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  1. How to delete photos?
  2. What is Picasa and Google+ Photos?
  3. Remove picasa albums in Gallery app
  4. What is TEXT License and APP License?
  5. I am premium user, why I still can't open online video?
  6. Network connectivity error
  7. Keep getting annoying re-login Picasa notifications
  8. Get 403 error when login
  9. Why video upload size is limited to 100 MB?
  10. Private and public albums

Q: How to delete photos?

A: Go to an album, and click “Select” button to select , then delete.

Q: What is Picasa and Google+ Photos?

A: Picasa, PicasaWeb, Google+ Photos are free photo services provided by Google. You can visit to know more details.

Q: What is TEXT License and APP License?

A: Picasa Tool premium features can be activated with TEXT license or APP license. Either license can be used to activate premium features.

Q: I am licensed user, why I still can't open online video?

A: Please install "MX Player" to play the online videos. You may not install video player before or installed player doesn't support playing online video.

Q: Sometimes I got network connectivity error, what's going on?

A: Picasa Tool is an android client which connects to Google's picasa servers. Sometimes Google servers are not that stable, then you might receive some connectivity errors. Please just wait for a while and try again. Generally, the service will be up and running in less than 1 hour.

Q: I keep getting annoying re-login Picasa notifications, what's the problem?

A: The annoying notification messages are NOT sent by 'Picasa Tool', they are sent by "Gallery" app which bundled a 'Picasa' module. It ran into problem recently. Some users thought it's our problem, uninstalled "Picasa Tool", and finally found that - they still get those re-login notifications.

WHY? Because the annoying notifications are not sent by "Picasa Tool", it's sent by "Gallery" app which is still running on your phone!

Any workaround to fix "Gallery" app problem?

Go to Phone’s "Settings" -> "Accounts & Sync settings" -> {Your google account} -> Uncheck "Sync Picasa Web Albums".

Q: Remove picasa albums in Gallery app

A: First, This is NOT a feature from Picasa Tool, It is from Gallery. You can contact Gallery developers for support. Here is a guide I use personally.You can refer:

go to Phone's "Settings" -> "Accounts & Sync settings" -> {Your google account} -> Uncheck "Sync Picasa Web Albums".

Second, "Settings" > "Manage applications" or "App" > find "Gallery" > "Clear data".


Q: Get 403 error when login

A: Please ignore it, there’s nothing wrong with your application.

Q: Why there’s 100 MB video upload limitation?

A: Google doesn’t allow developers to upload video file larger than 100 MB.

Q: How do I know my albums are private or public?

A: If there it a "lock" icon show on your albums, it is private.

If there is a "earth" icon show on your albums, it is public.

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