SketchUp Sites for Students

SketchUp free download site-Mac or PC

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7th and 8th grade rubrics

Design problem #1 option 1-business card holder

Design problem #1 option 2-jewelry

Tutorials   Training videos of all tools     7th/8th grade sketchup tools rubric (self evaluation)   Getting started with SketchUp      Basic overview of sketchup       Basic Concepts    Creating a chair in sketchup  on click dynamic component function samples      solid tools   sandbox tools        use for 7/8 Tech Arts     follow me tool     mirror technique      scale tool     follow me Lathe      good use of line tool explains use of reference lines and axis lines     wrap image around a cylinder     how to make a simple robot      scale technique for oblong shapes  how to make a simple car

Images, Patterns and Vector Graphics    large site of free patterns and vector images   sample bulldog

Animations   good simple animation using scenes and hide   walking 3d animation   Creating animations     advanced section - how to make animated section scenes    mapping photo textures to curved surfaces   creating section scenes


Lesson Sites for Students   Rocket lesson  Onion Dome lesson  star pattern lesson escher hexagon lesson   math lesson-geometry

Sample Projects        huge library of sample projects     Tiny house samples        gallery- houses, frames

6th grade Flight Unit Links

Internet Research Worksheet

Use the following Web sites to answer the questions.

What's in a Wing?

What Makes an Airplane Fly?

K-8 Aeronautics Internet Textbook

Off to a Flying Start

Science Fun with Airplanes  Use for glider unit, principals of flight  Glider design tips and sample plans   Balsa wood Glider info      Explains pitch, roll, yaw     Great video on how to draw a paper airplane in sketchup-Don’t let the chinese (I think) text throw you.  Watch the tools and how they are used.       Good for ideas and instructions on folding layout, don’t just copy a design!

Art Gallery Assignment tutorial links    dynamic components tutorial to download

how to make a dynamic component tutorial to download

Creating a car in SketchUp    Basic tutorial + importing blue-prints  good tutorial on steps to make car from blueprint

 Tons of blueprints, all models cars and more          

      animate fast function----scroll down on page to see other animate functions(animate, animate slow)

String Cube

Pop Can Design   nutrition info on soda pop    nutrition labels explained         nutrition labels explained more      nutrition label game

2D image into 3D model     import image use as Photomatch

Bridge Building Information    bridge building information and game    another bridge building game

Tech Arts Forms

Tech Arts Project Proposal description

Tech Arts Project Proposal form

Geo-modeling      how to take pictures for geo-modeling   Historic Building Survey    Image, texture, and map photo options   using street view image to photo texture buildings   how to add photos to flat faces in Sketchup   geo-modeling roofs

Spinning Circle

One Way Mirror

Tech Arts Enterprises

Business Information   The Real Planet    Teen Merchant/Entrepreneur Resources      Grow your own business

challenge    Role of a business.   educational game

Career Information    Personality questionnaire   career information site

Advertisement Information  10 qualities of great advertising team  characteristics of good advertising  Qualities of good ad

Design Elements

The 10 commandments of typography

The 10 commandments of color theory  The 10 commandments for visual communication

The 10 commandments of logo design

Logo Design info sites  steps in creating a logo  using color in design

Financial Statement info   Invoice Templates  sample billing statement/order form

Company Questionnaires

Tech Arts Marketing Class Survey

W+W product questionnaire

W+W Earring questionnaire

Adobe Tutorials   half way down page under Washington ACTE.

Links for 2017 Divisions to explore

UV print and Acrylice cut ideas

Laser Engraving ideas

3D print ideas

CNC info and sites   CNC site for Fusion 360