Upon a Pier

Two friends stand upon a sea-worn pier,

one is leaving, the other, staying here.

Departing friend says 'do not worry once I'm gone

I shall write to you often that we will seem near'.

Staying friend says, 'it will not happen dear friend,

you see, the messages will never find me I fear'.

'Well then, perhaps,' Departing friend says, 'someday

we will see each other again and have wonderful tales to tell'.

'Yet the years will wear us down and weather will mask

our features and we shall not know where the other may dwell'.

'Perhaps then friend,' Departing states, 'I shall simply think

fondly of you and remember all that we have done together'.

Staying nods and smiles. 'My friend, our minds will age and

thoughts will crumble until we think not of any but rest and weather'.

Departing friend, sad and deep in thought of friendship all but lost

pleaded with staying, 'Is all we have shared doomed then, to end?'

'Oh no, not all shall end for perhaps my fears shall not, dear friend,

come to pass. Perhaps, just maybe someday unknown

the mail will come and I'll read your letters and respond in kind,

or upon your distant shore, or mine, by chance we'll meet once more.

If not, then not, but no need to fret, for minds are funny things.

On a quiet, still day, when weather's no worry you and I will look back

and see through the ages to a time when you and I were both

Two friends standing upon a sea-worn pier,

one who is leaving, the other, staying here.'