ICSE 2011

Google-Wide Profiling: A Continuous Profiling Infrastructure for Datacenters

Gang Ren, Tipp Moseley, Eric Tune, Silvius Rus, Robert Hundt.
IEEE Micro 2010

Lightweight Feedback-Directed Cross-Module Optimization

David Xinliang Li, Raksit Ashok, Robert Hundt 
CGO 2010

Taming Hardware Event Samples for FDO Compilation

Dehao Chen, Neil Vachharajani, Robert Hundt 
CGO 2010

Contention Aware Execution: Online Contention Detection and Response

Best Student Presentation

Jason Mars, Neil Vachharajani, Mary Lou Soffa, Robert Hundt 
CGO 2010

Scanario Based Optimization: A Framework for Statically Enabling Online Optimizations

Jason Mars and Robert Hundt 
CGO 2009

Feedback-Directed Optimizations with Estimated Edge Profiles from Hardware Event Sampling

Vinodha Ramasamy, Dehao Chen, Paul Yuan, Robert Hundt.
gcc summit 2008, PLDI 2008 poster

Structure Layout Optimization for Multi-Threaded Programs

Easwaran Raman, Robert Hundt, Sandya Mannarswamy.

CGO 2007

Whole Program Optimization of Global Variable Layout

Nathaniel McIntosh, Robert Hundt, Sandya Mannarswamy.
PACT 2006

Practical Structure Layout Optimization and Advice

Robert Hundt, Dhruva R. Chakrabarti, Sandya Mannarswamy

International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO-2006)

Scalable High Performance Cross-Module Inlining

Dhruva R. Chakrabarti, Luis A. Lozano, Xinliang D. Li, Robert Hundt, Shin-Ming Liu 

13th International Conference on Parallel Architecture and Compilation Techniques, 2004 (PACT'04)

SYZYGY - A Framework for Scalable Cross-Module IPO

Dhruva R. Chakrabarti, Luis A. Lozano, Xinliang D. Li, Robert Hundt, Shin-Ming Liu 

2004 International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO-2004)

Dynamic Binary Instrumentation in IA-64

Vinodha Ramasamy, Robert Hundt

EPIC-1 Workshop with MICRO 2001

HP Caliper - A Framework for Performance Analysis Tools

Robert Hundt

IEEE Concurrency Magazine 2001

HP Caliper - An Architecture for Performance Analysis Tools

Robert Hundt

First Workshop on Industrial Experience with Systems Software, WIESS-2001

Best Paper

Aircraft Positioning and Guidance with the Global Positioning System

Dr. Herbert Landau, Robert Hundt et al,

KIS94 in Benft Canada, 1994

A GPS-based High-precision Positioning and Guidance System

Dr. Herbert Landau, Robert Hundt, Christian Pagls, and Dr. Ulrich Vollath, terraSat GmbH; Bo Granstedt, Saab Instruments AB 1099-1106

ION GPS-94 Proceedings, 7th International Technical Meeting of The Satellite Division of The Institute of Navigation, September 20-23, 1994

A GPS Monitoring System: Concept, Implementation and Experiences

Landau H., Hundt R., Mueller A. (1994),

Proceedings of the Institute of Navigation Satellite Meeting Salt Lake City, Utah, 1321-1327

Best Paper