SE-4940, Fall 2011, Uphoff

SE-4940 Final Project: Part 1

Due Monday 10/31


For the final project we will be dividing into four competing teams. Each team will have three roles:

1) create and defend a network

2) perform internal and external penetration test on the team’s network

3) perform an external penetration test on the other team’s network(s).

This document covers the initial step. Steps 2 and 3 will be completed during weeks 9 and 10 respectively. Details of the penetration testing steps will be provided in a future document.

Teams may be self-selected but the instructor reserves the right to make adjustments as needed to balance the class. Team size is four.

Network Creation

Your team must protect two servers from your rivals and potential insider threats. The servers are virtual machine instances of OWASP and Metasploitable. You will need other systems to support these two machines.At a minimum you will need a central log server to help monitor your systems for intrusions  and a network gateway device to protect the network from outside systems.

Server and Host Summary:

This means that at least 4 systems are needed to run the network. You will also need one or more BackTrack hosts to run the penetration tests in weeks 9 and 10. The most sensible configuration is for one computer to be used as the network gateway, another to host the two servers as VMs and the remaining computers to handle the logging/intrusion detection and pen test responsibilities.  

Secret Data

Your team is trying to protect critical private information from your attackers. On each server you must hide a text file containing the string “This is the flag: SECRET”, where SECRET is a string of your team’s creation shared only with the instructor. You must also create a database record in a table on MySQL or PostgreSQL containing the text “This is the flag: SECRET”, where SECRET is the same string stored in the text file. Other teams will try to capture your flag (the value of SECRET) during the penetration test phase of the project (weeks 9 and 10).

Protecting the Network

The point of this lab is to try to defend vulnerable web servers from attacks and when that is not possible detect the attacks. See the topic list below for specific requirmenets in defending your network.


The submission for this part of the final project is a report (estimated 5-6 pages) containing;

Submit this report as a PDF via Blackboard.